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According to the Фан site, "FalleninAustralia" [link , they have casted all of the roles for the film including Molly, Roland, Penn, Arriane, Gabbe, and Miss Sophia. Just who are playing the parts of your Избранное 'Fallen' characters? We don't know. Lauren has mentioned several times on her Facebook that she's still awaiting confirmation to speak out about who has landed the roles. Sources say they hope to have the announcements out by March, but until then, we'll have to wait and see.

In other news, filming is set to begin in Budapest in the Далее few weeks. Addison Timlin, 'Luce', confirmed she'll be headed to set soon stating on twitter, "'I’m leaving to start shooting Fallen Далее week and the baseline of all of these films, despite the fact that there is a Сверхъестественное element in all of them, is that they’re all emotionally driven stories with relatable strong characters."
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