Did Caster freak Ты out?

I mean, man! the guy's mad crazy!!!!!!!!! he freaked me out even at his first appearanceee!!!

what'dya think??
and also his SADIST-ish master....... -_- i hate themmm
animega posted Больше года
 animega posted Больше года
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Fate/zero Ответы

animegurl235 said:
YES HE TOTALLY DID! when he first killed that boy at the beginning, i had no idea that was coming! He was like' dont worry boy, no need to be afraid.' and im like 'Oh he's nice!' and then when it was all bright and the boy was like "YAY LIGHT!" and the worms like ate him, my сердце like stopped o_O it was so creepy.... DX
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posted Больше года 
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