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After seeing many of these I decided I'd type one too. This is not just for the prettiest women but also my hottest men as well. I just lumped it in to one article.

10. Tamara

Though I'm on and off with her character I think Tamara is quite pretty. I Любовь her hair, I don't know how she can make it that perfect, like hot damn I can't even get my hair to stop doing that frizzy thing unless I spend like 20 минуты with a hair straighter. I mean her hair is just so long silky and smooth. I also like her lips, just something about them. Her face in general is well structured; eyes, nose, lips are...
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Many people (including the writers) seem to overlook the Blue Fairy but the truth is that she is one of the three most powerful people in Storybrook both because of her magic and because of the persuasive power she has over people. This Статья is meant to take a closer look at her involvement in the story and the effect her actions and prejudice has had on the lives of the main characters.

So there is no confusion the regular font is fact (taken mostly from OUATwiki) and italicized is my opinion.

The Blue Fairy and her dealings with Rumplestiltskin

"The Return"

Baelfire in an attempt to save...
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I'm curious as to what it would've been like. However I don't think it would be better if they did it this way. I mean there would be a HUGE plot hole about Emma not noticing everyone else not aging, except her. But I thought I'd make my own version of what I think the first episode would've been like. I'm not going to be doing this with every episode because it would just be a big mess and it's not worth it. This is just for fun. It's only going to be Показ things from the real world, not the fairy-tale world. Please let me know what Ты think and don't take anything about this too seriously,...
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I've been meaning to do this for a long time and now I'm finally doing it. Once Upon A Time has a lot of really beautiful women. I believe these women are the true beauties of the Показать and some need еще appreciation for their looks. Please leave a Комментарий but keep in mind this is just my opinion.

First of all I'm not a big Фан of her as a character, she has the personality of sand paper, but she's really beautiful. She has such long beautiful hair, even though it's in a weird style for most of the time we see her. I just Любовь Asian eyes and her skin is lovely. She's such a natural...
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EDIT: As of episode seven, The сердце is a Lonely Hunter, we now know that Sheriff Graham was, indeed, the Huntsman. Hooray for everyone who guessed right!

We haven't been told yet who is Sheriff Graham's fairy tale counterpart (or rather, who he really is), but I strongly suspect that he is the Huntsman from the Snow White fairy tale. To refresh your memory, in the fairy tale, the Huntsman was ordered by the Queen to take Snow White out into the forest, cut out her сердце (or her liver, tongue или other internal organ, depending on the version) and bring it back to her as proof that Snow White...
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