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So, as we all know, Demi's follow up to the wildly successful ''Heart Attack'', ''Made In The USA'' flopped big time. The american themed tune didn't manage to make the вверх 20 ANYWHERE, with the exception of Belgium, where it peaked at #17. It was recently announced that the dance anthem ''Neon Lights'' will serves as the 3rd single from the вверх 10 album ''DEMI''. Hopefully, Ms. Lovato will be able to achieve as much success as she did with ''Heart Attack'', which peaked at #10 in the USA and at #3 in the UK & Ireland. When ''Neon Lights'' is sent to radio, all Lovatics NEED to request...
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Too funny! Demi Lovato was at the airport waiting for a flight last night when she butt dialed Miley Cyrus by accident! Miley took to Twitter to ask Demi what her message meant:

@ddlovato what about Hermes!!?!?
Here’s how Demi replied!

Oops.. Designer butt dial @MileyCyrus miss Ты so much.
Miley responded with:

@ddlovato only real gangstas booty tweet designer ❤ #hermes
And Demi answered:

Hahahaha it’s so big, it has a mind of it’s own, ya know?!!
This makes us miss seeing Demi and Miley hanging out! We hope they are able to get together soon! Plus, we’d Любовь to hear them collaborate! Would YOU?
So let’s sing na, na, na, na, na
Hey… yea
C’mon and sing
Na, na, na, na, na
Hey… yea

This is our song
That’s all that matters
‘Cause we all belong
Right here together
There’s nothing better
Than Пение along
This is our summer
This is our song

Come grab your guitar
And sit by the fire
‘Cause we all need a song
When we’re weary and tired

We’ll sit here together
And sing it out loud
And sing it out loud

This is our song
That’s all that matters
‘Cause we all belong
Right here together
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For the first time since entering rehab last fall, Demi Lovato is opening up about the problems that led her to seek treatment in the first place.

The Дисней starlet, whose rep had previously сказал(-а) she was getting help for "emotional and physical issues," revealed in the May issue of Seventeen that she had been struggling with cutting, an eating disorder and depression for years.

But Lovato's troubles came to a head in October, when she punched Alex Welch, a dancer on her international tour with the Jonas Brothers.

"Lashing out was my cry for help," the 18-year-old told Seventeen. "Wow, who was...
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Yesterday, word has it that Demi Lovato is now sporting a new tattoo.
Inked on her for a permanent amount of time are the words 'Think Again'.
Fresh from rehab, this Дисней stary who was away to sort out plaguing issues having to do with both her emotional and her physical state, seems determined to stay on track even if that means a little tattoo as a daily reminder.
According to sources, Lovato may have chosen these particular words which are inked on her wrist because at one time she was called a cutter. So, if these rumors are true than the Sonny with a Chance celeb has a chance to review...
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posted by nmdis
"Our Time Is Here"
(feat. Meaghan Jette Martin, Aaryn Doyle)

We're done, but it's not over. We'll start it again
After the end of the day, it keeps getting better
Don't be afraid, we'll do it together.

Come on, come on, Ты know
It's your time to Переместить it's my time to move
Come on, come on, let go
Leave it all behind, your past and mine

Gone are the days of summer
We couldn't change it if we tried
Why would we want to, let's go where we got to
Out paths will пересекать, крест again in time
It's never the same tomorrow,
And tomorrow is never clear

So come on, come on, Ты know
Our time, our time is...
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posted by nmdis
"Fix A Heart"

It's probably what's best for you
I only want the best for you
And if I'm not the best then you're stuck
I tried to sever ties and I ended up with wounds to bind
Like you're pouring salt in my cuts

And I just ran out of band-aids
I don't even know where to start
'Cause Ты can bandage the damage
Ты never really can fix a heart

Even though I know what's wrong
How could I be so sure
If Ты never say what Ты feel, feel
I must have held your hand so tight
Ты didn't have the will to fight
I guess Ты needed еще time to heal

Baby, I just ran out of band-aids
I don't even know where...
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Four years old with my back to the door
All I could hear was the family Ты wore
Your selfish hands always expecting more
Am I your child или just a charity ward
You have a hollowed out heart
But it’s heavy in your chest
I try so hard to fight it but it’s hopeless
Hopeless, you’re hopeless
Oh father, please father
I’d Любовь to leave Ты alone but I can’t let Ты go
Oh father, please father
Put the bottle down for the Любовь of a daughter, aah
It’s been five years since we’ve spoken last
And Ты can’t take back what we never had
Oh, I can be manipulated only so many times
Before even “I love...
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They say that life is a two-way street
When you’re not sure, Ты gotta trust your feet
To know the right way

You can keep on moving with your head down
Or Ты can stop and take a look around
Take a look around
And that’s the choice I’ve made
I‘ve made, yeah

It’s for that movie inside your head
Making memories we can’t forget
And when Ты can’t forget

You’re gonna know in your soul
This is what we came here for
So live it loud
Here and now
This moment, it won’t be ignored
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I've always been the kind of girl
That hid my face
So afraid to tell the world
What I've got to say

But I have this dream
Right inside of me
I'm gonna let it show
It's time to let Ты know
It's to let Ты know

This is real, this is me
I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now
Gonna let the light shine on me
Now I found who I am
There's no way to hold it in
No еще hiding who I want to be
This is me

Do Ты know what it's like
To feel so in the dark
To dream about a life
Where you're the shining star

Even though it seems
Like it's too far away
I have to believe in myseld
Is the only way

This is real, this is...
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I didn't wanna say I'm sorry
For breaking us apart
I didn't wanna say it was my fault
Even though I knew it was
I didn't wanna call Ты back
'Cause I knew that I was wrong
Yeah I knew I was wrong

One and the same, never to change, our Любовь was beautiful
We had it all, destined to fall, our Любовь was tragical
Wanted to call
No need to fight
You know I wouldn't lie
But tonight we'll leave it on the line

Listen baby
Never would've сказал(-а) forever
If I knew we'd end so fast
Why did Ты say I Любовь you
If Ты knew that...
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Demi Lovato has erased the tattoo Stay Strong? Photos!
Stay Strong and the tattoo which had сказал(-а) goodbye to Demi Lovato Rehab: it deleted from your wrist? Photos!

"Stay Strong" was where the tattoo with Demi Lovato had put an end to his time in rehab. The rehab was for Demi experience as great as tiring: months of analysis and work on herself to overcome a moment of excessive stress and problems of various kinds.

The фото Ты see above was published by the same звезда just out of the clinic: Stay Татуировки on display (left wrist) Strong (right wrist), или "Hold", "Be strong", a sort of reminder...
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You wanna play, Ты wanna stay, Ты wanna have it all
You started messing with my head until I hit a wall
Maybe I shoulda known, maybe I shoulda known
That Ты would walk, Ты would walk out the door


Said we were done, Ты met someone and rubbed it in my face
Cut to the punch, she broke your heart, and then she ran away
I guess Ты shoulda known, I guess Ты shoulda known
That I would talk, I would talk

But even if the stars and moon collide
I never want Ты back into my life
You can take your words and all your lies
Oh oh oh I really don't care
But even if the stars and moon collide
I never want you...
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Last night was crazy and today it’s setting in
Did Ты really mean it and could Ты say it again, oh, oh
Even if Ты just say it over the phone
(Come on, ring, ring)
Love makes me crazy, restless, dumb and paranoid
Ooh yeah
But I’ll take a chance on us, and hope Ты don’t destroy my heart
Just give me one guarantee
I’m the only girl Ты see, whatcha say boy
You’re my only shorty
You’re my only shorty ee, ee, ee, ee, ee
I’m tellin’ Ты the truth
Girl it’s only you
You’re my only, you’re my only
You’re my only and one and only
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I feel a separation coming on
cause I know Ты want to be moving on
I wish it would snow tonight
you'd pull me in avoid a fight
cause i feel a separation coming on
Just prove that there is nothing left to try
cause the truth i'd rather we just both deny!
you Kiss me with those open eyes
it says so much its no surprise to you
but i have something left inside
don't surrender!surrender surrender
please remember remember December!
we were so in Любовь back then now you're listening to what they say don't go that way!
Remember remember December!
please remember! don't surrender
you say Ты wouldn't let...
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f Ты haven't heard by now, Joe Jonas is planning on Письмо songs about his ex-girlfriends for his Далее solo album. This would most likely include a song about Demi Lovato.

One has to wonder what a song about Jonas and Lovato's relationship would be about. They seemed to have a rocky relationship that ended about as bad as it could have if we are to believe the reports in the media. If Ты were to base it on those facts then one would think the song would not be flattering. However, if those reports are completely erroneous then we may hear about it in the song and then have a completely different...
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posted by Selena_01
Have Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas made up? Has Demi Lovato forgiven Joe Jonas for what he did to her? That is the newest rumor circulating about Lovato and Jonas.

According to internet rumors Demi Lovato has forgiven Joe Jonas for dumping her for Ashley Greene and supposedly faking his feelings for her.

The rumors goes that Jonas contacted Lovato in rehab and begged for forgiveness because he couldn't deal with all the ridicule that he was getting for sending her to rehab. According to the rumor Demi forgave him because she felt she needed to in order to Переместить on from him and get herself right so...
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posted by hii
Demi Lovato is sick and tired of not having her BFF, Selena Gomez, nearby. The two girls have been attached at the hip since they were young kids and even though they’re both SUPER supportive of the other’s career, it’s hard when they have to go weeks without seeing each other. Selena’s been in Puerto Rico for the last месяц или so filming the upcoming Wizards Of Waverly Place Movie and Demi is OVER it! Just this afternoon Demi Опубликовано THIS on her Twitter page:
Demi Lovato knows that not ALL parents allow their teen daughters to wear make-up. But, the Sonny With A Chance звезда wants you...
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Oh, the Jonas Brothers' ears must have been ringing on Grammy night.
And it wasn't because of all that Музыка at the Staples Center.
After the big awards Показать in downtown L.A., new besties and performance partners Miley Cyrus and Taylor быстрый, стремительный, свифт headed uptown to meet up with Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato at the Improv comedy club, where Lovato was hosting a screening party for the premiere of her new Дисней Channel series Sonny With a Chance.
So what do these four do when they get together?
Oh, nothing too crazy.
Cyrus and быстрый, стремительный, свифт made a beeline for Gomez and Lovato's таблица when they arrived at about...
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posted by nmdis

Llora el cielo y en mis manos
Veo sus lagrimas caer
El silencio, me hace daño
Se acabo nuestro querer
La tristeza me castiga, se apropia de mi ser

Puedes llevarte mi ilusion
Romperme todo el corazon, como un cristal
Que se cae al suelo
Pero te juro que al final, sola me voy a levantar
Como un rascacielos!
Como un rascacielos!

Poco a poco, con el tiempo
Voy a olvidarme de ti
No te vas a dar cuenta, que estoy sangrando aqui
Mis ventanas se han quebrado, mas no me voy a rendir

Puedes llevarte mi ilusion
Romperme todo el corazon, como un cristal
Que se cae al suelo...
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