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Do Ты even Care?

Hi there, my name's Amelia Rose the Hedgehog, but my Друзья call me Amy Rose. I'm here to say that I'm also having a very depressing time right now because once again my love, my hero and my idol; Sonic the Hedgehog…Every день since my blue hero saved me from Metal Sonic and Eggman. I was near Little Planet where my tarot cards сказал(-а) that I would meet my true Любовь there at Never Lake, I was only 8 years old the time and I was very eager to see if my tarot cards were right. I remember it like it was only yesterday…

I was at the lake looking at Little Planet chained to the...
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posted by silverstruelove
Amy's Pov: i was looking for sonic to give him this bracelet made for him. Just then, i heard him laughing with Sally. I listened to what they were saying.
Sonic's POV: sals and i were on our дата when she brought up amy. She started to say," sonic when are going to tell her that you're mine?" I answered," soon. man i hate her, she follows me around man i wish she was dead." We laughed, just then amy came out of no where.
Amy's POV: when i heard him say that i felt my сердце break. I went to to tell him what i thought about him. I said," sonic how could you? I have always Любовь Ты and this...
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posted by hunter2450
THREE HOURS LATER AT THE MOBIUS CARE CENTER 5:30PM.Amy glares at sonic "do Ты have ANY idea what you've just done?you've дана me your condition,and it's incurable!it's over sonic!"
sonic stutters "B-But-But i didn't..."
amy screams "GET OUT!Get out of my hospital room,out of my house,and OUT OF MY LIFE!"
sonic hangs his head and walks out of the room and i stop sonic from leaving "hold it!"
amy screams "YOU GET OUT!"
i scream at her "SHUT UP!"
"i went you're house to make sense of this madness you're place was all smashed destroyed so i went to the construction site and borrow some newspapers."...
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posted by shamy1000
Amy and Sonic are together and they got in a fight cause Amy wants a baby but Sonic is not ready.Will Sonic be ready in a few weeks?"Tails what will i do, i want Amy just not the baby.""i would make one with Cream to complete my life happily..""ok."Amy was at her house looking at porn."There so lucky they get fucked hard" сказал(-а) Amy.Sonic was surprised what she was watching.He had a bulb appear in his pants."Amy!"Amy turned around quickly."Sonic!"She slammed the laptop."Amy i saw what Ты were watching.""oh, um."She was hiding a pack of condoms."Amy Ты don'T have to keep it a secret, i've made my choice, it is a yes.Amy took out the pack of condoms.3 hours later."OH SONIC!!!!" she moaned loudly."im going to com!!" sonic yelled so did Amy.And they com
inside each other.9 months later Amy had a baby named sunshine.THE END
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