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This may not be the best place to post it but this is something I feel the need to share and see if there's anyone else who feels the same way.

I Любовь Hetalia, but there's stuff in the fandom that tends to ruin the whole thing for me. So here's my Список of things that annoy me about the Хеталия fandom.
Note: I do respect my fellow Hetalians and I'm sorry if this offends anyone in any way, it wasn't meant to.

1) Хеталия is a COMEDY! Not a World History class! Yes at times it does teach Ты some pretty interesting stuff, but it's meant to be told through an inaccurate, stereotypical, comical portrayal....
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Хеталия Birthdays:

America - July 4

Australia - January 26

Austria - October 26

Belarus - August 25

Belgium - April 19

Canada - July 1

China - October 10

Cuba - May 20

Denmark - June 5

Egypt - February 28

England - April 23

Estonia - February 24

Finland - December 6

France - July 14

Germany - October 3

Greece - March 25

Hong Kong - July 1

Hungary - June 8

Iceland - June 17

Italy - March 17

Japan - February 11

Latvia - November 18

Liechtenstein - July 12

Lithuania - February 16

Monaco - January 8

Norway - May 17

Poland - July 22

Prussia - January 18

Romano/ S. Italy - March 17

Russia - December 30

Sealand - September 2

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All I have to say is that I did not write this. All of the credit goes to PerfectTempest on quizilla.com . She is REALLY awesome, and writes the best Тест results. If Ты would like to take this Тест go to

How it happened:
Stealthily, Ты crept up on Yao. Sitting on a bench, presumably enjoying the flowering trees, ambushing him was too perfect to resist. One step brought Ты closer to him, another and Ты were almost there, last one and Ты were close enough to embrace him. Carefully, very...
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