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Ok ok ok I know the last one sucked and was short but I'm new at this so don't Jude me >:-( so let's start off with dawns story first

Dawn's POV

Finally season 6 of total drama is over I was thrilled but also sad cause I won't be able to see any of my friend nor my boyfriend Scott,and also Scott turn me into a girl version of him so I have a lot to change but anyways me and Dakotazoid won this season but my two Избранное characters from total drama turns around and steals our money witch sucked a donkey жопа, попка hole but we had our venges >:-) so apparentally I went back Главная (Ohio columbus)...
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posted by LollyPopChiK101
Pretty Girls And Mean Boys Ch.1 
~Courtney's POV~ 
It was our first день of high school. Me and my two best friends,Dawn and Zoey,made our way inside. Dawn,being the most curious,walked around and leaving us behind. 
Me:Wait! Dawn! Dawn:Yes? Me:Be careful! We don't wanna get lost! Zoey:I better head to math class. Me:Science. Dawn:English. 
And with that,we трещина, сплит up to go to our rooms. When I walked inside,I took a сиденье, место, сиденья closest to the chalk board. But I guess that was a really bad idea because a punk with a green mohawk sat beside me. 
Boy:'Sup sweet thing. Me:Excuse me?! My name is Courtney...
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It was the end of sesaon 6 total drama and the winner was a tie between Dakotazoid and dawn after the Показать the money was stolen by Duncan and Gwen but Dakotazoid got her revenge but not dawn but after the Показать here's what happen

Scott:hey dawn
Scott kisses dawn
Scott:I'm so proud of u
Dawn:cause I won
Scott:cause u tried and u brought the good into me and now it shines

Zoey:dawn Ты did it
Mike:ya u guys rule
Dawn:ya but u know what sucks ass
Scott:I think I tought u too much
Zoey:what does dawn
Dawn:my two idols украл, палантин Dakota's and my money I say I want revenge...
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