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posted by LisaLover
“Oh shut up already! Ты give me what I want Ты I give Ты what Ты want, deal? Just finish what you’ve started.”

“Deal” the devilish smile appeared on his face as he moved his way back ton the вверх of her.

He kissed her forcing his tongue into her mouth again and again, taking off her bra and threw it behind himself Далее to his shirt. He caught Cuddy by her waist and lift her one step higher as his face was now on the level of her breasts. He kissed her chest and started to unzip his pants.

“Do Ты wanna make Любовь to me?” he asked placing small kisses on her on her stomach.

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posted by PotterGal
Эй, guys! I hope Ты enjoy my new one shot! It's written in a slightly different style from my other fics so...yeah! Have fun! :)


It was supposed to be just sex.

That’s what Cuddy remembers the two of them agreeing to a месяц back. It had been late and House had found her in her office, sitting with her legs crossed on her couch, papers and forms strewn around haphazardly on the таблица before her much like the way her thoughts were flitting around in her mind. She couldn’t remember the last time she had been an actual doctor, she couldn’t...
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So guys, here's the start of the only Huddy chapter fic i've ever written (so far!). Enjoy! Oh, and due to the large onslaughts of work i've been getting, it may take me a while to update. I've done the first 3 chapters though. Okay, enough Ты go! :) xxxx Evie


Cuddy jerked abruptly to consciousness and found herself lying flat on her bedroom floor. Pale winter sunlight shone through the windows and hit her straight in the face. Still groggy, she looked around her room as she tried to get up, wincing as she did so. Her left arm...
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Okay, so this is quite old and was the first drabble i had ever written before. Enjoy! :D


She told him there was no way that he could make her smile.

He smirked and walked out of her office, telling her he would be back after lunch to prove her wrong.

She just rolled her eyes and went back to her work.

It was a bet.


The brush of his hand against hers as he took a file from her.

The way his blue eyes had a familiar way of piercing through hers, Чтение her very soul.

The expression on his face as he...
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posted by TheHiddenCane
Gregory House passed away on a rainy September afternoon after falling asleep on the диван, мягкий уголок and not waking up again; he'd been sighted limping through the corridors of the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital for eleven years, and now the steady thud of his trusty cane would never haunt another man again.

The good news? It wasn't liver-failure, a drug overdose, a сердце attack, a bike accident, a gunshot... it was life.

Wilson, who by then had found another girlfriend and had moved in with her, found him. He called 911 and vaguely heard an EMT call time of death as his world spun around him...
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posted by Irene3691
When the ride that they won’t forget ends, they go out of the Лондон Eye holding hands and go walking throught the brigde. House can’t believe that after so much time they are doing this. ‘So... we are... Ты know...’
‘Ehmm we could say that... yes...’
House nods a bit confused. ‘And... what are we gonna say in the hospital?’
‘Well, we can be together but... don't say anything in the hospital, I mean, we don't have to hide it, but we don't need to Опубликовать it either, do we?’
‘Of course, unless Ты want that the whole hospital mocks at me.’
‘I don’t think they’ll mock...
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posted by TheHiddenCane
First attempt at something this medically orientated... медведь with me guys, I'm trying. House is sick again: he hides it. Wilson grows characteristically concerned... as Cuddy does uncharacteristically. What happens? How do they deal with it? What becomes of House?

Read, find out, enjoy!

Never Better (Chapter 1)

Bad days were always the same: House woke up in pain, sighed, lied panting in his own pool of sweat as he watched the spasms travel through his thigh. He measured his willingness to go in that день by the severity of the pain, the chance that Cuddy would find him something particularly...
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OK, I don´t own Chase, House, J.D., Dr. Cox, Wilson или Nurse Brenda, neighter do I own J.D.s awesome prank. This is just a silly thingy I put together being really bored. I don´t think it´s even to be called a "very funny fanfic", but it really helps the Название get attention :Þ
Warnings: Very silly, VERY random, only funny if Ты share my weird sence of humor...
Perfect background music: Lazlo Bane - Superman

Dr. Robert Chase was exhausted after a long день at work. The team was trying to diagnose a girl with cronic pain who keept fainting every fifth минута или so. There had been hours of differentials...
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posted by housecuddy4ever
I completely forgot about this fanfic.*facepalm*
But I decided to post the first chapter her :)


It was a cold wintery day.The snow was falling slowly to the ground.The sun hasn't come up yet.The wind was blowing the snowflakes around.Lisa Cuddy awoke from her deep sleep.She reached for her lamp.The light came on and was bright.Lisa held her hand infront of her face.She got up and put on her оливковый, оливковое green robe.She turned around and walked toward her bathroom.As she walked toward the bathroom and stopped in the hallway.A душ could be heard."Who the hell is in my bathroom?" Lisa сказал(-а) in a...
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He'd always known it... always.

He wasn't meant to die of natural causes: after all, what kind of diagnostic genius wanted to die of something as plain as a сердце attack или organ failure? Why, after years of solving medical mysteries with him, would his employees have to stand in front of his mother and explain that he basically died because 'it quit'?

Liver, heart, kidneys... whatever. Maybe the good old leg decided to rebel again and leave him with a stump... he could even see the день that he'd wake up with neon yellow eyes and feel the need to hide this stylish new feature under sunglasses...
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posted by TheHiddenCane
 Ты Betrayed Me.
You Betrayed Me.
I've decided to post chapters 1 & 2 at the same time, just because there's a constant flow of Статьи here and it seemed easier to just do it this way.

Wilson knocked on the door... he knew House wasn't obligated to let him in at all; that, as a matter of fact, House probably wouldn't let him in... but he tried none the less, because there were things he had to say... because he was Wilson and Wilson never left.
"I know you're in there... look, I have to tell Ты something: I'm sorry."

"Since when is that good enough?" House whispered... a bullet was staring at him from the barrel of a gun......
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 "As Pale As Death"
"As Pale As Death"
This is the first chapter of my new fanfic "I'll take the rain" :) It contains spoilers for the season 5 finale since it happens in and alters the episode "Both sides now".
There's also a trailer for this fanfic in this spot. I hope Ты like the first chapter :)

Chapter 1- As Pale As Death

He didn’t get a response.
„Cuddy.“, Wilson said, his voice even softer now. This time she seemed to have heard it and slowly raised her head, trying to clear her mind. A pair of swollen and red eyes looked back at Wilson, who gently handed her one of the two cups of coffee he had just got....
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"Where the hell is he?"
Cuddy had barged into Wilson's office. She hadn't seen House at his clinic duty so she decided to ask Wilson what plan he was pulling.
"He owes me clinic and I haven't seen him."
"You really expect to?"
"He сказал(-а) himself--"
"Just because he сказал(-а) it doesn't mean he meant it."
"So he's avoiding me?"
"I would too." Wilson looked back down and began working again, despite the fact that Cuddy was still venting. Then Cameron walked in, along with Chase and Foreman.
"Where's House?" Foreman asked.
"He has a patient due in OR. I need a patient to operate on, and the doctor who...
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posted by HouseAddict87
Chapter 2: Secrets Untold
Five o’clock rolled around and Cuddy asked House and Thirteen to step into her office. She held out Thirteen’s file and began to speak to her fellow doctors/estranged family.
“Dr. Hadley you’re probably wondering why we have called Ты in to meet with us.”
“I’m not getting fired am I?”
“No that’s not what this is about. Dr. House and I have some important news we need to tell Ты and talk to Ты about.”
“Good. I just new Ты called me in here to огонь me.”
“Not today.” House said.
“Dr. Hadley when Dr. House and I were in college we had a relationship...
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posted by Chandlerfan
Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry! I haven't uploaded for yonks! But here is Chapter 6 (finally!)
*runs from OM*
Enjoy! =D

Cuddy came rushing into the hospital, thinking something had happened to House. Chase decided not to tell her over the phone what had happened because he didn’t want her to drive over here like someone who’s on the run. It turned out that it wouldn’t have made a difference as that was exactly how she reached the hospital, running a record number of red lights and miraculously managing to arrive in one piece.

Chase walked up to her as soon as she walked into...
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posted by Chandlerfan
Sorry to keep Ты waiting guys and thank Ты all for your Комментарии on the last chapter!
And I especially apologise to oldmovie because I gave her a hint (black) which had her pondering on what could happen in this chapter.
You'll find out now though so enjoy! =D

Both Wilson and Cuddy were so shocked when they learnt of House’s death that they couldn’t even hear the doctor come out towards them, или even see him when he bent down to their level. It was almost as if they had to be shaken back to life. All they could see was black and all that resonated in their ears was the sound of that monotonous...
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posted by Chandlerfan
Sorry it’s been a while since I updated this fic, here’s chapter 3 for Ты guys =]
Enjoy! =D

Wilson and Cuddy both looked at each other in utter shock and hastily followed Thirteen out into House’s office.

Cuddy saw House lying on the floor completely lifeless, already in the recovery position, by a pool of vomit, and all the flashbacks of when House had almost killed himself trying to save Amber came back to her; how worried she was; how she couldn’t afford to lose the man valuable to the hospital, and еще importantly, her. She felt guilty for complaining about what House did to her...
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posted by Chandlerfan
Oh OK then, here's chapter 2...
Enjoy! =D

Meanwhile Cuddy was restlessly wandering around in Wilson’s office, still fuming.

‘You did what!?’ Wilson asked in utter shock.

‘You heard!’ Cuddy countered in a tone that was just a little too harsh.

‘I don’t believe this! You…you slept with House! House!’

‘Thanks for reminding me of what I had done…jeez, James, I thought I forget something!’ came the dry remark, to which Wilson could only give her an annoyed look.

‘OK. Fine. So Ты slept with him. No…big deal. So, um, why are Ты so angry at him?’

‘I’m pissed off because...
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posted by Chandlerfan
OK, this fic is a little different for me because a.) the whole plot isn’t as fluffy as usual (although there is some!) b.) I’m going to be completely objective regarding ships, keeps everyone happy that way (almost!) c.) I’m not going to tell Ты the plot of it in the first chapter или the summary! ;D
So, yes, you’ll have to find out later…
Enjoy for now! =D

House walks into the differential room late, as per usual, and without a single glance at his team, he balances his cane on the whiteboard and starts Письмо some symptoms down on the board.

The team exchange glances finding it odd...
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posted by Irene3691
After having lunch with Wilson they go back to work. Cuddy spends the whole afternoon in her office, she knows that House, is not there, but she doesn’t wanna run risks and go out anyway. Meanwhile, Chase phones House again and tells him that they really, really need his help. He insists a lot and he finally decides to go to the hospital.

It’s time to go Главная for Cuddy, so she takes her stuff and goes to the elevator, she waits there and when the doors open House is in front of her, speechless. He looks at the floor and gets out of the elevator. While getting in she speaks and doesn’t...
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