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Immortaleyes posted on Feb 21, 2015 at 09:32PM
What would you like to have happen?

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Больше года Immortaleyes said…
I 'll start the ball rolling. IMO, there's no way Vladimir and Stefan would give up their revenge against the Volturi!
In my imagined sequel--Twilight:In Flight ... 7 yrs have passed ... and Vladimir and Stefan do "the forbidden" ... they expose vampires to humanity! Specifically, they attack The Vatican and Mossad. The Vatican forms "the Vatican's assassins", an elite hi-tech squad of vampire killers. Vladamir's trail of breadcrumb bodies leads the assassins to the Volturi. The Pope is Aghast at vampires ruling next door. All of the Volturi die, except jane (and her brother? only Alice would know). Jane seeks asylum with the Cullen clan Her security bought with secret info. . Aro had a back-up plan against the humans! Send them back to the stone age! A nuke is set up to take out Mecca. The Jews would be the obvious scapegoats. Meanwhile, Renesumee is now full grown, and her powers have bloomed. She now has the ability to do a mental detox on vampires. (She finds the humanity in their memories and bring it back to the surface.) Jane is in turmoil, with the loss of her brother, and new clarity--as the effect of Aro's hypnotic vampire wears off. Renesumee runs off to try to talk to the Pope, with Jacob hard on her heels.

Bella says to Edward, "Forever ... I thought it would last a little longer".

Renesumee is into comic heroes. Her favorite (surprise) is Batman. At a Seattle ComicCon with Alice and Jacob in attendance, Alice meets a sketch artist (a claravoyant dying of cancer) and her NASA engineer husband. The artist draws a pic of Renesumee as a Valkyrie riding a giant wolf. (A sword in one hand, a torch in the other.) Alice sees the woman and her husband becoming vampires ... and showing them how to fly --literally! The claravoyant sees WWIII when she meets Alice.!