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Дораэмон is a cat like robot,
His eyes are made with a dot.
Nobita is lazy,
When he think about study,
He get crazy.
Дораэмон like doracakes,
'Trouble' is a thing which Nobita makes.
Shizuka is a girl,
She looks like a pearl.
Suneo butters up Gian,
because he is 'shaitan'.
(shaitan is a hindi word means very horrific.If Suneo will масло, сливочное масло up Gian, he will not beat him)
Gian is ugly and fat,
Дораэмон is afraid of rats.
During homework-
Nobita is asked to learn
During marathon-
Nobita is asked to run.
Gian always make Nobita's fun,
After playing baseball under the hot sun.
(means when players are available, Nobita is not needed for playing baseball)
Sewashi was the person by whom Дораэмон was sent,(to 21st century)
Now let's put the poem's end.
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The Record of Nobita: Spaceblazer (のび太の宇宙開拓史 Nobita no Uchū Kaitakushi?) is a 1981 animated film based on the Популярное Манга and Аниме series, Doraemon. It was released in 1981. The movie was released in Япония 14 March 1981. In 2009 the film was remade as Doraemon: The New Record of Nobita: Spaceblazer.


Nobita has been having a weird dream about a boy named Roppel and his strange companion Chami traveling in space. By a twist of fate, he met them in person where it turns out that they are real and that they were being pursued in space, causing their Космос vehicle to malfunction, connecting the Космос vehicle itself with Nobita's room. They journeyed to Roppel's planet and amidst their enjoyment, Nobita and Дораэмон pledged to help Roppel's planet free from their oppressors.
Дораэмон The Movie: Nobita's Great Battle of the Mermaid King (映画ドラえもん のび太の人魚大海戦, Eiga Дораэмон Nobita no Ningyo Daikaisen?), also known as Дораэмон THE LEGEND 2010, is a 2010 Japanese animated film that was released on March 6, 2010. This movie is part of the celebration for the franchise's 40th anniversary and it's 30th movie anniversary (映画ドラえもん30周年?).[1][2]

When Nobita feels like diving in his hometown, Дораэмон uses Underwater насос Simulator (架空水面シミュレーター・ポンプ?) to насос all the water to fill up water. That night, Дораэмон and Nobita use a Diving Mask Simulator to dive underwater. Later on, lots of fish, and a акула attack Дораэмон and his friends. So, Дораэмон puts a stop on the Underwater насос Simulator, but there is a girl named Sophia, lay down on the bushes in his town.
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