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Rated T for saftey
Disclaimer:Im not R.R therefore dont own a thing on here
Fill in like my example and submit and if i like may be in story.(*=optional)
ex.First and last name:Ev`a Lopez
*Middle name:Maria
*Nicknames:i'll make one later
Hair color, length, etc:
brownish-black hair,curly,shoulderlenth
Eye color:Hazel
*Style of dress:protest shirt,cutoff jeans
*Scars, deformities, etc:limp from drakon(1st monster)
Things they're good at:fighting,giving orders,mean but funny jokes,giving orders

Things they're bad at:following orders
Things they love to do:fight,attend political protests,prank,sass others

Things they hate to do:clean,work,talk to preppy,
they hate:preppy,knowitalls,crybabys,republiica­­n presidents(HELLO PRES.BUSCH)

Godly/Titan Parent:
Mortal Parent:
*Siblings:Reyna Lopez
Relationship with parents:dislikes father for never bieng thier
*Relationship with sibs:jelous of all her attention
*Friends (How many or with whom):few close ones
*How he/she met friends:
Living area (house, apt, dorm, etc):dormus
*Pets:the only tame chupacabra
Neat or messy:messy (makes Reyna do cleaning)
*Pet peeve:all the hates above

Things in pockets:pepperspray(keychain version)
*Educational history:
Character traits (proud, optimistic, etc):proud,bossy,etc
Faults and flaws:never second guesses herself
Good points:

History:youll see in story

Evil/Good:Good.But has mean streak

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