Покемон Lets Do A Pokemon Rp

misshedgehog posted on Sep 01, 2013 at 07:28PM
here you can be a trainer or a gym leader or Elite Four
you start off with one pokemon it can be from the professor or others ways
what do they wear:
what do they look like:
anything else you want to add

rule 1: this rp can have mature thing in it like a character death but ask the person first
rule 2: if there going to be mature romance like love making please use this -------------CENSORED------------- or skip it
rule: you can say bad word but not too bad or too much
rule 4 have fun

oc aka real pokemon on character like red are now alone
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Больше года vegeta007 said…
(No still XP)
"Something"Mordo replied
"Oh dear"Mikey said

(I'm holding you to it XP)
Больше года Nojida said…
(Well still XP)
"I didn't get it" Charity says confused.

(Yes I will believe you XP)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(Not well still XP)
"Oh you're about to"Mordo said, "You might want to turn around and look away"

(Okay, you better no go back on this XP)
Больше года Nojida said…
(Yes well still XP)
"But I'm curious" Charity says.

(I won't XP)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(No well still XP)
Mikey and Mordo both turned into extremely attractive girls and started making out and blushing

(There XP)
Больше года Nojida said…
(Yes well still XP)
"..How did they do that?" Charity asks with a sweatdrop.
Lora sighs, "Robin just can't get this right"

(You're really bad at this XP)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(No well still XP)
"Nope, the rules were Mikey and Mordo had to kiss"Jen said, "This is still Mikey and Mordo"

(See what Jen said XP I'd rather do gender-bender yuri than yoai XP)
Больше года Nojida said…
(Yes well still XP)
"Has he no guts?" Lora asks.

(It's really not that hard XP)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(No well still XP)
"Oh, because his preference is not to have male characters kiss suddenly he doesn't have guts ?"Jen asked, "I swear some girls"

(I know XP I just don't want to do it XP)
Больше года Nojida said…
(Yes well still XP)
"He just wasn't strong enough to do it, even though his bestie requested it" Lora says.

(I get it, so you don't love me XP)

Больше года vegeta007 said…
(No well still XP)
"His bestie didn't believe him when he said something nice"Jen said, "There was no reason to lie yet she didn't believe him"

(I do love you XP The question is do you love me ? XP You know I don't like yoai but you wanted me to do yoai XP I just said your hair's nice and no matter how times I said you didn't believe me XP)

Больше года Nojida said…
(Good morning :3
"Well I'm sure that Robin has realized by now that Ellie's always joking around" Lora says.

(You do realize that I was joking, right? XP)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(Morning :3)
"You do realize he can't tell the difference since he can't hear the tone in her voice right ?"Jen asked, "It's not like he can tell from her typing"

(What Jen said XP)
Больше года Nojida said…
(How are you? :3)
"Well the reason the argued was ridiculous in the first place, so she couldn't be serious" Lora says.

(What Lora said XP)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(I'm fine thanks :3 How are you ? :3)
"Anything is serious to him"Jen said, "Besides, she could've just taken the irrelevant statement"

(You XP Why do you always make me feel bad in the end ? XP)
Больше года Nojida said…
(I'm fine :3)
"What were we talking about again?" Charity asks.

(How did I make you feel bad? XP)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(You owe for this XP)
Mordo pulled away turned into a boy again, walked back to the water, went under and then kissed Jace

(I don't know you just did XP You made me do that XP)
Больше года Nojida said…
(Owe you for what? XP)
"Uh..." Lora says with a sweatdrop.

(I didn't tell you to do anything XP)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(I made yoai for you XP)
"What's going on down there ?"Jen asked

(You told me to do yoai and I'm doing it XP)
Больше года Nojida said…
(I didn't ask you to though XP)
"I'd rather not know" Lora says.
"I'm confused.." Charity says confused.

(I thought it didn't count anymore XP)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(You did XP Between Jace and Mordo XP You never said it had to be yoai between Mikey and Mordo XP)
"I think I agree with you"Jen said

(It doesn't count XP But you wanted me to do it so I'm doing it for you XP)
Больше года Nojida said…
(You're weird XP)
"Mikey and Mordo turned to girls, so does that mean that Mikey kissed another girl..?" Charity asks being really confused.

(Uh, thanks XP)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(You're weird! XP)
"Don't think it about too much hun"Jen said, "It'll just hurt"

(You asked me to do it XP Do you go back on it now ? XP)
Больше года Nojida said…
(How am I weird? XP)
"Why?" Charity asks tilting her head.

(But I though it didn't count XP)

(I need you! XP)
 (How am I weird? XP) "Why?" Charity asks tilting her head. (But I though it didn't count XP) (
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(How am I weird ? XP I'm just doing what my friend wanted XP)
"Because it's confusing us as well"Jen replied

(You wanted Jace and Mordo didn't you ? XP)

(Oh I see XP You only come to me when you need help XP Everything's good XP)
Больше года Nojida said…
(But I thought you didn't have to anymore XP)
"If you think about it though, both Mordo and Mikey kissed another girl" Lora says.

(I did but I thought you didn't have to do it anymore XP)

(Alright, now I'm off to edit stuff PX)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(I didn't have to XP I just did it because you wanted it XP)
"Technically, they also kissed another boy"Jen said

(I think we're repeating something here XP)

(Yay PX)
Больше года Nojida said…
(Oh okay then XP)
"This is so confusing..." Charity says with a sigh.

(Are we? XP)

(Yup PX)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(So did you want it or not ? XP)
"That's why I said not to think about it"Jen said

(Yeah XP)
Больше года Nojida said…
(I guess I did XP)
"It doesn't hurt though" Charity says.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(Just say yes or no XP Don't say "guess" "kinda" "uh" "um" XP)
"Trust me, it does"Jen said rubbing her head
Больше года Nojida said…
(Fine XP Yes XP)
"Mikey," Charity says turning to Mikey.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(Thank you XP Why did you even want yoai ? XP)
"Yes ?"Mikey asked transforming back
Больше года Nojida said…
(I'm a fangirl XP)
"How did you feel when you kissed Mordo?" Charity asks.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(I know that XP But why my characters ? XP And why Jace and Mordo ? XP)
"He/she kissed me"Mikey said, "I didn't do anything"
Больше года Nojida said…
(I've known them for a long time and wanted them to kiss XP)
"Oh, right" Charity says, "You looked weird as a girl by the way"
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(And if I say, Magia and Alexa for that same reason you'd be calling me a pervert XP)
"What are you talking, I'm extremely pretty"Mikey said
Больше года Nojida said…
(No I wouldn't XP As long as you didn't get a nosebleed XP)
"But I'm used the boy you" Charity says, "So you looked weird as a girl"
last edited Больше года
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(It's not Summer so I won't be getting any XP)
"I still looked pretty"Mikey said
Больше года Nojida said…
(Alright then XP)
"But you didn't look at yourself" Charity says.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(So, yuri ? XP)
"I know"Mikey said
Больше года Nojida said…
(Why? XP)
"So how would you know?" Charity asks.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(I'm just asking XP I am a fanboy XP)
"I just do"Mikey said
Больше года Nojida said…
(Oh XP If you want yuri, then go watch Yuru Yuri XP)
"Are you a psychic..?" Charity asks wide-eyed.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(I do watch it XP I was the one who mentioned it to you XP)
"No"Mikey replied
Больше года Nojida said…
(I know XP)
"Boo!" Charity pouts.
"Wouldn't it be creepy if he was a psychic?" Lora asks.
"No it wouldn't! Sort of..." Charity replies.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(But whatever XP I've learned not to ask anything from you XP)
"Sort of ?"Mikey asked
Больше года Nojida said…
(Well sorry, but you didn't give me a good reason to do that XP)
"Yeah, I mean..." Charity pauses, "Um..."
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(How about to cheer me up ? XP My holiday is actually over now XP)
"Go on"Mikey said
Больше года Nojida said…
(But you said it'd be over in a few weeks XP)
"Uh..." Charity says thinking, "...What do I mean?" she asks herself.