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Эй, I found lady gaga's phone number and I checked. So it is true. The number is (347) 530-3694. It is true I called it and lady gaga answered. So if Ты think so call или text it или if Ты don't Комментарий I wanna see your point of view . So please please contact me with a post I want to see your mind that would be fantastic. Please also lady gaga Фаны contact lady gaga.I'm 100%sure this is lady gaga's number she hasn't changed her number еще will!!). Далее plz plz believe me I trust Ты guys trust me I'm sure she will pick up the phone
Bad Romance: Fear of love, specifically loving someone so much Ты not only tolerate all the bad stuff, but Ты crave it.

Alejandro: Fear of men/commitment, what they might do to get her for themselves.

Monster: Fear of the realization that she might not be able to have a safe, secure relationship with a good guy for her need of an aggressive, philandering, dangerous guy with a huge **** ("I've never see one like that before . . .")

So Happy I Could Die: Fear of alcohol and its consequences; also, fear of pride/loving ones self so much. (Don't worry about anything, just drink and ********** and...
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