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malandcar posted on Mar 01, 2012 at 10:54PM
Prelude- 11:37 P.M. Summer
An eleven year old girl is being chased by a monster. Up ahead is a farmplace. Little does she know that the farmplace is Camp Half-Blood. Safty, she thought, but not completly! The monster was catching up and was soon right behind her. She stopped. Bad mistake. The monster lunged and clawed her legs. Blood ozzed from the wounds. She tried to run. It lunged again, this time clawing her neck and back. I MUST at least get to those woods, she thought. So she ran to the woods with all her strenght.
Somehow she lost the monster in the woods. It howled and went away, angery it lost its dinner.
"I'm safe," she murmered and passed out.
So like? Will post soon. Avalible on article also. 3 fans/ comments= new chapter.

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Больше года malandcar said…
Fine posting anyway
Percy-1 day later during Capture the Flag
I was on Athena's team along with the Apollo, Hepheastus, and Dementer cabins. Everyone was in armor(of course!) Tension was in the air. I think I was the most determend one there. See, our team had ost the last three times to Ares, but this time WE WOULD WIN!
The horn blew for Capture the Flag to begin. My "job" was to lure away as many of our apponents away from the borders. See, most no all of the Ares kids had a huge grudge on me sence last summer when I fought their dad. Anyway, so the game started and one came to me. No big deal. Then to of his friends came. Great, I thought, now the only way draw them away was by running. So I ran
sorry it's short. Do you know how to do italitcs?
Больше года sparkles3 said…
hey. this is really good. would it be possible 4 me 2 make a character and write 4 them?? and 2 do italics, do [these] with an 'i' in the middle, type the text, then do [these] again with /i in between.
Больше года malandcar said…
big smile
kk thx ill probly post wed
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Больше года malandcar said…
big smile
Yay it worked!!!
im happy
Больше года malandcar said…
Chapter One Con. Percy
They followed me. Ok is that good or bad? They pulled out swords. Bad I thought. I took a left and hid behind a rock I'd rather be yelled at by Annabeth than almost killed by $ good swordsmen. Did I mention that they were all from the Ares cabin?
Anyway, so I was hiding behind the rock when a deep loud howl came from deep in the woods. Then emerged three bear sized monsters. I glanced over to where the river would be. I might be able to make it if I dashed. ]i] Maybe....[/i] Just then I made a stupid choice. I dashed.
Больше года sparkles3 said…
so, wait, can i? here's the info anyway:
Name: Lauretta Tierra
Age: 16
Looks: long brown hair, turquoise eyes, tan, tall
Parent: Hecate
Personality: Quick tempered, otherwise she's nice.