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Wow, I was surprised by how many of Ты guys casted your Голоса for what story to cancel. I will close down the voting on August 9 at 10:00 PM Central USA time. This is the Голоса total to what story to Отменить so far:
Amore: 1
Bella's Life: 1
The Фэнтези Doesn't End, But It Might: 5
Evening звезда (This Story): 2

Hmm... I garantee that The Фэнтези Doesn't End, but it Might, will be the story being canceled. I'll see the Final Calls of Голоса tommorrow. If Ты didn't vote yet, plz check out linkThanks! Oh, and BTW: this will be EXTRA longer for this awesome parking lot scene! Enjoy!

The Далее morning...
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Ok, I'm planning to write one еще Статья today. Hope Ты enjoy this! ^_^

In Alice's vision, I see Victoria in the forest right near Forks. Alice's face was completely blank, and I controlled my expression so Angela and Ben won't be wondering what's going on. We still have a secret to protect, the only exception was Bella.
"Alice? Alice!" Angela yelled while moving her hands back and forth in front of Alice's face. I stopped looking at the horror-strucked vision and pretended that it was not a big deal. I didn't need Bella to get worried. I won't let anything happen to her.

I made a casual...
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The Далее one will be in a couple of hours.^_^

Bella's POV

I turned around to see what Renesmee was talking about. Then I saw another ghost.... The ghost of Charlie? My eyes were wide. I took a few steps back, with shock. Edward looked confused.
"Why are Ты scared? That's just another ghost!" I heard Edward say.

"Charlie....." I whispered.
" Bella, Ты never told me Ты were a vampire why did Ты keep this away from me? Why? Why did Ты keep this away from me all of these years? Why did Ты do this to me? " the ghost сказал(-а) and it disapeared.
"WAIT! CHARLIE! DON'T LEAVE!!!!" I screamed. But it...
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I didn't go on Fanpop for a LONG time.... so here's the Далее chapters as an apology :)

3rd Person's POV

It's a journal. Edward thought in his head.

I saw that Ты are holding something, Edward. What is it?

Alice came over to Edward. He was still looking at the book cover itself. "What is it?" Alice asked.

"It's Bella's journal." Edward replied softly.

Alice's eyes widened. "I never knew that Bella had a journal." Alice proclaimed. "I never saw Bella Письмо in it."

"Maybe it's because she started Письмо in it after we left." Edward concluded.

"Let's open it." Alice said.

"Wait, we should have the...
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The Письмо marathon continues! Let's see how many Статьи I'll put up today. ^_^

Chapter 8: Target

Alice dropped Bella at Главная in the morning, as I was still “camping” as far as her father knew. I had to wait at least an час или so before Показ up at her house, so Charlie would think I had just arrived home. It was hard for Bella to constantly lie to her father, even if it was for his own good. She hated lying to anyone about anything, and she was terrible at it when she tried. I was surprised Charlie believed as much as he did, but that was еще Alice’s doing than Bella’s.

I was anxious...
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Whew! I did alot of writting. This might be my last one или second-to-last for today.

Edward's POV

"Ugh! Just when I was about to do something, I get interrupted! Anyway, Rosalie, you're free to go, I can see that Royce is too pre-occupied to hang out with a low-life like you! I can see that's he's еще interrested in someone else. ME! HA!" Bella said.
That gave me pain and now I was determined to change Bella back. Royce got up from his chair and was Далее to Bella's side.
"Aww, Edward, Ты don't need to be jealous." she сказал(-а) with a grin.

That crossed the line, I jumped at Bella, and she was...
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This chapter is inspired by Timbaland's song, Apologize. ^_^

Bella's POV

Charlie looks like he's about to faint. I honestly couldn't blame him. I sighed.
"Dad?" I asked, nervous.
All of us jumped at his sudden outburst.
"Why not dad? I Любовь Edward еще than my own being and I want to be with him for the rest of my life!" exhistence I edited in my mind.
Edward rubbed my arm, trying to calm me down.
I sighed and moved towards Charlie.
"Why not, dad?" I asked, in a soft tone.

"It's hard enough to think that Ты were dead, Bella. I don't know if I'm strong...
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Bella's P.O.V

Currently I am sitting in my room wondering how much longer it will take the press to figure out that I am here sitting in a peaceful house in Forks, Washington. I have grown to Любовь this town. All the tiny little shops, one restaurant, and of course my Uncle Charlie. My name actually isn't Isabella Swan.
My real name is actually Cassandra Porter, and I am the famous actress, model, and singer. My boyfriend Edward Cullen who is also a vampire doesn't know one thing about this. Which I guess I could tell him, but he really didn't tell me he was a vampire now did he. I had to find...
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STUPID SCHOOL! Jeez. Ok, I'm doing my best, ok? I think I'm losing my touch. If Ты guys think so, plz tell me, school is brainwashing me.

Edward's POV You guys want that right?

"B-Bella?" I said, shocked.
Bella, или Vicky turned around, and had an agonized expression on her face.
"I'm sorry." she whispered.
She ran out of the building in a hurry, but no one in my family bothered to catch her, we were too shocked.
"What just happened?" Emmett asked, breaking the silence across the whole cafeteria.
"How could I have not see this?" Alice whispered. Jasper kissed her forhead in reassurance.

"I should...
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 Renesmee ( Taylor )
Renesmee ( Taylor )
After Daniel left I wondered where he went off to. And why did he leave? What did Daniel see that made him freak out the way he did? All these Вопросы ran through my mind like crazy. "Seth do Ты know anything about what is going on? What's Daniel up to?" I asked. "Ya I do. but I can't tell you. You'll find our sooner или later." Seth mumbled. "Ugh. Fine. But I'm not going anywhere tell I know what it is that is going on. No matter what." I said. "Oh we'll see about. That Ты know how Daniel is." Seth said. "Ya sure whatever." I replied.

10 минуты later Daniel came back. But not empty handed....
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Sorry this took so long, a friend came over. I'm making this in a library's computer. ^_^

Bella's POV

There's no еще goodness in my сердце anymore. Now, my obligation is to get rid of Edward and Renesmee, I want to rule here, alone. Down here, the main Источник of огонь and heat made my element of огонь 10 times еще powerful than up on the surface. I shot them again, and I hit the stone wall. I want them to leave, или I want them dead.

Edward's POV

"Bella! Please listen to me!" I screamed at her.
Before she answered, she shot lightning at us.
She moved into her defence crouch, and growled at me...
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I've been getting petitions written out all over my email, Facebook page (email), and EVERYWHERE for me to come back writing. Sheesh, is it just me или is this like crazed или something? Well, gotta say, it got me motivated....

Well, I gotta say, Ты guys are special (THAT'S FOR SURE) I'll be TRYING to write again, but not every day, maybe once или twice a week, alright? But I'm still not going to continue Deal?

Then I shall announce....


I have read over 300 stories and I'm improving my ways of Письмо here, to get some taste of
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Ok, change of plans. Tommorrow, there will be no Evening Star. I'm sorry! Thanks to a bet I made with renesmeblack a couple минуты ago, I will be posting 10 Bella's Life chapters tommorrow *groans*. Well, everyone brace yourselves, for a load of aritcles tommorrow....

Bella's POV

"I don't know where to begin." I admitted.
"How about Ты start where Ты thought your sister was dead." Alice suggested.
"That's a good starting point." I said. Then I repeated my flashback:
"I was 14 years old. And things were perfect. Until my mom told me the news..."

"Yes Bella?" Renee answered.
"Where is Alexia?"...
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 Bella's prom dress
Bella's prom dress
Ok, 2 of 10. I don't know where this will end up, let's see. Shall we?

Bella's POV

I looked at the picture. My hair was a lighter tone of brown compared to now. My hair is also very straight and the length reached around the center of my back. I did a simple smile, but it didn't Показать my teeth. There were small cicles under my eyes, but were barely noticable because I covered them with make-up. My skin was pale, but not as pale as now. I wore a dress that my Друзья got for me on my 15th birthday. It was baby blue, and it was strap-less. It went down to my ankles. I realized that I was actually...
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 Renesmee ( Taylor )
Renesmee ( Taylor )
When I woke up the Далее день I found myself in my room, in Charlie's house. I wasn't the only in my room. Edward and Bella were both standing in the right-left corner of my room. Just staring with suspicion, anger, worried and relief in their eyes. I knew was in big trouble. Great just what I need. I tell that they wanted to know why I ran away for a год and 5 months with even calling. What was I going to tell them? How was I going to explain it to them? "I ran away because I'm running from the Volturi. After Jacob found out that I'm from here. I'm actually from the future, and oh ya did I...
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