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posted by Alaa1999
I just gathered some facts from what i know and from Youtube and stuff , so if there is any mistakes please tell me :)

I hope this helps Ты to get to know the Lads better :) , that's if u don't already know all these stuff =D

Below are the rest of the members Facts ^_^


1. His full name is Niall James Horan.

2. He was born 13th september 1993.

3. His звезда sign is Virgo.

4. His official twitter Имя пользователя is @NiallOfficial.

5. His father is called Bobby, His mother is called Maura.

6. He is the only member of One Direction...
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We’re a Фан of statistics here at, so we’ve compiled a Список of how many Twitter followers each member has, along with the number of people that they follow, the number of Tweets sent, and finally how many lists each member is in.

Ok, let’s start with the follower stats:

Harry Styles: 1,703,682
Zayn Malik: 1,292,938
Louis Tomlinson: 1,279,326
Liam Payne: 1,268,763
Niall Horan: 1,206,440

Well, there’s quite a clear leader here. Our Hazza is way out in front with 1.7 million followers. Wowzers! The rest are fairly equal behind from 2nd to 5th, but currently Niall is propping...
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posted by randomgirl3000
Harry: He claps his hand over your mouth, frowning. "Y/N! That was naughty. You're too sweet to be swearing. Now say sorry." He makes Ты apologize every time Ты curse, and if Ты don't, he refuses to Kiss или hug Ты until Ты do.

Zayn: Zayn thinks it's incredibly hot when Ты swear, which gets him into trouble sometimes. When you're mad at him and begin cussing him out, he'll try to Kiss you, just making Ты even еще mad, and causing Ты to cuss more.

Louis: "Do Ты Kiss your mother with that mouth?" he chuckles. "Well, Ты can still Kiss me. I don't care if your mouth is dirty. I've got...
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“Thanks.” He said.
“You’re welcome babe.” I grinned at him.
“Sit down.” He patted the place beside him on the bed. I sat down and let his rest on my knee. He looked quite pale.

“Did anything happen at school today?” niall asked.
“Not really, zayn got annoyed with me because I teased him for running out of the cinema, screaming like at little girl. The usual I guess!” I laughed.
“Of course he did. By any chance was there water in the film?” niall quizzed.
“Yep.” I replied.
“Typical.” Niall spoke, rolling his eyes.
“Did he ever do that before?” I questioned....
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posted by tigressissupper
I will never forget the time I tickled Harry Edward Styles. It all started at their consort in Jacksonville. They just Finnish there last song what makes Ты beautiful Liam was about to make an announcement. "Today we are gonna do something we haven't done before" he says in the micro phone. "We are gonna let one Фан spend a couple of days with us" сказал(-а) Zayn. Everyone went nuts "pick me pick me" people scream. Harry says "we will use the spotlight to pick". "Yea" say Nail ask the spotlight picks a fan. It lands on me "OMG" I scream "Congrats Ты get to spend a few days with one Direction" Louis...
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posted by NvrShoutNvr4evr
Niall Horan Fanfic Chapter 7: We’re All in This Together
    We drove Главная in silence. We didn’t look at each other, nothing. We finally pulled up to the hotel and we were going to go in through the back. I opened my door grabbed my crutches and started to go inside. My crutch got stuck in a crack and I fell over. Niall raced over to help me up.
“Would Ты be careful.” He сказал(-а) sternly.
“I’m sorry I just fell, it’s dark and quite frankly I can’t see.” I shot back.
    I could see he was hurt, but right now he was being a jerk so I didn’t...
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posted by johncenaw85oi
I could hear her talking to somebody on the phone.
I pressed my ear against her bedroom door.
"I seriously think Jess and Louis are telling the truth Niall". she said."Yes but we need to let them tell us what is really going on". she said."You WHAT! Ты AND TRACY WHAT!!!" she shouted. "Ok Niall Ты dont even no if Ты and Jess are still together!".

After hearing that, Maryanne pushed open the door and i fell straight onto Eloise's bedroom floor, frightened of what Eloise ment by: Ты and Tracy did what.

"Uhh i'll call Ты back Niall" she said, putting the phone straight down.

"Hi as Ты know im...
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The morning came and Nivi was downstairs with Harry's mum preparing breakfast.

"I really appreciate Ты helping me Nivi" Harry's mum smiled at Nivi.

"No problem, i find" Nivi smiled back.

"Good morning" Niall сказал(-а) walking up.

"Yeah morning" Louis сказал(-а) coming in behind Niall.

"You guys are awake already?" Zayn asked walking in with Liam.

"Oh contrary" Louis сказал(-а) waving his finger around, "i'm usually the first awake with Harry."

"He has a point" Niall сказал(-а) defending his friend.

"You're on his side" Zayn asked offended.

"What side? There are no sides in this argument he usually is the first...
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posted by 1dlover100
Many people are saying that Harry is leaving One Direction. No it's not true. I don't think Harry would ever leave the band. The band wouldn't be the same without Harry if he left and his Фаны would be broken hearted. And Harry cares WAY to much to ever hurt или disapoint them in any way shape или form. He is to thoughful to that. So when Ты hear that he is leaving the 10 times out of 10 it's not tue.

Please no hate Комментарии because they will be ignored by me. So please don't waste your time Письмо them. Keep your thoughts to yourself
posted by GabriellaAdams
Anna POV:

It was a nice cool spring day,it was a nice день to go to the park,mom was making sandwiches and dad was packing the car
"Mommy do Ты want some help?"I сказал(-а) in my sweet 3 yr old voice
"Of coarse my lil helper Ты can put the mayo on the sandwiches"mom answer as she handed me a масло, сливочное масло knife"don't cut yourself"
"I'll try not to momma"I told her
"ok I'll be right back don't start til I come back"she сказал(-а) as she started to walk outside
Alone....I stood there,trying to please her I tried to finsh all the sandwiches.I thought it was nice to see my mom smile so I rushed and hurried so I cut my...
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posted by randomgirl3000
Harry: "He's gonna be so mad." Ты chuckle, as Ты and Louis straightened your boyfriend's hair. "When he finds out. I'm blaming you." Ты continue, as Ты finish your masterpiece. Harry's usually curly, beautiful locks now straight and flat. "What?" Louis exclaims quietly, raising an eyebrow at you. "I'm his girlfriend, I'm not supposed to be helping Ты do... do... This!" Ты point to his head as Ты slowly back away from the диван, мягкий уголок where Harry was napping. "Exactly, Ты are his girlfriend. He loooves you. He's not gonna be so upset when he finds out it was you." Louis explains as Ты leave...
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I became a bit inspired after Чтение a few of the things Zayn has сказал(-а) in the past. A few of these Цитаты are very inspirational. Especially the one that says "Just close your eyes and enjoy the roller coaster that is life." So, I wrote this. Enjoy Xx

"Just shut the hell up! I can't take it anymore. Ты just don't understand what I've been through Zayn. Why don't Ты just pack your fucking bags and leave me alone?" I screamed. Zayn and I were fighting for about the millionth time. Our arguments mostly consisted of us screaming to each other, back and forth. I cant even remember what we were...
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Hi, I'm Katrina, and I'm here to get Ты up and out with some Harry Styles and Liam Payne gossip.

Directioners have made Видео on Youtube saying that Harry's worst habit is: Getting naked all the time. ''I once stripped on a plane,'' he сказал(-а) on The Late Late Show. ''I used to and still do get naked all the time.'' Alan from The Chatty Man was surprised to hear this.

Directioners, Liam Payne's strange fear is SPOONS. I was shocked to hear this, and I heard him say this on The Late Late Показать as well: ''I have a strange fear of spoons. I eat my cereal with a fork.''

We Recently Reported That The One Direction Boys got up close and personal with a koala during their promotional tour of Australia. We didn't know, though, just how personal the boys got with the fuzzy animal.

Before your imagination gets carried away, we're not talking about anything too disgusting. Just that the koala, which might have chlamydia, weed all over Harry and Liam and could have transmitted the STI to the singers. Oh wait, that is disgusting.

According to The Sun, up to 80 percent of the cuddly creatures - koalas, not members of 1D - are infected with chlamydia, and the boys are...
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Chapter 4-Raven's P.O.V.
Raven and Ruby were driving out of the school parking lot. They were silent and Ruby put on the radio. Then a song came on and Raven smiled at what it was.
"I like to make myself believe that planet Earth turns, slowly......" the radio sang.
Raven blushed deep red and Ruby didn't notice. Raven shut her eyes and thought of Пение to Niall, his head on her lap and him pulling that strand from out of her face. Raven then started to re-imagine it. Niall sat up and was about to Kiss her but a short stop interupted her.
Raven opened her eyes and her head hit the glove...
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after the game of bowling everyone went our different and Liam got Главная and it was about 7.i was tired so i decided to call it a night.i сказал(-а) goodnight to Liam.i went upstairs.i quickly changed into my pj's and drifted off into a deep sleep.
i fluttered my eye lids open until my vision was clear enough.i then quickly remembered the news they gave me,Danielle,and Georgia
"hey guys we got some news!" Liam announced.he gave a nod to the boys and they all сказал(-а) together "were going on a US tour!" we started cheering for them and...
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My name’s Carter, Carter Payne. I’m 16 years old and I live in Homes Chapel, Cheshire, but I’m originally from Wolverhampton. I’ve got one older brother called Liam. But to me, I’ve got 4 brothers. The other three: Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik. Those three boys have been like brothers to me for years and I Любовь them to bits.

I used to have another brother. His name is Harry Edward Styles. We used to be inseperatable, always together. That is, until 2 год ago, when everything changed. When Harry changed.

This is what happened:

Louis, Harry, Zayn and Niall became friends...
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We always knew those One Direction boys were cheeky chappies but they may have gone too far this time!

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are the two members of the band that have proved themselves to be pretty funny but X Factor winner, Matt Cardle probably didn't find their latest antics too amusing.

The troublesome duo gave out Matt's mobile phone number to over 7,000 Фаны over Twitcam last night!

The boys decided to prank call Matt but it went straight to answerphone and we all know what happens when Ты reach someone's answerphone. It reads out your number...

Bless them, the boys didn't realise what they'd done for a good few minutes. Check out the video here...

posted by MadisonFontenot
Hi my name is Jessica but everyone calls me Jessie. I am 19 about to turn twenty this weekend. My best friend is Amanda but I call her Amie. We have been best Друзья since the first день of my first grade year. Amanda ia 20 and has пляж, пляжный blonde hair with Golden brown eyes. My dad passed away a год назад so it is only me and my mom. Amie is the oldest out of five kids!

"Ready?" Amie сказал(-а) as I was getting into her car.
"Duh.....first день of school!" I had a huge smile on my face. She turned on the car and Up All Night by 1D was playing on the radio.
"So are Ты happy to...." I covered her mouth...
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 How can't Ты Любовь these guys???
How can't you love these guys???
Sunday October 3rd
At the end of boot camp when the names of Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zain Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne were not read out, the teenage boys knew their X Factor ambitions were over.
But when they were recalled to the stage to find out they had been дана another chance, they realized that their dreams had only just begun!

Judge quote:
“I Любовь what Ты did with the song – you’re potentially the Далее big boy band,” Louis Walsh

Week 1 – Number 1
Without gimmicks или backing dancers the One Direction boys let their voices do the talking, gelling together for Viva La...
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