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 Silver the hedgehog
Silver the hedgehog
Since Sega released a new character in the Sonic series,Silver the Hedgehog,many Фаны had many confusing ideas of Silver's past. The most confusing idea of who is Silver,is his parents. I have reasearch many of the famous Sega characters and I am here to explain.

The Father

Shadow the Hedgehog
Almost every Фаны number one guess! I have recently known Shadow and Silver has many similiarities and a very few diffrences.

1. The Chest мех
Shadow and Silver's chest мех have a connection. But the diffrence is Silver's chest мех is еще shaggier than Shadows.

2. The Body
As Ты can see,Silver has no...
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Relax and watch :D
silver the hedgehog
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Ты all know of silver the hedgehog, at least i hope Ты do, and he has progressed into what he is today... a nieve teen.That dosn't wear clothes. but, well, he has had some... might i say , trouble with being respected. the hedgehog is now in a park just sitting down and thinking peacefully. Well until shadow shows up. "Oh hi there pot-head, i thought Ты were supossed to be at Главная making my pizza... so why arn't you?" shadow loved picking on silver. Silver сказал(-а) nothing and just sat there.

Shadow punched him as hard as he could, causing silver to fall off the bench. Shadow yelled "WHERE'S...
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