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"I win, what`s my price?"
Katherine Pierce, Season 1, Episode 06 - Остаться в живых Girls

"You have no idea of the future I`ve planned for us Stefan. You, me and Damon. No rules."
Katherine Pierce, Season 1, Episode 06 - Остаться в живых Girls

"Hello, John. Goodbye, John."
Katherine Pierce, Season 1, Episode 22 - Founder`s день (Season`s Finale)

"We haven`t officially met. I`m Katherine."
Katherine Pierce, Season 2, Episode 1 - The Return

"I`ve been around for a long time, Bonnie. Ты have to do better than that."
Katherine Pierce, Season 2, Episode 1 - The Return

"I thought that after the last time we met a еще public place...
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I understand why a lot of people hate Klaus. He's a psychopathic murderer who only cares for himself. Obviously evil. But whenever Liking или disliking Klaus is brought up, I notice people always say "He killed Jenna!" Yes, that's awful. But it would be a tad hypocritcal if that was the only reason someone hated Klaus.

If Ты look back on it, Damon killed a lot of characters to. Certainly, Klaus probably wins on the total death toll, but I feel like I'm the only one who remembers Damon killed Zachary Salvatore in season 1. I liked Zach, and he was Stefan and Damon's only family left. It was a...
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OMG! Damon & Kai were the first gay pairing I vidded (still have a soft spot for them) so to see the actors ACTUALLY KISS, wow! I know it's meant to be a parody of the delena rain Kiss
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The Vampire Diaries Soundtrack Season 4 Episode 15 "Stand by Me"
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