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I decided to see what happens if Percy meets The Avengers.

(Percy's p.o.v)

Hey, my name is Percy Jackson son of Poseidon. When I was asked to Присоединиться the Avengers I wasn't sure if I wanted to Присоединиться them. It all started when I ran into Iron Man in New York. I was on my horse Blackjack, we flew around the city to see any signs of trouble. It seemed calm at the moment, Blackjack snorted I replied "I know, not much going on.." My voice died when something fast flew past us, I couldn't tell but the figure looked human. I made Blackjack go after the figure, we caught up to it and what I saw Далее surprised me. The figure turned and asked "who are you?" I replied "Percy Jackson." The man сказал(-а) "the names Tony Stark, call me Tony." I asked "so your the famous Tony Stark." He nodded and the mask came off so I could see his face, he replied "me and the other Avengers were looking for you." I stared at him, not sure what to say. I asked "why me?" He replied "we need your help."
So we have all been bickering about topics and theories. So I decided to end the bickering and the reapeating of topics, so we could Переместить on and talk about new stuff. I had everybody take a vote on the topics that I listed.

First up is Leo.On Leo we all pretty muched agreed on everything.
Well his dad was pretty obvious. Firar of during the sample chapters he was tinkirng wiht a few objects then Voila! He had a helicopter. That sign alone points to Hephaestus.

Second. When we found out he was on the cover we all knew imediatly that he was going to be a major part of the series. Also in the sample...
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I loved Percy with every fiber of my being, and I knew he would never do anything to hurt me, but I never figured that someone would try and drive a wedge between us. I thought the gods were еще above this, but I guess I was wrong.

Let’s back up. My name’s Annabeth Chase and I’m twenty one years old. About four months ago, I married the best person in the world, Percy Jackson. We vacationed in a nice hotel in Greece, where I finally got to see the Parthenon, the monument I wanted to see for a long time, but that wasn’t the perfect part.
The perfect part was that Percy and I got...
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