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posted by AnyaPetrovic
"I will not work for the present no more, I am working for the future"- сказал(-а) Nikola Tesla in a press conference in New York City. One of the numerous Tesla’s biographers, Margaret Cheney, сказал(-а) that he was ’a man out of time’. Many of Tesla’s inventions, like The Philadelphia Experiment, the experiment with the Стрела car company and the well known experiment on Long Island, still seem like science-fiction today. Tesla was not understood because at that time the frequency of human consciousness was not developed enough to follow the work that he was doing. He was also repressed because...
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posted by hionke
hi i am a student and i write a work about Nicola Tesla. there has to be a interview in the work so i thought i could put some Вопросы here and the ones who d like can comment.( sorry for bad english)
first question: what would Ты like to ask him if he would live now?
2: why do Ты think he has a fobia with the number three?
3:Do Ты think it was better for him if he was borm in Amerika and why yes или no?
4:What do Ты th!ink he could do better in his life?
5:Do Ты believe the story that he was born on midnight in a thunderstorm and that when he came out there was a huge lightning? why yes или no?
Ты can put your Ответы in the comments
Thankyou very much.