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wiola99 posted on Oct 13, 2010 at 09:03PM
Vote for Will Smith: link Voting is open till the end of the month. You can vote once every ten minuts. Let's go!!!!

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Больше года violet01 said…
big smile
Yeah, let's bring him to the first place! Only 400 votes left to victory! Where are you Will's fans?? Are you voting????
Больше года violet01 said…
Hello!!! Are there any fans of Will here?? The voting closes TOMORROW and Will have only 80 votes less than Gary Barlow. We are very close to the victory, but I cannot see anyone voting right now !!! At this moment each vote is important. If you have two computers vote on both of them. Every 10 minutes!! Will can't lose, so get down to your keybords :D:D