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Councilman posted on Feb 27, 2009 at 09:57AM
I know a little bit about ghosts having interviewed some people who have seen them and and some who have wrtten about them they say they or other people saw them in the day light, or near day light. There are some reports like the one that says if you park your dusty car on the tracks at a certain rail road crossing at night it will be pushed off and there will be liny little hand prints in the dust on the back. I was told the prints are from children who were killed when the vehicle they were riding in stalled on the tracks and was hit by a train. No one ever sees these kids.

Some claim this to be no more than urban legion but the woman who told me said it was true and you could still go to the crossing in San Antonio, Tx. and test it for yourself. I wish GHI & TAPS would look into these types of cases. I also wish I wish I could remember the authors name who told me about this and the phantom train case.

When I was playing football in High School a game was interupted by an abulance. It was so far away we could't see what was going on from the field. After the game I found out it was taking my sister to the hospital because she fainted. When my mother got there my sisters friends told her that a large red haired man with a handle bar mustache walked up to my sister and said: Sissy I need to talk to Dave. At that she passed right out. The man they discribed was my mothers brother Jim who has died by his own hand 5 years before. My mom almost fainted. Later my sister confirmed the story it was uncle Jimmy. Is that frightening enough for you. It is for me. I'm the Dave he wanted to talk with. It's been many, many years and he never showed up, but I still wonder what he wanted to say to me.
Truth is now I do know and I'll share it later.
Believe it or not.
I have more for later.
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Больше года Councilman said…
Now as they say the truth will out. I have personally never seen a human spirit or ghost but there was this one time.
In the summer of 67 I was working as a lifeguard at a Resort and spending my nights off during the weekdays at a place called the DXdgX Valley Inn where I played guitar and I sang for drinks and tips, even though I was only 18 the owners thought I was in my mid twenties having told them I graduated from San Diego State in June of that year. Which was true but, I never mentioned the fact it was from High School I graduated from there. One night I was there with an Indian friend named Bruce XXXXX cousin of Stanley XXXXX I had known who graduated from my school in 64. About 11:30pm that night Bruce's uncle came in to the Inn so drunk he could barely walk. Bruce said we need to get him back to the reservation so off we went in Bruce's Comet Cliente with a bad clutch. Bruce was a bad driver and wore it out a lot. As we came to the last hill on the dirt road to Bruce's Mom's house the car would not climb the hill because of the clutch slipping so badly. So Bruce and his wife started walking up the hill toward the house and left me with the drunk uncle who was in the back seat. I got out and was having a smoke while seated on the fender when I heard a thud. As I turned in the moon light I could see the uncle falling down an embankment about 40 feet. He'd climbed out the back window. Which was a good trick on that car. When he got to the bottom he was OK but couldn't get back up on his own. There was no way I was going down there to retrieve him. So I started to walk to the house about a quarter mile away. As I pasted a large fence inclosed area I knocked an ash of my cigarette and I watched as the wind carried an ember toward the fence. I hadn't noticed a group of horses in the field in the dark, but as the ember wafted their direction it spooked them and they galloped off to the far end of the enclosure. I was startled at first but that quickly passed. I got about 20 or 30 feet farther up the dirt road when I heard the hoof beats of a horse coming my way at a full gallop. I turned to look and there was a horse almost as big as a Clydesdale coming right at me. It was pure black and I could see in the moon light it's white teeth, which I have never seen on a horse before. And I have been around them my whole life, but then I saw that it had bright red eyes. It was enough for me, I took off running as fast as I could for the house. When I got there I didn't even knock I just went in panting from the run. I guess I was white as a sheet. Bruce said, What's going on so I told him what happened. He said Pal, there are black horses anywhere on the reservation. I said okay have it your way I know what I saw. After a few minutes we went back to the car. He went and got his uncle back up the hill and we then took him home. Nothing more was said about it that night
A couple days later Bruce's Aunt who also worked at the resort, his Wife Mother, and a Cousin came to my apartment saying they wanted to talk with me about that night.
They told me that a few years prior the same uncle was drunk and sat down against a loading shoot I passed that night and about the same time of night about midnight, when Bruce's father came riding up on his huge black horse and told his brother, (the uncle), that if he didn't stop drinking he was going to have a car wreck and kill someone. Within a month of that night, it happened and the uncle killed one of his own daughters in a crash. Bruce's Aunt divorced him within months. It was then they asked me to repeat my story of that night to them, which I did. Bruce's Mom said: "My husband was killed the year before he told his brother to stop drinking. He and his black horse were both killed at the same time when they went off a cliff late one night while he was working at a local ranch near by . "What you saw was a ghost horse". I got a cold chill like never before, or since.
It took me a few minutes to calm down.
It was then I told them about my uncle looking for me a few years before at the football game. Bruce's Aunt a trible elder told me my Uncle had wanted to warn you about something.

It took 37 years for me to find out what that was.

As the late Paul Harvey would say: Stay tuned for the rest of the story. Good Day.
This is the kind of thing I would like to see GHI and TAPS looking into.