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A Предварительный просмотр of the 6th Season of YGO DM
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Yusei as Duncan
Yami as Harold
Tea as LeShawna
Mai as Heather
Akiza as Courtney
Sayer as Justin
Mina as Lindsay
Carly as Beth
Jack as Chris
Yusei: (to Sayer) How can Ты spend so much time on your coif?
Sayer: My agent, Jesús, says it's my best feature. Along with my neck, nose, chin, cheekbones, earlobes, eyebrows...
Yusei: Ты know who has nice hair? Akiza. I mean, not that I've noticed.
Sayer: ...or maybe it's my eyes...
Yusei: I mean, I did notice...back when I cared- but not now... (to Yami) Ты dropped your soap.
Yami: Nice try, Yusei. Just because I'm blind without...
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