Leonardo DiCaprio затвор, затвора ISLAND,...dont read if u havent seen yet...it will give away details of this movie!

Lomaz posted on Mar 09, 2010 at 09:51PM
OK so I saw this the other night & I want to see it again coz I know there was so much in it & the first time ur trying to figure out wots going on & miss details..I was looking at everything in this movie & it was unpredictable I never wud have thought the outcome wud have been his wife that killed his kids & he killed her!..It threw me, I did wonder the connection...please comment on here ur interpretation of this movie, I think it was totally intelligent & Leo's acting was by far believable!!...He never ceases to amaze me!!
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Больше года kpeters4938 said…
big smile
i saw the movie too but i was really really confused halfway through it. i mean it was good but it was really confusing. the main reason that i went to see it was beacause leonardo was in it! i mean really he is so hot and anyone who thinks hes not is crazy!
Больше года sweetyasi said…
i saw it twice and i like to see it again because i love it so much and i should see it again because i think it has a lot of things that i haven't understood yet so i should see it again!
Больше года VintageSmile said…
I think they were tricking him to be honest.
That quote at the end; "Which would be worse; to live as a monster or die a good man?"

To me he's saying that theres no way out, that they have captured him and he has no hope left. He still believes he never killed his wife and so on.

So he want's to die a good man, knowing that he still believes he's a good man, rather than turning into a monster there. And starting to believe their lies.
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