Сумерки (серия романов) lets have a debate! Team Edward vs. Team Jacob

gileygirl posted on Apr 06, 2008 at 09:01PM
alright girlies here's the thing. For the past few weeks i have been bothered by some of the picks that have been forming lately. like who Bella choose?, who do you like better?, etc. all these have involved with edward and jacob. i like answering the picks because they're fun and i like everyones opinion =), but instead of having picks lets express how POV's of edward and jacob on here and talk about them.

Jacob Fans: why do you guys like Jacob? what reasons do you like him?, and when did u start liking Jacob? Why do you hate Edward, and why do u think he is the right one for Bella and not Edward?

(my personal quesion for jacob fans is..you read twilight and that was all about edward and bella no jacob (other than Bella False flirting with jake in la push). did u like edward then? and if u dont like edward that much why read twilight because its all about edward and bella and her love for him, and jake was merely a prop (no offence) but thats what i want to know...)

Edward fans:Why do u like edward? When did u like edward? what do u not like about jacob? what make edward the one for Bella?

i want a clean fight ladies (im sure all of us canplay fair ;), but lets have fun and express everyones opinion on this battle)

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