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I was walking 2 school early that morning in the rain, I didn't expect anyone else to walk to school this early 2. I herd Cody calling my name behind me. 'hey, Winter what's up? Why are Ты walking in the rain so early?' he asked catching his breath. 'I'm just freaking annoyed, my parents are fighting at Главная again and it looks like it's getting bad.' I сказал(-а) quietly. 'oh sorry, I'm going on vacation tomorrow.' I looked up hurt. 'for how long?' 'just a few weeks.' he replied happy. I looked down sad, he's my only friend who cares about me. I walked fast away from him. 'hey I'll be back...soon.'...
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Jeff's POV

I was in the hospital for what have felt еще than a week and every день i prayed to be asleep just to dream about the girl i loved, Hayley. Even though i had the same dream everytime i went to sleep it was me and Hayley, but not the Hayley that i loved...it was Hayley William from Paramore and it made me mad cuz it was the Hayley i loved inside but on the outside it wasnt her. When i woke up from those painful and long seven days Hayley was still there sitting there in the chair across the room crying and having her hands in her brown hair but i focused closer to remember her fetures...
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Hi I thought I'd create some nice, unusual user-names for people who want something different and unidentifiable. hope Ты enjoy reading, and that Ты use some of these Имя пользователя ideas:) Could Ты please become a Фан of me and Комментарий on this:D thankyou xxxx
Of course these user-names may already be taken. If so, then just add a number/nickname on the end. или Ты can take some words, re-arrange and improvise:)
The ones with the * beside them are my favourites:)
Enjoy x
WoundedNight *...
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Here are some еще emo/vampiric usernames, yet again preferably for girls:

The ones with ♥ Далее to them are my favs!

1. INeedAGod
2. GiveMeHope ♥
3. DeathAura
4. ReviveMyHeart
5. ReviveMySoul
6. BeatMyHeart
7. PatchedHeart
8. ItsAllLies
9. DevilWithin ♥
10. PureSkull
11. VoodooDoll ♥
12. Nightwish (and yes, this is a name of a band.)
13. CorpseWithin
14. WeakVeins
15. PainWithin
16. MonochromeTears
17. LiveLaughDie
18. StitchedTeddy
19. PinsAndNeedles ♥
20. BloodAndScimitars
21. KnivesAndPens (yes, this is the name of a Black Veil Brides song. I just Любовь this band, so, yup.)
22. BloodLoveGore
23. NoInspiration
24. NoEscape
25. GodessOf[add word here]
25. SatansPuppet ♥
26. EveryonesPuppet ♥
27. IdioticSoul
28. CallOfTheNight
29. BringThePain
30. DesirableFreak
31. Imprisoned[add word here] ♥