Покемон Lets Do A Pokemon Rp

misshedgehog posted on Sep 01, 2013 at 07:28PM
here you can be a trainer or a gym leader or Elite Four
you start off with one pokemon it can be from the professor or others ways
what do they wear:
what do they look like:
anything else you want to add

rule 1: this rp can have mature thing in it like a character death but ask the person first
rule 2: if there going to be mature romance like love making please use this -------------CENSORED------------- or skip it
rule: you can say bad word but not too bad or too much
rule 4 have fun

oc aka real pokemon on character like red are now alone
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Больше года Nojida said…
(Yeah XP)
"Cute," Aurara commented.
"I hope you're done with smooching because I'm hungry" Erik said grabbing the menu.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(So...been drawing anything lately ? XP)
"You were supposed to decide"Jace said, "That waiter lady's coming back"
Больше года Nojida said…
(I really don't have time XP In fact I have to go now, but I'll try to be on after swimming)
"We can tell her to wait for a little longer," Erik replied.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(Okay I'll see soon hopefully :3)
"I don't think she's the waiting type"Jace said, "And wow that sounded ironic"
Больше года Nojida said…
(Hi X3)
"It really did," Aurara agreed.
"Why are they even called waiters, anyway?" Magia asked.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(OMG you're on! X3 *Super hugs you!*)
"Because we wait here for your order"She replied chewing some gum
Больше года Nojida said…
(I know right? X3 (Super hugs you back!*)
"Sounds fair enough," Magia said.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(Right! X3 I missed you so much! T^T)
"So you ready to order ?"She asked
Больше года Nojida said…
(But I was only gone for a few hours XP)
"No we're not" Erik replied.
"Could we have a few more minutes?" Magia asked.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(No the whole two days without coming on XP)
"Fine, I get paid either way"She said walking off
Больше года Nojida said…
(Oh I see XP)
"Wow, waiters in this RP are rude," Erik commented, looking back into the menu.
"At least they're somewhat bearable" Aurara said with a shrug.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(Yeah XP How could you do that to me ? XP)
"I heard that"She said
"And she wasn't exactly rude" Jace said, "She let us have more time instead of forcing us to order"
Больше года Nojida said…
(That's not the right question XP)
"Which she could've done politely," Erik said.
"Point is," Magia said. "Waiters should be a little more polite."
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(I'm always here and you just don't show up XP I know you're busy but how hard is it to just say you'll be busy the day before ? XP)
"Maybe they're like that because we always complain"Jace said
Больше года Nojida said…
(Because I always believe that I'll have some free time but I'm always wrong XP)
"What do we complain about?" Dawn asked.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(That intro was like 3 minutes long XP)
(I messed you so much XP My ps3 is now named Ellie XP)
"The waiter"Jace replied
Больше года Nojida said…
(Oh dear XP)
(Oh-kaay XP)
"That's confusing," Aurara said.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(But the anime is awesome XP)
(It's only one who's actually there for now since the real Ellie doesn't care about me XP)
"It's a cycle"Jace said, "They're rude, we complain and that makes them rude which makes us complain and repeat"
Больше года Nojida said…
(Worth the wait? XP)
(Now that hurt XP)
"That's even more confusing," Magia tilted her head.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(I'm gonna redo that top ten sexiest anime girls list XP)
(Hell yeah XP)
(She can't even tell me she might be busy XP She just implies that she'll be on XP)
"It is a confusing cycle"Jace said
Больше года Nojida said…
(So you have new faves? XP)
(Awesome XP)
(Fine then, tomorrow I'll be busy XP)
"Beef seems nice," Erik randomly said. "And cake."
"Don't eat cake for lunch," Aurara said.
"I wasn't going to," Erik said. "So what will you guys order?"
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(Does her look remind you of someone from Fairy Tail ? XP link)
(Yeah XP)
(Are you really busy or avoiding me ? XP)
"Fish n Chips"Jace replied, "Then lemon cake"
Больше года Nojida said…
(Hello :3)
(God that's creepy XP)
(Why do you feel the need to be so hopeless? XP)
"Are fish and chips really that good?" Dawn asked.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(Hi :3)
(She is the ghost princess XP)
(So you can get on my level XP)
"I like em"Jace replied
Больше года Nojida said…
(How are you? :3)
(Oh that makes sense XP)
(Huh? XP)
"It seems like most of Robin's characters do" Aurara said.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(6 exams left which means I'm feeling good! :D How are you ? :3)
(She makes people feel negative with her ghosts XP)
(Hopelessness XP)
"As Ellie's like spaghetti"Quincy said
Больше года Nojida said…
(Next week's nothing but exams so not so good XP)
(That's an... interesting ability XP)
"Touche" Aurara said
last edited Больше года
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(Oh nothing but exams that sounds so awful XP I'm going into my third week of straight exams! XP)
(Although she was no match for Usopp XP The man who lives by negativity XP)
"Yep"Quincy said
Больше года Nojida said…
(How many exams? XP)
(That guy must have problems XP)
"Ellie doesn't know what to give us," Erik said looking into the menu.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(What do you mean ? XP)
(Like me XP)
"You can have spaghetti"Jace said
Больше года Nojida said…
(You say straight exams, do you mean you have 5 exams this week? XP)
(Is he hopeless? XP)
"Hey that's a good idea," Erik said.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(For the past two weeks yes XP)
(Yes XP)
"I know"Jace said
Больше года Nojida said…
(Why would they do that to you? XP)
(Oh XP)
"Has Robin decided what to give you?" Magia asked.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(Because high school is crap XP)
(Yup XP)
"No"Quincy replied
Больше года Nojida said…
(It doesn't happen here though XP)
(So many weird people XP)
"How about Fish n chips?" Magia suggested.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(High school is still crap XP)
(One of the Strawhat pirates is frickin skeleton XP)
"Why would we all order that ?"Quincy asked
"I'm taking prawns baby"Nuzi said
Больше года Nojida said…
(Well everyone knows that XP)
(I already like that guy XP)
"Pawns?" Magia asked.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(It's the crappiest part of your life XP)
(Then watch One Piece XP)
"Prawns"Nuzi replied
Больше года Nojida said…
(I know XP)
(I don't wanna XP)
"Oh, alright," Magia said.
"I wonder if there are prawns in the Pokemon world," Erik wondered.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(Yeah XP)
(Why not ? XP)
"Probably" Nuzi said
Больше года Nojida said…
(But at least it's just three years XP)
(Because the art bothers me XP)
"Many things are weird in the Pokemon world," Aurara sad.
"But let's not go there," Magia interrupted. "Let's just decide what to eat,"
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(5 XP)
(My friend, you're what a gamer would call a graphics something XP)
"Then decide"Nuzi said
Больше года Nojida said…
(Why 5? XP)
(Graphics something? XP)
"Oh we've already decided" Magia said.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(Because it's 5 XP)
(People who won't give a game a chance because of the way it looks XP My biggest gripe is the fact that they won't even give it a chance XP)
"Then why'd you say let's ?"Nuzi asked
Больше года Nojida said…
(High school is 3 for me XP)
(I see XP)
Magia shrugged. "No reason"
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(5 for me XP)
(If you don't like that art then that's just you XP Just give it a chance XP)
"Evil!"Nuzi said
Больше года Nojida said…
(Wow XP)
(Maybe XP)
"Um, why?" Magia asked confused.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(Yeah XP)
(Don't let it be like Dragon ball XP)
"Because Ellie"Nuzi replied
Больше года Nojida said…
(Why 5? XP)
(Maybe XP)
"She's not being evil at the moment," Magia said.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(Because that's the way it is XP)
(You lied XP)
"She's always evil"Nuzi said