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On this website Ты can Поиск any Манга Ты want
Ты can find-
one piece
Detective Conan
Soul eater
Full metal alchemist
Nightmare of the Funeral March
Holy Hearts
Princess Resurrection
Lucky star
Kingdom Hearts
Sailor moon
Akazukin Eliza
Death Note (One shot)
Mix Vegetable
Zig Zag Don
Shinshi Doumei Cross
Shounen Maid
and many many more!also if Ты want to read a new Манга Ты can hit Болталка Манга at the top.It will Показать Ты the most read mangas on that website. It has the most Популярное Манга series. The most Популярное series is Naruto.
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dedicated to all Манга Фаны
nanatsu no taizai
seven deadly sins
I feel like everyone has those Манга that Ты wish were Аниме as well so Ты could enjoy it in another format. I'm no different so here are some Манга that I Любовь and would Любовь if they were дана an Аниме adaptation (even though I know it's basically most likely that it won't... ever....happen.......)

warning:mostly me rambling

замок of dreams

The Манга is еще of a collection of short stories and I feel like this could be an episodic OVA series. The actual book starts of with three stories about a magician who will grant any wish, "be it for evil или good" and allows people to see their...
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