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OMG U GUYS! A фото of Justin Bieber's Penis has been Опубликовано on the internet from his stolen lap top!
justin bieber's penis
#1 justin bieber Фан
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Now Trending on Twitter is #WeWantChustinBack.
Chaz Tweeted "Selena is only using Ты for your fame and money!!!" on twitter. But, justin tweeted #realfriends Ryan Butler & Jaden Smith. When Chaz tweeted that Selena was only using him Justin tweeted back #getreal! Now, Фаны are saying #WeWantChustinBack!!! Will Chaz & Justin Make Up? или will Selena say dating Justin is too much? If Ты have a twitter Ты might wanna go to discover and type in #WeWantChustinBack! Ты will see all the Фаны that want Justin and Chaz to make up. This might cause Selena and Justin to say JUST friends. If Ты agree that Justin and Chaz were great Друзья Ты might wanna continue Trending #WeWantChustinBack! We know Selena wouldnt use Justin just for his fame & money! или would she?
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