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here are some cheats for sims 2 on PlayStation 2

Ps make sure Ты put in the gnome cheat first или the cheats won't work

L1 R1 Up X R2 Unlock Gnome (enter first)
R1 L1 R2 Right Left Give Money (9,999)
круг L2 Left круг Up круг Unlock All Lots
круг Square L1 Up Down Advance clock 6 hrs.
треугольник круг Square R2 Left Set Skill Level
Up,Circle,Up,Right,L2 Fill All Motives
R2 Square Up Down Right X Unlock All Recipes
Square R2 Down Right Square Unlock All Clothing
L2 круг Down Left Up Unlock all objects
R1 L1 R1 L1 треугольник Horn Audio
Right, Down, Right, Down, Right Team фото

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These recipes are really useful for your sims. I am not exactly sure whether или not they will work on the PC version, but they definatly work on the PS2 version of The Sims 2 and The Sims 2: Pets.

Basically if Ты want to discover new recipes just put ANYTHING together, its fairly simple!! I spent hours just making my sim eat, and eat, and eat and found some really great one's. These recipes are for creating the little Любовь hearts and stars that flow out of the food. One of the сердце recipies (I cant remember which one) actually made my sim propose to another one!
Enjoy them...

For Hearts:
Llama, Rye, оливковый, оливковое Oil, Potatoe
Shark, Sourdough, Banana, Turkey
Lettuce, Soy Milk, Swordfish, Llama

For Stars:
Tofu, Egg, кукуруза Oil, Tomatoe
Ostrich, Butter, Brocoli, Onion
кукуруза Oil, Milk, Whole Wheat Flower, Llama
Rye, Eggs, Beef, Yogurt
Banana, Beef, Lemon, Spinach
Tofu, Cheese, Lettuce, лимон (may cause Nausea to)
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