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A few moons have past since Sprucepaw, Brushpaw, and Pinefrost had joined StormClan, and Sprucepaw has gotten used to Clan life, although, she wondered where her father has gone, and if he would ever find them. Meanwhile, Sprucepaw and Brushpaw went out to get some water. Sprucepaw noticed that Brushpaw had stopped and was examining some red berries. “Umm, Brushpaw, I don’t think Ты should eat those. We should just go and get some water as we told Stormstar we were.” Sprucepaw was worried when Brushpaw picked up a couple of berries and almost tried them. He dropped them when she spoke...
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posted by Tigerslily
Lilypaw was walking towards the full moon, she was supposed to make it to the large river if she was to meet the great forest cat. Starclan told her to seek the river under the full moon. She had left the clan last night not knowing how far she would have to walk. She decided not to tell the whole clan just Stormstar, Mistyflower, and Fernkit. Finnly she reached the big river. “Hello, Lilypaw” сказал(-а) a mystic, powerful voice. Then out of the shadows stepped a large cat 3 times bigger then a tom, he had a dusty brown spotted cat with deep gray eyes and short black tipped tail. I’m Moontail...
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posted by Andjelija
Grofica Andjelija Maksimovi', Grof Igor MAksimovic(Rescator), Marta someone daughter. Ivan I Tihomir Maksimovic, hugenoti, pravoslavci, Indijanci, animals...
 This story was written by me, ThunderCat! About my brother, Duskcrow who plays an apprentace called Oddpaw is temporarily being mentored by Mosswing, who is played by me! lol! This is another image my demanding brother asked Stormstar to draw! So drawn by
This story was written by me, ThunderCat! About my brother, Duskcrow who plays an apprentace called Oddpaw is temporarily being mentored by Mosswing, who is played by me! lol! This is another image my demanding brother asked Stormstar to draw! So drawn by
"ok" Mosswing began, "this is your first time alone hunting, are Ты sure your ready?" Mosswing asked?
"Absolutley, posotivley!" Oddpaw exclaimed excitedly!
Mosswing nodded and walked off to hunt in another part of the area, leaving Oddpaw alone. Oddpaw smiled and sniffed the air for prey but instead, picked up the scent of an intruder.
"Strange scent" Oddpaw comented, "smells of rotten crowfood and a she-cat."
Oddpaw sneaked through the undergrowth then pounced on the surprised she-cat. Oddpaw narrowed his pale blue eyes at her. She was medium sized, not to younge not to old, her silver fur...
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Stormstar stood, her tail high and her throat rumbling in a purr. She was standing on nothing surrounded by the night sky, and cornered by fog and mist.
Stormstar knew that she was dreaming, as a familiar and Последнее scent engulfed her. It made her feel strangley calm and safe.
Then one of the stars began to Переместить toward her, it was the brightest звезда in the sky. Stormstar didnt need to be told twice who it was, she already knew.
Then as the звезда was a mouse-length away from her, the brightnes fadded as a розовый nose touched her black nose. She opened her eyes and saw Nightstar! His glossy...
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posted by smartone123
The pain is unlike anything i ever felt.I felt pain before ;the loss of my mother who ive loved dearly,the hauntings of my father and his clawing,find out the father i thought i shared a blood connection wasnt real and even fights but this pain i will never be able to earse from my memories.The pain of the claws tearing deep down into my youthful flesh as white dot glittered my eyes.The bites were horriable as well;they felt like jagged rocks ramming into my skin.I suddenly felt sympathy for all the pray that i and everyone killed since it must have felt similar.My mind raced and was trying...
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posted by Moonstorm100
Finchfang padded through the forest, a chill rippled through his gray fur, reminding him that leaf-bare was about to return.
Finchfang shivered, and sniffed the air. "Not one sniff o'mouse around here" Finchfang sighed.
Finchfang was about to Переместить on when he heard a rustling of bushes, not far off. An intruder, Finchfang wondered? Imediatly his claws slide out, мех bristled, and eyes turned from curious to catious. Finchfang gave the air another sniff but relaxed as he reconized the scent of StormClan, a couple heartbeats later, a dark lean-shape leaped from tree-to-tree, landing a mouse-length...
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 Will there ever be any hope and justice, for Storm and Nightstar?
Will there ever be any hope and justice, for Storm and Nightstar?
I breathed calmly, as i woke. Bright shafts of sunlight was shinning through the bushes braches.
Two kits, suckled at my belly. One was a dark gray tom while the other was a light she she-kit.
It had passed a week since I fled from the battle and Nightstar was still, nowhere to be found. I would spend every heartbeat looking for him if i could, but i had kits now and could barley leave them long enough to look for fresh kill.
My ribs shown through my hungry stomache. I hadnt eaten in a while since my kits were born, because I couldnt leave them Главная long enough. And even if i had caught...
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I ran, my breath coming in fast gulps as I raced through the forest.
Horror flashed through in my eyes as I remembered what had occured only moments before. I had returned Главная after seeing Nightstar, only to find my father waiting for me. I had realzied for the first time, that I was expecting kits, and now my father Ozone, was heading strait for my mate, Nightstar!
I have to save him, I thought desperatly, but how can I? The forest seemed to engulf me, dark shadows seemed to creep beside me as I ran.
Then I herd a shriek, my ears prickled up and my eyes widend with fear, as I reconized...
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 Stormstar and Nightstar (Nightstars actually black but i Любовь this pic!)
Stormstar and Nightstar (Nightstars actually black but i love this pic!)
My eyes flashed open, i was lying under a sheltered berry blue-bush by the river. Nightstar slept beside me, his breathing relaxed and calm.
For the last moon-in-a-half I had been sneaking out at night, to be with Nightstar. I knew it was wrong and against the rules, but Nightstars presnce made me feel happy and proud to be around him.
As I glanced up, I noticed that dawn had already begun, the group would be waking up soon! I jumped t my paws, as i felt Nightstar stir beside me. He looked up drowsly then quickly realized it was dawn as well.
"I must go now" I told Nightstar. There was sadness...
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 Storm, future leader of her gang
Storm, future leader of her gang
I opened my eyes and stretched as i noticed a knew день had come again!
It had passed 6 moons since i had seen the black tom kit. Me and my siblings were growing up fast.
The weather seemed to be getting colder and colder and yesterday some white snow flakes were falling from the sky! It covered everything now, from the moors to the forest!
Around me, my sister, Silver stood and stretched as well, her claws flexed out, they were as sharp as thorns, although she never used them accept for hunting. Wave and Crow, yawned as they rose to there paws.
Once again our mother had gone hunting, leaving...
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posted by Moonstorm100
Herds of many Кошки tip toe in the shadows from the east. The crescent moon shines above but no stars are watching tonight.
The cat leading the others, leaps on a boulder, and sniffs the air. He was a black tom with white spots. Then he turns back to the clan. "hurry! Its this way!"
The leader jumps down from the boulder and charges for the lake, with the clan following.
As they reach the lake, they stop infront of a giant oak tree, the leader stops and sniffs the air again, then he signals to the clan to slacken as well.
The toms eyes lit with огонь as he turned to his followers. "Berrystar!"...
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I ran through the forest, my limbs aching, my сердце pumping! I could have sworn I had heartburn! Two wild Собаки were on my tail, they were gainging, faster and faster, until...........POW! The bigger wild dog male leaped on me and i found myself crashing down!
"Ha! I got Ты Wing!" One of the wild Собаки exclaimed in victory.
"Shut up Azulan!" I growled at him. Azulan was my idiot brother, who never stopped worshipping himself for two seconds.
Then my other littermate, Rain, caught up with us, her breath heaving. It didnt surprise me for one секунда that she was last to arrive, after all she...
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The "Get to Know your Character" game is something I came up with when I started Письмо fanfictions. I was always worried about characterization, especially when I was using Canon characters, so I decided to Список their personalities, quirks, fears, etc. The еще defined the character was the easier it was to write them. Eventually the game became a lot of fun, and I've found it's just as useful when RPing.

The game is easy. All Ты do is fill out the chart below, and then post. Sometimes Ты even learn things about your character Ты didn't know, and it helps others gain a better understanding...
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posted by Tigerslily
 me as a full med. cat
me as a full med. cat
Ты may just know me as the med. cat but what many of Ты don't know is my life story

I was born a rouge, and my mom was named Daisy, i was named lily when i opened my eyes she saw my different color eyes.

Rouges and loners would of murdered me if they had seen my eyes, becuase they belived that it was a sign of weakness.

Afeird for my life, маргаритка took me away to the west. She came across Stormstar and explained, she ask Stormstar to keep my name.

When i was brought to the camp Bulefire took care of me since she already had Foxkit, when we became apperetices we shared a metor,Wavestorm, but then after two moons of training i became a med. cat, now im Lilybreeze

That's my storie
posted by Ninano1998
sharpclaw~ warrior
claw~ apprentice
no scratch~ elder
healer~ medicine cat
leader~ flashstar

*in this "tribe" there is no names such as flare"KIT" and flare"PAW" this tribet takes care of one a nother but has different rules then most clans. here there are no borders and no dupty.*
members of the tribe:
leader: flashstar
healer: echo( sharpclaw)

~ krestalclaw,dark grey tom with black stripes and black paws
~ nightdust, a beautiful dark ginger she cat with sprinkled yelowish spots and tail striped with white
~ lillydraft, a white she cat with dark brown spots
~ scareleaf, a grey tom...
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posted by Moonstorm100
 Stormstars returned! Strong as ever and fully healed!
Stormstars returned! Strong as ever and fully healed!
I walk calmly through the forest, my pads brushing lightly against the smooth leaves. Leafbare had recently came to an end and new leaf had already showed signs of its new life. I could hear birds Пение in the trees, mice scuffling under the leaves, squirrels leaping through the trees-
Then i heard a "hiss" behind me.
I glanced back and saw four Кошки glaring at me, there мех bristling, and there claws unsheathered. Two were warriors, while the other two were apprentaces, i guessed they were mentors with there apprentaces.
I barley reacted, just lifted my paw and gave it a couple of licks....
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posted by ThunderCat
I faced the brown-and-gray fluffy she-cat, my first bristled the she-cay reacted the same way.
"What are Ты doing on JayClan territory?!" The she-cat repeated. "Wh-who are you" I asked, trying to hind the fear in my voice.
"Im Falconwing, the JayClan medicane cat!" The fluffy she-cat hissed. For the first time i realized she smelled like herbs! "So?" Falconwing prompted, "who are you, kit?"
"I-Im no kit! Im P-Parchpaw! A new apprentace of StormClan and daughter of great leader, Stormstar!" I half hissed, half shrieked.

"Then Ты will be much easier to take down!" I heard a hiss in the undergrowth,...
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posted by Ferndapple13
I opened my eyes at midnight, to see Lilybreeze standing over me. "Its time" she announced, I nodded and followed her to the Moonstone.

As we arrived, I touched my nose to it and fell asleep. I woke up in the Stormclan camp, with all the Кошки of Starclan surrounding me. First Wavestorm, who was an elder in Stormclan who had died, stepped up. Then a cat called Skyhawk stepped up, he told me that he was once a member of Stormclan. After Skyhawk, an cat named Thistetail stepped up. Then, Nightstar, who was Stormstars mate came up. Afer Nightstar, a beautiful she-cat named Silvercloud came to me,...
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posted by Moonstorm100
Duskbreak walked through the camp, it was an early dawn-breaking morning. Shadows peirced through the trees and the dark blue sky fadded into a milkey yellow. Duskbreak watched the sunrise, his tail twitching as he glared towards the firey sky.
Duskbreak twitched his right ear as he heard the pitter-patter of paw steps by the warriors den. He lifted his nose to the air and took and deep breath, breathing in the scent of the coming cat and realized it was not one, but two cats. Duskbreak nodded for them to come over, and waited as they approached.
One was a small gray tabby with blue eyes,...
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