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 Damon Salvatore , Coolest Vampire in Mystic Falls
Damon Salvatore , Coolest Vampire in Mystic Falls
Okay , so Damon . What makes him so amazing ?
It's not just his good looks , или his snarky little Комментарии . It's Damon himself .

Damon has a lot of bad qualities , but he makes up for it by being so caring and amazing . I'm not trying to force my opnion on anyone , but I think Damon is probably the coolest and most amusing character on the Vampire Diaries .
He has a dark , sarcastic , very vampire side which attracts me and a lonley , very human side too . In the first few episodes , Damon seemed very cold and detached and basically quite nasty . But now , now Katherine has butted her nose...
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