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The Aquarian Age of What

It was while I was having lunch today
at the Далее table
a man wearing one of those stick-on beards
and a yellow turtleneck sweater
was telling his friend
"Do Ты know the New York Times
just carried a story
quoting to scientists and ecologists
and they сказал(-а) that, in ten years
this planet will be uninhabitable for humans?"
and the friend answered
"Is that so? Well, let me tell you, buddy
it's uninhabitalbe out where I live right now
with all those blacks moving in close
and the neighborhood hippies
with their damned Мотоциклы and
peace posters
and the liquor store down the street
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History of the USA in countryballs.
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united states
north america
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 Nice park, isn't it?
Nice park, isn't it?
Hi guys, since my parents have been there 2 years ago, here are my reasons on why I would Любовь to go to New York!


The city is famous for diversity of different races, and this promotes tourism and I truly appreciate that. I also have a godmother who is staying there and would Любовь to pay her a visit soon!

Broadway Musicals

It is the Главная of famous Broadway Musicals, I have seen 4 so far. I'm dying to see other Мюзиклы like Miss Saigon and Wicked just to same a few!

Shop Till Ты Drop

I am gradually Любовь to Магазин and I hope that the stores have еще choices than in Malaysia, another reason to be appreciative!

Nature Lover

There is also a famous park in which I would Любовь to walk, it brings me joy and happiness when I'm down.

The American Dream

I Любовь the United States and its culture, I hope to bring my Друзья there soon too.
 China Town!
China Town!
posted by Seanthehedgehog
The final part. Dan is trying to trick the owner of the other Buick. He was talking in a british accent

Dan: Excuse me sir is this your car?
black man 2: Eeyup.
Dan: Would Ты mind stepping into the manager's office? We have to rewash it.
black man 2: Rewash the car?
Dan: It won't be too long. *gets in car*
Copper 1: All units, the suspect must be trying to change the appearance of his car. Keep your eyes open for a heavily damaged Buick Special, red in color.
Dan: *drives other Buick*
Copper 53: We have set up a roadblock by the car wash, and are checking for our suspect. He has grey hair, and...
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We continued from where we left off, Dan being stopped by the cops again.

Captain: Hold your fire!
Dan: *looks in mirror*
Captain: You're surronded. There's no place for Ты to go!
cop 67: *driving toward Dan*
Dan: *gets in front of 67th cop*
Captain: Shoot him!
Coppers: *shoot their own man*
Captain: WRONG GUY!

Meanwhile far away 6 girls were cruising in a '52 линкольн Capri.

Girl 3: OMG, he's so cute, but I don't know if I should дата him.
Girl 2: Why would Ты дата a dog?
Girl 3: Because it's cute!

Back at the car chase

Dan: *exits park*
Captain: attention all units, the pursuit is not terminated, repeat...
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These rumors are grounded in fact. For this list, we’ll be looking at rumors specific to American culture that were subject to widespread speculation and coverage before being confirmed.
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