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Our young thespianic celeb lust d'jour, Indiana Evans, finally hit full bikini mode on the set of the remake of The Blue Lagoon in Maui yesterday, providing us our first full take on her bikini body -- and it is as expected, glorious. Yes, it's a Lifetime Channel-safe bikini, made for female viewers, but, trust me, I'm viewing too.

The extent to which we would like to be truly stranded on a desert island with this sweet blonde Aussie can not be measured in depth of passion, или even how many Дети we would make with her during our castaway years, it's еще a sense of an entire body pulled by sextastic gravity toward a Фэнтези of being stranded with Indiana and her fully-ripe coconuts. It's going to take еще than a three час tour to satisfy those kinds of needs. Enjoy.
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Mermaid Powers Редактировать History Contents
1 Hydrokinesis
2 Hydro-Cryokinesis
3 Hydro-Thermokinesis
4 Gelidkinesis/Substanciakinesis/Mecokinesis
5 Weather Powers
6 Additional Abilities

HydrokinesisEditHydrokinesis is the power currently possessed by Cleo Sertori.

It allows her to Переместить water without touching it as well as expand it and mold it into different shapes. With this power a mermaid can create balls of water, blasts of water или even geysers strong enough to lift people off the ground (Cleo did this to Lewis at the end of the season 1 finale twist in the tail) . This power has the limited potential...
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I was lucky enough to steal some of Phoebe Tonkin's time recently, and (1) she is an absolute blast, and (2) she told me all sorts of things: How similar she is to Faye; the difficulty in maintaining a "normal" American accent around co-workers (and native Southerners) Shelley Hennig and Britt Robertson; plus what exactly she's listening to when she tweets about putting on Radiohead. Important journalism, basically!

I have to say, it's so weird hearing Ты use your real accent. This is the first time I've really heard Ты speaking in your native tongue.

[Laughs] Really? And I've just been Skyping...
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Louise and Emma's Locket first appeared in the episode [u]"Shipwrecked"[u].
Emma met Louise Chatham at the pier where she was having an argument with Zane. Upon finding out that she's getting evicted from the pier, Ms. Chatham had a сердце attack. Zane overheard her telling Emma about her "treasure". Emma later found the locket from the Lorelei shipwreck, as Zane was searching for it because he thought that it was a big treasure (he threw it down because he was disappointed that it was just a small piece of jewelry). Miss Chatham was very grateful when Emma gave her back her locket after her...
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The girls' powers are as follows: Cleo can manipulate water, Emma can freeze water, and Rikki can boil water. In Season 2, they gained weather control as well. Cleo can manipulate wind, Emma can now draw moisture from the air to freeze and Rikki can draw forth lightning which catches things on fire.

Nickelodeon advertised a 15 минута sneak peek two weeks before the Показать was aired.

Cariba Heine hired a professional trainer to help improve her swimming while auditioning for the part of Rikki.

The Актрисы put full cream молоко in their eyes to help them keep their eyes open underwater.

The mermaids' wardrobe frequently follows a color scheme. Emma: white/blue, Cleo: pink/purple, Rikki: black/red.

Angus McLaren does not appear regularly in season three due to filming Packed to the Rafters.
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H2O: Just Add Water

Logo for H2O: Just Add Water
Genre Children's Телевидение series, teen drama
Created by Jonathan M. Shiff
Directed by Colin Budds (2006)
Jeffrey Walker
Starring Claire Holt (2006-2008)
Phoebe Tonkin
Cariba Heine
Angus McLaren
Indiana Evans (2009-Present)
Theme Музыка composer Shelley Rosenberg
Opening theme "No Ordinary Girl"
Composer(s) Ric Formosa
Ricky Edwards
Danny Beckerman
Country of origin Australia
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 52 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Jonathan M. Shiff
Kay Ben M'Rad (2006)
Julia Adams (2007)
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 H20 Series 3
H20 Series 3
I think that if we didn't have h20, we could be changed forever. I honestly think it is so cool, I'm a male and I'm not afraid to say i wish i were a mermaid(merman) and i really wish i could have one of the H20 powers, i wish i could have Bella's power because i ♥ the way she does her hand gesture...she starts off with a ball, then she moves her hand вперед and twists it and curls the last 2 или 3 fingers! I personaly think that's cool 8-). My Избранное mermaid is probably Cleo, shes cute, funny, nice, kinda sensitive, and outgoing(like in episode 3 of season 1, "Catch of the day!" My favorite...
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Phoebe Tonkin (born October 17, 1989) is an Australian actress and model. She portrays Cleo Sertori in the Телевидение programme H2O: Just Add Water.

Early life
Phoebe Jane Tonkin was born in Sydney, Australia and from the age of four participated in various dance classes including classical ballet, tap, hip hop, and contemporary dance with a very close friend named Amanda Tovar. She completed various courses at the Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) at the Wharf Theatre from the age of twelve. Courses at ATYP included Shakespeare, Script to Stage, Clowning Around, and Musical Theatre....
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Cariba and Dale

Cariba Heine (16) and Dale Molloy (17) specialise in Hip Hop and Funk while the Latin American is a new style that they have learnt in the last few weeks. They had been dancing together for 3 years before taking a break and have now reformed especially to compete on Strictly Dancing.

Dale started dancing as soon as he could walk and was a Kylie Minogue Фан before he could even say her name. His mum eventually booked him into dance classes and he has now gone on to become a dance teacher. Although his family are all completely different, he says ‘they like the way I’m going’....
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CLEO is the follower - the one always getting in over her head - the joker who's is always taking the mickey ­ which helps when you've just messed up. She the type who is always wanting to fit in ­ in that respect, she can be a bit of a chameleon ­ she adapts and changes depending on the circumstances and who she's with. She doesn't like conflict and is always the peacemaker in the group.

Cleo's a bit of a klutz. It's a bit unclear whether she's genuinely uncoordinated или if it's just a lack of confidence, but she's often dropping things, falling over things and knocking things off benches....
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What are some of the big differences between working in Australian productions and American ones?

With H2O I was lucky because it was still kind of a high production value show. I mean, I did a couple of soaps in Australia and there was definitely a difference between doing a soap and doing something like The Secret Circle. I guess just in terms of differences, it's really like how many еще cooks are there in the kitchen. Like in Australia Ты have your director, your producer, and maybe some of the investors who have a say in everything. Whereas on this Показать there's a lot of people that have...
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