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I was at a sexual assault and relationship violence workshop today at school, required for all freshmen. And some of the examples of relationship abuse made me think of my Избранное Телевидение show, The Big Bang Theory. These particular examples are not violence, death threats, или rape. They were listed under the category that some people will heartlessly argue is not abuse, which makes it worse for the people who are being abused because they are misunderstood.

And it chilled me to realize that Leonard Hofstadter is being abused by Priya Koothrapali.

Here are the examples that apply to Leonard...
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Okay, part two of my five part “Writing Faults in (Insert name here). Part one was Sheldon, this part is Penny. I think I’ll do Leonard next, because I think that Raj and Howard are very, very consistently written so I need to do some serious re-watching from the Raj-And-Howard-Are-Out-Of-Character perspective. It was mainly the big three I was thinking of when I decided to do this, so…yeah, Raj and Howard may be a while.
Anyway, here’s Penny’s, and again, if anyone has any Raj или Howard suggestions, hit me with a PM, I’ll credit you!

Rebound Pattern

In the beginning of season two...
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