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(If Ты are a FanFiction person, then this is in fact; "The Young and Free Dragon".)

This is a story about environmental disaster, though you've probably figured that out already. But if Ты haven't, Ты know now. Please enjoy.




The indulgence of our lives

Has cast a shadow on our world

Our devotion to our appetites

Betrayed us all

-Another Way to Die by Disturbed



So you've been to school

For a год или two

And Ты know you've seen it all

-Holiday on Cambodia by the Dead Kennedys

Cuddles hummed happily as he walked through the...
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We see a pier and a лодка at the beginning of the episode. Until an asian chick jumps up)

Chloe: Good evening, im Chloe, and my Deviantart name is CharmyNutty. Welcome to Total Drama Island, Happy дерево Друзья edition. We are live here at Camp Massacre, where all of the cute furry Животные get killed here. Any time soon, 16 Happy дерево Друзья stars and 6 Фан characters will arrive here shortly. Heh! Ты didn’t even realize that I have Фан characters? Anyways, let me Показать Ты what we will do in the end of each episode.

(We now see 11 log chairs, a campfire, and 22 plates)

Chloe: This is where all...
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