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posted by avrilzelink
I know there r many pairings shipping bashing. But I just want 2 point out 1 thing. As u can c, 98% of the zelda community supports zelink(im one of them :D) There is many zelink moments throughout the games. Link and Zelda clearly have a crush on each other in the cartoons. In the manga, Zelda kisses Link when they were chidren(in oot) and Link called her cute. When they were adults, Link cares for Zelda and worries for her. Theres A LOT MORE, but im 2 lazy to write them all here. I'll just let other people to back this up. Btw, Shigeru Miyamoto(the game creator of Zelda) and Eiji Aonuma(works beside Shigeru Miyamoto to create the LoZ) supports the couple!

Here's the link for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time manga

Child saga:

Adult saga:

PS. Ты dont need 2 download it, just click on the picture.

See 4 yourself! 8D
posted by Zelink4ever
~Studio Chat~
Next day, Link, Zelda and Ganondorf entered the studio. "Welcome back! Ready to start today's show?" I said. "What's it about?" сказал(-а) Link. "Let us all be seated, first," сказал(-а) Zelda. We all sat. "Alright, today, we will be starting our new show, today's Показать is about "Legend of Zelda Interviews". "Why are all the show's topics here randomly chosen?" Link questioned. "We let the Фаны vote," I said, "We don't know what to choose, so the Фаны choose it for us." "Interview today, huh?" Ganondorf said. "Alright! Today in our interviews, we will get the whole information of these major...
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posted by ZeldaFan215
1. Run around Link like an idiot and repeat: "Hey! Hey! Watch! Look! Listen!"

2. Remind him over and over that his name isn't mentioned in the game title.

3. Wake him up in the middle of the night. Yell: "You have to SAAAAVE the world!" Then force him to walk to the ladder and push him off the edge. (Link lives in a treehouse, remember?)

4. When he's going to pick up something, say: "Dabadabadabadabadabadaba..." When he picked up the item, yell: "Da-da-da-daaaaah!"

5. Buy a Link plushie, wave it in front of him like it's doing attacks and yell: "HAAARGH! YAAA! ARRRGH!!"

6. Remind him that Tetra...
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posted by Shadwwolf552
    So I've been thinking about playing through Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons, and Link's awakening. I have played and completed Majora's Mask, Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Four Swords, Minish Cap, Skyward Sword, etc. The only one's I haven't completed yet are: The original (I've played about half way through it) Link's Adventure, The oracle games, and Link's awakening.
    I'm making this Статья to basically ask Ты guys of your opinion on the Oracle games. I really want to complete them, или rather play them as I have never even...
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SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Operation Rainfall, a Фан based group campaigning for the international localization of critically acclaimed Nintendo titles, is proud to announce the exciting finale to Phase Three of their initiative to see the Nintendo-published Wii titles Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Pandora’s Tower in America.

The conclusion to Phase Three coincides with the North American launch of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and will involve a coordinated effort to send, en masse, a translated letter to Nintendo Co., Ltd., Japan, both physically and electronically, in support of the...
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This is my lets play of legend of zelda to help Ты beat the game. In this lp it will help Ты to beat the game around 90%. I will get 50 skulltellas, all the сердце peices, all items, ect. (gsdfnfhdfhbdfjksghdfjksghdfsijgdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfjkjkfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
posted by poppydoppy888
Ты know gabora and zubora from majora's mask (the blacksmiths from majora's mask(not really zubora)). well a quick but interesting fact that surpised me is: that phantom ganon's sword from wind waker has gabora and zubora engraved in hilian text on the blade. does this meen that gabora and zubora made it for him? или does it meen mm and ww are connected? who knows
( o 0 )
\ - /
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posted by UnderdogAsh
Chapter 1
Starting Point

    I find it funny where I can end up sometimes. In секунда grade, I ended up face to face with the biggest bully, Hugo. He was in fifth grade and practically had a moustache. There was even a rumor that he had two kids already with some girl up at my city’s high school. Hugo beat the crap out of me and why? Because I decided to play The Hero and stand up for my friend.
    Once at the zoo, I tried to save a kid’s balloon and ended up in the monkey pit because I broke through the net. I got tons of poo thrown at my face and a...
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posted by LucarioFan4Life
I Got 1 сердце and No Fairys But Ты Navi.We Need To Go To The Water Temple!Fine сказал(-а) Link(Later In The Temple)Dark Link сказал(-а) Link.And Dark Navi Navi Said.Just Gim....Link! Dark Link Snickerd.Link?I Still Got My Skills.Link Ты Killed Them.Yep.That Was Great. Ты Did Awsome,Link!Navi Said.Dark Link Was Stalking Them.They Thought we Were Dead,They're Idiots сказал(-а) Dark Link As He Jumped.Link Stabed Dark Link In The сердце In Time.Idiots,I Heard Ты Talking So Now Your Here.No I..It Can't Be Please Spare Me.OK сказал(-а) Link And They Became Friends.

The End
posted by Godis1
It all starts with Ocarina of Time when Link takes out the Master Sword and makes two timelines. After Link destroys Ganondorf in the adult timeline he returns to the past. Then Ganondorf with the Triforce of Power escapes with no Link the Goddesses flood Hyrule which gos to Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, and Minish Cap. For the kid timeline Ganondorf never got sent to the jail the Master Sword sent him to, instead the sages try to kill him for something else. That leads to the Twilight Princess. After that is A Link to the Past, Ссылки Awakening, and then the other 2d storyless games.
Link, he came to town.
Came to save, the Princess Zelda.
Gannon took her away, now the children don't play.
But they will, when Link save the day, HALLELUJJA!
Now Link, fill up your hearts.
So Ты can shoot your sword with power.
And when you're feeling all down, a fairy will come around.
So you'll be brave, and not a sissy coward!
Now Link, has saved the day.
Put Gannon, in his grave...
Now Zelda is free, and now our hero shall be.
Link! I think your name shall go down in history!

I hope Ты like this. I do NOT own this song. I got it from YouTube.
As Link completed the last temple Midna says "Are Ты sure about this Gannons a powerful man." Link looked at her and said"Shes my everything I'm not gonna loose her.". As Link and Midna rode to the замок Link suddenly remembered her last words to him"Link i wanted to tell you,I Любовь YOU!!!". When Link and Midna arrived at the замок Link ran inside and got through all the rooms and found the master room.And,Gannon says"Are Ты here ro become dead или save your girlfriend?"Link slices him in half and runs to Zelda."Are Ты allright my love?" Zelda gets up and kisses Link and says"Never been...
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posted by Zelink4ever
Today, I was wondering how Mr. Miyamoto made Link. In my opinion, I imagined that Miyamoto was sitting in his couch, being bored and changing channels, then he came to Дисней and saw Peter Pan. He saw the whole movie and liked it so much that he wanted to make someone draw him. So he told someone to draw Link and that man had mistake in drawing Peter Pan and when Miyamoto saw Peter Pan, he told he looked a lot better than Peter Pan and then he сказал(-а) that "Peter Pan" picture should be Link and like that he made Link! How famous he became! I think this is how Link was made, what do Ты think? Do Комментарий down below how Ты think about this.
posted by linklover95
Ok. Here's Chapter Two. :3 I'm so sorry it took so long. Life is a pain in the butt! D: I'll continue working as hard as I can to get this done. Thanks alot for Чтение and, as always, critiques of all kinds are welcome. :3

Chapter Two:
“Hey Bo, what do Ты need to tell me about?” I said, calmly walking up to him.
Suddenly, he bent over at the waist and began to heave through every breath he took. I guess running that short distance was too much for him. “The trip… to Hyrule… is tomorrow… Just thought I’d… tell you.” He sputtered between rasping breaths.
I laughed and patted...
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posted by ben14delas
Chapter 1 The dungeon *scene starts at the entrance of the first dungeon* Green Link:Finally the first dungeon. Blue Link:Yes finally so tired of walking. Red Link:Yes time to kick some жопа, попка but can we take a small rest. Purple Link:Stop complaining Red. Red Link:Hey Ты were complaining about the long trail to get here. Green Link:Will Ты two quit you're bitching. Red Link:But he started it. Purple Link:No I didn't. Green Link:I don't care who started it let's just Переместить on. *all four of them enter the first dungeon and see four different paths* Green Link:Seem's tricky any suggestions guys?...
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posted by ZeldaGhirahim
It was lovely outside and I watched as my Blue Loftwing flew in swirls and circles in the sky, waiting patiently for me to dive of a diving platform and call her. I also saw Link’s Crimson Loftwing flying a little bit before I saw Zelda call her blue one whilst on the ground. She gave her bird a letter and told it to give it to Link before she saw me. She asked me if I knew if Link was awake and knowing Link so well I сказал(-а) “No I don’t think he is. I mean, how often is he awake before 9:00a.m? Once a год possibly!” We both shared our laughter together. I like saying little jokes about...
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Welcome back! Last time, we covered the Deku дерево battle. This time, we will be in Dodongo's Cavern! I hope Ты have that Hylian Shield, because you're gonna need it! ;P


Just like with Queen Gohma, once Ты enter the room, you're dedicated to fight! This is another classic fight, as it was slightly used in the first LoZ game. Again, it's another "wash-rinse-repeat" battle, making this really easy. Just make sure to stay out of the fire!

Beating Infernal Dinosaur: King Dodongo

Unlike the Назад fight, Ты can't exactly strike the секунда the battle begins. Just run around the room, but...
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posted by Shadwwolf552
Эй, everyone. I was just doing some dishes earlier and I came across one of my old plates. It was a Legend of Zelda Plate! Look at the picture I've Опубликовано to see it. I used to use this plate when I was little, and I hadn't seen it in a while. I was curious to see whether или not it was rare. When I came across a webpage saying this plate had sold for 15,000 dollars on ebay in an auction, I was stunned. But my happiness shortly faded. There was a screenshot of the auction on ebay, so I checked it out. It сказал(-а) the auction ended at 15,000 dollars, not that it had sold for 15,000 dollars. I'll put...
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posted by linklover95
Here's Chapter Three guys. :3 I'm trying to shorten the chapters so that they're easier to read now so I hope this is better. Please keep Чтение and as always, critiques of all kinds are welcome. Thank you!

Chapter Three
I woke up early the Далее morning, maybe hours before the sun set, and sat down in the middle of the open plain, staring at the sky. Everything inside me was wired with the thought of travelling through the land of Hyrule, and I couldn’t sleep for another секунда because of it. Luke had done it before… My brother had done it before, and I had proved last night that I can be...
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 Older dual releases zelda games. вверх "Oracle of Seasons" Bottom "Oracle of Ages"
Older dual releases zelda games. Top "Oracle of Seasons" Bottom "Oracle of Ages"
Эй, everybody. There's been a Последнее post on 4chan about two new Zelda Nintendo 3DS games in development. Though 4chan is not a very reliable source, this rumor may be confirmed in the future. I will post the image that was provided over at 4chan. The text under the logo's translate to: The Prophecy of огонь and the Prophecy of Ice. If it's true, the games will be dual releases, much like Oracle of Seasons and Oracles of Ages. This sounds really interesting, and considering Nintendo's latest statements, this rumor sounds somewhat true. So I want to know, do Ты all think that a dual release is a good idea? I never had a chance to play the Oracle games, so I'm not sure myself. As for the style of the game, I think they're going to style it like Ocarina of Time 3D.
 Rumored Zelda Games. Left "Prohecy of Fire" Right "Prophecy of Ice"
Rumored Zelda Games. Left "Prohecy of Fire" Right "Prophecy of Ice"