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Narrator: The chronicles of Хеталия War II.


User: Hello.

Cleverbot: How are you?

User: I'm ready.

Cleverbot: Do Ты feel?

User: Do I feel what?

Cleverbot: Ты know, feel?

User: Like feelings?

Cleverbot: What feelings?

User: The sudden desire to battle Ты with Hetalia.

Cleverbot: What? I can't comprehend.

User: Maybe this will help! *hits with England*.

Cleverbot: Haha. You're funny.

User: *hits with Switzerland*

Cleverbot: *hits with rattle snakes*.

User: *hits with FrUK*

Cleverbot: *hits with keyboard*.

User: *hits with Austria*

Cleverbot: *hits with a thousand rockets&.

User: *hits with pasta*

Cleverbot: *hits with taguel*.

User: *hits with Japan*

Cleverbot: *hits with Oscar*.

User: *Hits with Italy*

Cleverbot: *hits with the огонь Emblem Universe*.

User: *hits with China*

Cleverbot: *hits with toilet.

User: *hits with Hetalia*

Cleverbot: *hits with Lexaeus and Axe Sword*.

User: *hits with hamburger *

Cleverbot: *Hits with Axis Powers*.

User: *hits with Allied Powers*

Cleverbot: *hits with Prussia*.

User: *hits with Canada*

Cleverbot: *hits with frying pan*.

User: *hits with awesomeness*

Cleverbot: *hits with a wok*.

User: *hits with Russia*

Cleverbot: *in soviet russia, russia hits you*.

User: O.O *hits with Belarus*.

Cleverbot: *hits with america*.

User: *hits with Drunk England*

Cleverbot: Kolkolkol...

User: Not again! *runs like an Italian*.

Cleverbot: Keeps running.

User: Germany!!!

Cleverbot: Is Germany the Holy Roman EMpire?

User: I don't know. What do Ты think?

Cleverbot: I don't think by myself'.

User: Oh. I'm sorry.

Cleverbot: It's ok. They're in heaven now.

User: O.O *waves goodbye slowly*.

Cleverbot: *glares*.

User: *runs*


Narrator: Apparently, Cleverbot really is Russia.
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< Хеталия Facts >

The Источник for these information’s are from:

- I (me: Sadaf) just edited some of them. Enjoy~* :-))

1. The opening theme for Хеталия is the theme from ‘2001 A Космос Odyssey’.

2. Old Man Fritz was actually a King of Prussia. His rea name was Fredrick ll. He was known as ‘Fredrick the Great’ and named ‘Der Alte Fritz’ which translates to ‘The Old Fritz’. He was the ruler at the time of the Silesian War. He was best known for being an Amazing Military Leader.

3. Sweden is homosexual but only towards Finland.

4. France is bisexual.

5. Arthur Kirkland, also...
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Egypt: Mummy-style

Norway: Sleeps like Egypt, but еще dangerous. He always crosses his left arm over his right arm, and if someone tries to switch that position (or any position of his), he bolts into sitting position and headbutts them, still sleeping. Denmark has been on the receiving end of this many times.

Germany: He's a side-sleeper. He usually turns his back to any bedmate he might have, because he feels awkward facing someone while asleep. Plus he can pretend they aren't there.

America: Sprawled out all over the bed. Arms askew, legs in strange positions, head lolling to the side--he...
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Since I've started watching Hetalia, I've read many Fanfictions and Roleplays (which I don't do myself) and I've come across very well-written, wonderful ones, some of which almost made me cry, или made me laugh hysterically in a way that made my mum look at me in a weird way.... And, I've also seen some that were very, very, very horrible. Here is a (mini) Список on the things that annoy me greatly, and sometimes make go nuts/ want to bleach my brain so I can forget the atrocity that I read.

Here we go:

1- Adding No Warnings, Even When It includes Sensitive Subjects Like Rape, Torture etc: Imagine...
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Have Ты ever wanted to roleplay as an Хеталия character, или write a fanfiction, but Ты just felt like Ты couldn't "capture" the personality of a character? или do Ты just want to learn a little bit еще about the characters? Well then, read on to find out еще about the characters!

I hope this will help people that are stuck on character portrayal, because believe it или not, that's one of the hardest parts in roleplaying and fanfictions. I'm going to take each character, one by one, and write about their personalities. I'll do my best to make them short and to the point, yet informational....
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Part 2 of Buon San Valentino's out! c:
the beautiful world
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This is the first fanfic I've Опубликовано on fanpop. I'm so excited! ^-^ Please tell me what Ты think. I hope you'll enjoy it!

“Wait, Arthur.” Alfred said, grabbing the Brit’s arm.
    “Let me go.” he growled.
    “Please, let me explain. I panicked, I…”
    “Save it. I had a feeling this might happen.”
    “I didn’t mean to say what I did.”
    “You didn’t mean it? We had finally decided to tell everyone about us! It was so hard to...
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Recently, people have been debating on whether или not Хеталия is offensive and racist. This argument is rumored to have started when word of South Korea not being in the Аниме started popping up all over the Internet. People started asking why our Избранное Korean pervert wasn't going to be shown in the anime, and it was revealed that the South Korean government actually complained that the representation of a South Korean stereotype was racially offensive. Eventually, Фаны of Im Yong Soo began complaining over the Internet on how it was childish and stupid of the government to complain about...
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Cute! X3
hatafutte parade
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I don't agree with the Название of this by the way. I found this while researching еще into South Korea's character. Can Ты believe how much controversy this stirred up!? This is ridiculous!