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This Майкл Джексон фото might contain аниме, комиксы, манга, анимационные фильмы, комикс, мультфильм, and книга комиксов.

Everythime im down and i feel like i have a huge hole in my сердце all i have to do is look at your face,you got a smile that lights up the whole world,you got a luagh that makes people happy,you got this look in your eyes that drive people wild,when im in a tough spot i just think of you,there is no way that can explain my feelings for you,i just wanna see your smiling face saying baby theres no need to worry cuz i Любовь thee,everytime i hear your voice,name,singing,and laugh i say thats my baby for ya,i wish i could sit Далее to Ты and comfort Ты when you're down like Ты did for me so i can tell everythings gonn be okay that theres no need to worry cuz i Любовь thee,i cant tell Ты how much i Любовь Ты или what Ты mean to me,24/7 i think of Ты from when i awake till i go to sleep and somwtimes even in between,we've had some crazy times in my dreams,cuz i Любовь thee!!!(kisses both hands and makes two peace signs ) i Любовь Ты more.
It's another Michael Jackson mega-tease -- 10 brand new snippets from every song on the upcoming album have gone public ... just days before the album is set for release.

30 секунды from each song appeared on the Internet this weekend -- which adds up to a pretty badass five-minute Предварительный просмотр of the new album titled, "MICHAEL."

The full album is scheduled to be released Далее week.

Ты can visit the link to hear them....!!!! link
She's from a world
Of попкорн and candy
Pony rides for a dime
Little children laughing

I'm from a world
Of disappointments and confusions
But I want her to be mine
I started talking
She kept on walking
She disappeared into the crowd

I Остаться в живых my heart
On the carousel
To a circus girl
Who left my сердце in pieces
Lost my heart
On The carousel
To a circus girl
Who ran away.

I was the clown
And she was the dancer
We both knew it wouldn't work
But we took our chances
What I can't recall
Is if there was a girl at all
Or was it my imagination?
I still remember
All of those faces
And now all I have is memories.

I Остаться в живых my heart
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