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As Long as You’re Happy
Chapter 1: Любовь IS PAINFUL…
Haibara Ai
Night had fallen. I sat silently in the basement, listening to the voices outside. The only lighting inside the room was from the computer. Beside it, a piece of paper with formula and pictures of double helix lied. I drew a deep breath when I heard his voice; a voice that could warmth my icy cold heart.
"Finally, Hakase…I can live a peaceful life without any need to worry about confronting the black Волки anymore," сказал(-а) that voice. I leaned my head nearer to the door to hear clearly what Kudo-kun and Agasa Hakase is talking...
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Conan Edogawa
Sonoko Suzuki
Makoto Kyogoku
Kaitou Kid
Ran Mouri
Tomoko Suzuki
Jirokichi Suzuki
Ginzo Nakamori
Shiro Suzuki
Shintaro Chaki
Ayako Suzuki
Yuzo Tomizaw
Masumi Sera

Wristwatch Flashlight
Card Gun
Anywhere Ball Dispensing Belt
Power-Enhancing Kick Shoes
Hang Glider Cape
Part 1
Sonoko has decided to introduce Makoto to her parents. But while her father wholly approves of Makoto, especially as he is a Фан of martial arts competitions himself, her mother in turn is strictly against a union between her younger daughter, as the prospective heir of the Suzuki Corporation, and...
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 Vol 36 - Case Closed
Vol 36 - Case Closed
Detective Conan is known as "Case Closed" in North America. The name "Case Closed" results from concerns of copyright conflict of the name Detective Conan.

Viz Media licensed the Манга series under the name for Английский язык publication in North America, which is up to Volume 66 as of April 10, 2018.

Because Victor Gollancz Ltd canceled publication of Detective Conan after 15 volumes in UK,Viz Media continues to handle UK's distribution with the American edition. Funimation Entertainment licensed the Аниме series for North American broadcast under the name Case Closed. The character names...
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