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posted by mina27
- liams middle name is james

- 3 words liam uses to describe himself is hungry happy and singer

- liam thinks he talks funny

- liams favourite sport is boxing

- liam hates physics

- liams favourite number is 1

- liam is the only member of one direction that calls harry 'hazza'

- if liam couldnt be a singer he would be a property developer

- liams favourite animal is a monkey

- liams favourite shoe brand is converse

- liams favourite type of shoes are boots

- liams favourite flavour of crisps are ready salted

- liam was born on 29 august 1993
Zayn’s POV:
The Далее day, we hired a фургон, ван and Louis sat there driving.
He сказал(-а) “That’s her home…” pointing to one of the houses in the street.
We were all anxiously waiting for her to step out of her house. And yeah, she did.
We had some chloroform with us which we poured it on a cloth.
She came closer to our van. I was having the chloroform dipped cloth in my hand. I held my hands outside and pressed that over her face.
She started struggling hard and kicked Niall on his stomach.
After some seconds, she was out of consciousness.
Louis сказал(-а) “PERFECT!”
Next we had to kidnap Harry. What a...
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posted by LexisFaith
Alexandra Williams and Liam Payne were best Друзья growing up. But when Alex turns 9 she is forced to Переместить to New York with her parents and leave 10 год old Liam behind. Loosing touch like distant Друзья do, now 19 год old Alex is in Uni while 20 год old Liam is in a world wide known boy band. One day, Alex gets a call that just might change her life. Two old Друзья get to know each other all over again.


“Don’t worry, Alex. When I’m old enough to come get you, I’ll get on an airplane and bring Ты back here.” Liam was pushing me on the swing...
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Louis's P.O.V

"Whats wrong?" Liam asks me. "Well, other than the fact that I just got a threat note from Hannah, nothing." I handed Liam the note. He took a минута to take it in, then looked at me. "We need to find her." He says, handing the note to Harry. All of the boys examine the note. "Why would Hannah do this?" Zayn asked. "She's still mad at me for breaking up with her." I responded. I looked at the ground. "This is my fault...." I сказал(-а) quietly. Liam put his hand on my should. "Its not your fault man. Hannah is just crazy." Niall looked around. "Anyone seen Emily?" He asked, going out...
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posted by randomgirl3000
I’ve been working at it for way too long. With университет work and my job, I’ve now worked myself too hard and came down with a small fever. I hated being sick. It just postponed all my work I had to finish.

“Baby! I’m home! I missed Ты so much where’s my hug?” Niall asked, walking through the door. I was ecstatic when he came through the door, He flew back to Ireland for two weeks to visit his family before he goes on his world tour. But I was so sick I could barely get up. I was wearing a фуфайка, толстовки and threw my hoodie over my head. I walked over slowly to Niall and gave him...
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Harry got dressed into his black and yellow swimming trunks and his brown american eagle sandals. He wore a ожерелье and a bracelet Janine gave him a while back. He wore his black and green plaid рубашка unbuttoned revealing his washboard abs.


Janine- Harry Ты look great.
Harry hugs Janine. She could feel his hard stomach against her body. Harry kisses the вверх of Janine's head.
And then a horn honks.

Harry- I guess that's our ride.
Janine- Ok

Harry Lifts Janine off the ground and twirls her. He opens the door and leads her down the stone pathway into Liam's car

Janine- Do Ты really always...
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posted by kaitadam
Why my door open. Everything in place so who was in here? I don’t care thought al. I should get ready сказал(-а) al to her. Al toke a душ and changed clothes. Al wore a red short dress with matching heels and a bow on her hair.


Al toke out her dairy out and sat on her bed.

Dear dairy
today was great and amazing. The weird part is now the band knows I am Louis sister. I hope Liam doesn’t think I hate him.

Liam pov
I saw Al, she beauty and sexy. I am in love, but I think niall likes her. I want her so bad. I think we should start out slow. And we will be in school together for a few years....
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posted by NvrShoutNvr4evr
Niall Horan Fanfic Chapter 20: The Climb
    Niall and I woke up the Далее morning fairly early. He smiled at me.
“I’m glad I stayed. If I didn’t I’d have to wake up to Liam’s face brushing his teeth.” Niall laughed.
“I’m glad Ты stayed to.” I replied smiling.
“What time do we need to leave for the venue?” he asked.
“Erm…like eight…I think.” I mumbled burying my face in my hands.
“What time is it?” Niall asked.
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posted by GabriellaAdams
Amber's POV:

It was true I had feelings for Drew. He was Beverly and strong,the whole time he fought I imagined that I was the one he was fighting for,and not Anna.I hid my anger when Drew kissed her at school,had to really hide it when i seen them making out on the beach.I was happy for them but not happy for me.I had a clue that Anna was upset ever since her mother died and I thought it would help if she got a boyfriend.I Intended and hoped that she'd have a little romance then they'd just decide to be friends.Its funny how unfair Любовь can be.I think yesterday Anna noticed my bother about...
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posted by lois4
Well, perhaps Emma Ostilly isn’t Harry Styles proper girlfriend (yet), but Eleanor and Louis are certainly an item, and only yesterday naughty Фаны sent her pictures of Louis with his ex Hannah Walker.

Louis didn’t react kindly to the news and tweeted: “Truth of the matter is its actually not funny in the slightest. I’m Чтение through some horrible tweets very p*ssed off!”
Showing how much he cares for his current beau, Louis tweeted Eleanor: “Love Ты ! xxxx. I couldn’t be happier right now, so let it be Thank youuuuu x.”

Miss Calder received some nasty messages, and a group...
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 Made by: Vampire_Lover97
Made by: Vampire_Lover97
Hi There, It Took Me Some Time To Write This Part And It's A Bit Short. Don't blame me, blame the school! Ok so here's the new part....<333

“I wanted to talk to you. Ты didn’t answer my question.” He smirked.
“Yes, I’m still mad at you!” I сказал(-а) looking at him and then turning to the side again.
“I know Ты don’t hate me.” He сказал(-а) coming to sit on the bench Далее to me.
“How can Ты be so sure about that?” I сказал(-а) looking angry at him.
“Nobody ever hates me.” He сказал(-а) cocky, “I’m Harry…”
“Yeah I know Harry, blah, blah. Now if Ты excuse...
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 Made by: Nevenkastar
Made by: Nevenkastar
Hey! Here is Chapter 2! Thank Ты about great Комментарии on Chapter 1! Enjoy and sorry about grammar!:)

''Well , we just arrived and I don't think I have time for romantic unless Ты can catch me!'' I ran from him but he grabbed my hand! Then he pulled me to him and put his hands around my waist.He was Поцелуи me but suddenly someone knocked on our door...
''Open guys! Hurry! She is running after me!'' Louis was yelling.
I opened the door and saw him! He was breathless.
''What's wrong man?'' Harry сказал(-а) confused.
''Just don't ask me anything and Показать me were can...
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Part 2
Harry's P.O.V :
8 a.m .
I decided to go to buy some hamburgers and drinks for breakfast. Having bought all, I was walking slowly along the road when a girl accidentally crashed into me.
All the Еда fell over and my coffee...
OMG ! My new T-shirt was covered with the coffee and food. еще suddenly her words like flying off the handle made me feel... :
" Such an crazy day!"
OMG! It was her fault! Why on earth could she tell me that? What an impolite girl!
Her face was made grimaces:
" Pack off! I don't want to have arguement with anyone else. Go away! "
Okay, I was always a nice...
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Well. We're not really sure where to start with this one... We all knew that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson shared a special kind of love. Their bromantic passion is so strong that they've already created Larry Stylinson out of their intense feelings for each other. It's full on.

This we knew. We didn't expect Louis to start revealing the еще intimate details of their relationship this early on though. We thought maybe he'd wait until Harry cheated on him with a footballer and Louis could cash in with a Kiss 'n' tell.
или story of willy whacking, as this seems to be.
"Harry likes to pull his trousers down," Louis told Celebs On Sunday.

"You do Harry, you're always getting your bum out.

"I've been asleep before and Harry has hit me round the head with his penis.

"It actually wrapped around my whole face. Who wouldn't be envious of that?"
posted by mina27
Name: Niall James Horan
Age: 17
DOB: 13/07/93
Star Sign: Virgo
Home Town: Mullingar, Ireland
Favourite Film: Grease
Celeb Crush: Cheryl Cole
Man Crush : Michael Buble
Bet Ты didn’t know: He’d rather lick a fat man’s armpit than drown in a sea of mayonnaise.
Turn-ons: Hot pants, farting and being funny.
Turn-offs: Birkenstock sandals, Дисней films and granny cardigans.
Niall is a loyal and faithful boyfriend if he likes them.
On a дата he would wear a pair of jeans, black shoes, a рубашка and a blazer, plus a quick squirt of aftershave.
His perfect girl would be someone who can take a bit of banter...
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posted by xMrsNiallHoranx
#1: “I’m A Big, Fat, Idiot!”

One Direction was recently seen on ‘The Crush go karting’. I’m not sure what it’s about cause I’ve never seen it before/heard of it before. But apparently Niall came in last place (?) and had to run around screaming “I’m a big fat idiot”. While he was running around Niall fell and all the members of the group started to laugh. Poor baby <3

#2: “Will Ты Marry Me?”

Just recently Zayn Malik answered a couple of questions. There was one Вопрос that was very funny! This is what the girl had asked him,— ‘@justaflingbaby2: Zayn, will you...
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Niall and Greg were already there waiting for us.

Niall looked irresistible.

He wore a blue рубашка with skinny jeans and high tops. Hs hair was all messy and looked amazing!

Andrea ran into Greg’s arms and I made my way over to niall.

He looked stunned.

“Mickie..... Ты look....” He began.
“Stupid, right? I knew I should have wo-” I started by was stopped by the soft touch of niall’s lips.
“You look absolutely stunning Mickie.” He whispered in my ear.
“You clean up pretty well yourself!” I winked.

He took my hand and led me to my seat. I sat beside Greg while niall sat across...
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“Uh-Uh..... OK!!!” I сказал(-а) as I jumped into his arms.

Mickie’s P.O.V:

I came Главная and Andrea was on the phone.
“Ok! I can’t wait to see Ты baby!” she flirted.
I began to gag and she shot me the evils.
“Byeeee.” She giggled.
She hung up the phone and scowled over at me.
“You’re a fucking bitch.” She cursed.
“Can’t Ты leave your lovie-dovie Greg stuff alone for 5 MINUTES? HA HA!” I joked.
“Don’t mess with me Ты slut. You’re just jealous because you’ll never EVER find someone because you’re too ugly and no one likes you.” Andrea scowled.
“Well NIALL...
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"Rise and shine!" Harry threw a подушка at me. I groaned and pulled the blanket over my face. "Hand me my phone and I'll get up!" He threw me my phone and I dialed my baby brother's number.

This wasn't my step-brother. This was my real brother He truely meant everything to me. He was 13, well today he is definetly 13. He wasn't really my brother, he was my cousin. He was my mother's sister's daughter. His dad ditched. His mom died. We took him in. Charming boy, totally cute.

"Hey Natalie!" Yep, that was Nick.
"Hey Nicholicious." He started laughing, "Happy birthday, baby brother."
"I miss you."...
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posted by xMrsNiallHoranx

1.How do Ты feel about being voted One Direction FOTM?

xMrsNiallHoranx: I feel shocked, I though a lot еще people deserved this SO much еще than me!

2.Who is your favourite member? Why?

xMrsNiallHoranx: Niall James Horan:) why? Here’s why:

I am a ✔verified niall horan lover! he is AMAZING!
his big blue eyes that sparkle whenever i see him
his dirty blonde hair! (which he changes ALL the time!)
his laugh!(which u can hear ALL the time!)
his smile that lights up the my world:D
his personality which is also AMAZING!
his talents (the Список of them is ENDLESS!)
his fit body!
his accent!...
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