Huddy The Huddy Limbo....I was better off in Purgatory :P

Beatrix8520 posted on Apr 14, 2010 at 05:18PM
Hi guys, it's me....I know I can be annoying with my religious metaphors, but I really feel like I am having a Huddy faith crisis XD

I am not overreacting nor dramatizing I swear...I just want to start the discussion over: make the point on Huddy you know, because frankly I am quite lost....

Ok, last night episode was a bit...unusual. For better or for worse it was...a first. I am not going down that road again I just want to crarify my concerns have nothing to do with House bringing Lydia up. I have already make it clear why I think he did it: to sum it up, he was just hitting at the deep change she had brought in his life. I think BB also said that....she helped him grow up emotionally...made him realize there was no way he could really be better off alone.

I have listened to the interview Belle was talking about...I guess it's the BBC one. Lisa surealy didn't sound like her usual self. She talked about Huddy but she was sort of coautious with her words...I dont' rememeber what she said exactly, maybe Belle can help me out here, but the general meaning was that Huddy is in adifficult situation right now...something like "life took them apart....their timing was off..." and so on. NO reference to the future of Huddy, no giggling, nothing. That was strange.

Now...we seemed to be stuck in some sort of Huddy Inferno. There's no way out apparently. Things look to be going on and on this way for ever. The Lockdown ep basically didn't add anything to our knowledge of House/Huddy/Hilson was a filler one, we know that.

We also know though, our perception of Huddy as "the neverending waiting par excellence" could have been sort of distorted by this damn long term breaks...which we have to take into account I think. Out inner "sense of time" has been quite affected by that...that's a fact I think.

I wonder where we are going....I mean, Huddy is meant to happen...eventually. God knows what the hell that does mean. A year? Two? Who knows...
The thing is when I was telling to @PC you can't put them thorugh all of that without keeping adressing Huddy all along, I didn't mean they actually can't. I meant it was getting sort of inconclusive...
I can accept one filler ep (Private Lives....bread crumbs); I can deal with two (Black Hole...Huddy desert); but three?

Besides what does it mean then KJ saying Lucas it's justa a phase, Lisa hinting at Huddy but then giving an interview in which she almost avoid the subject; Ausiello saying there's good news ahead....where? XD

This season is driving me nuts....I am on the point of needing a vacation from my entartaiment XD
My favorite show is shipwrecking in open waters XD
Somebody please help me!!

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Больше года Mrs_House said…
they have finnished filming now so i guess lisa was trying to make sure that she doesn't give too much away. this season has been frustrating for huddies but i think that it is what both the characters needed for them to relise what they truely feel and this it the way the writers are prolonging the enevetable. there is still what 5 episodes left and i think it is going to be a great ending to the season. there is still pleanty of time for huddiness and for the season to turn round. just keep tight and wait. there will be huddy eventually...its just the waiting that is frustraiting.
Больше года Delia_Beatrice said…
Beatrix, i have been through this ever since Monday night and now i've calmed down a bit, but not enough to be able to help you.

I understand how you feel. After season 5 ended, it seemed like the supremely natural choice to bring them together. But they decided to move away from it, and boy!, did they move away... So far away, they avoid any kind of Huddy interaction - nothing, episode after episode, not even professional interactions, not even accidental meetings in the lobby. Nothing, neither professional, nor personal, just occasional breadcrumbs.

I have always thought that this is all building up to something. A major Huddy twist, a surprising big turn... Unfortunately, episode after episode i feel they are drifting further apart. I feel like the writers are intentionally building a huge chasm between them, and after Lockdown, i fear that no big surprise will heal our tormented souls.

I really believed that they are exaggerating the Huddy distance so that they make the ice melt down in a spectacular manner at some point. I don't have the power to believe that anylonger. I fear that they are going to push House in a relationship with another woman or that Cuddy stays with Lucas and House stays with his depression and Vicodin, until God knows when.

I have waited and hoped and waited and hoped and every episode, i thought something will happen. Nothing much did - and i'm afraid that it's too late to reconstruct Huddy in the final episodes. Just five eps left, and from the look of it, the next one features no Huddy, again. So it would be up to the final four or three eps to provide a Huddy surprise, and with no spoilers and no interviews about it, i'm afraid it's not gonna happen.

They tore them apart, just like Lisa says, and i'm afraid it's gonna take a long time to build it up again... And if they only started it!!!!! I have tears in my eyes when i write this, but come on!!!!!!!!!!! Episode after episode after episode after episode, no Huddy at all. Nothing, nothing, nothing. It's unbearable.

On the bright side (!): nothing means that they don't show them falling back in their usual friendship and professional relationship. So it's still there, in both of them. They keep apart because they are afraid of interacting with eachother - tis is still something.
Think about it: how would you feel if they started having a normal relationship, like in season 1 or 2? It would be lovely to see the Huddy scenes, but it would be soooo painful to wonder whether their feelings are gone. The love is still there. They love eachother, House can't stand to be near her or talk about her because of how badly it hurts him, and Cuddy feels too guilty for hurting him and too threatened by her attraction to him... It's still there. Still.

PS: a lovely touch was the way Cuddy solved the missing baby mistery: she was 100% housian. Soul mates, they are. Soul mates and mind mates and... Jesus. I'm gonna go cry my eyes out now...
Больше года olivia30 said…
I really hope that if they are going to give us some huddy in the next 5 episodes even if they don't get together this season that they at least get them to confront each others fears about having any kind of relationship with each other so they can move on, cause at the moment any kinda huddy is better than none and i don't want to keep feeling continualy let down each episode i think i will cry all the way to september if they don't sort something out this season....
Больше года bluehue said…
I love that @Delia..when you say the fact that they are apart means something...YES, to me that thought is like an ephiphany. That's actually very cool. For example, in art..the negative space is just as important in a painting or photo as the positive space or object/person..sometimes even more so. It is the negative space that completes the picture. @PC will know what I mean. That makes me think of this House/Cuddy separation in a whole new light. It is what may give meaning and make the Huddy picture make sense...when they are finished.

Yes...5 hours worth of House remaining. So, I imagine out of 300 minutes we will have a Huddy moment yet...I do. Seriously.

I'll take your advise @mrshouse and sit tight. We're all hoping with you @olivia!
I'll respond more to your topic later @Bea. All tired out for the day..bla bla bla.
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Больше года playingcold said…
"For example, in art..the negative space is just as important in a painting or photo as the positive space or object/person..sometimes even more so. It is the negative space that completes the picture. @PC will know what I mean"
Yeah, I think I know what you mean @BH :) It is very important what you don't see because the picture was cropped f.e. by the photographer or artist. It always has a reason why it was edited that way and why is something on the picture and other things not.
And in relation to this something popped in my mind: the theory of the Austrian-British philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein: "what can be said at all can be said clearly, and what we cannot talk about we must pass over in silence." link
It's a simple sentence but you can think about a lot. And this theory could be very relevant.
I'll go now, I'm very tired and sleepy. Good night all! :)
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Больше года LipschitzWrath said…
"Yes...5 hours worth of House remaining. So, I imagine out of 300 minutes we will have a Huddy moment yet...I do. Seriously."

Not to nitpick here BH, but the episode are only typically 40 minutes long with 20 mins of commercials (can you believe that?!?). So, we only have about 200 minutes left.
Больше года bluehue said…
Haaaa! Good one LW. Do promos count? That IS a lot of commercials, hard to believe. So we're down to 200 minutes huh? Slicing our hopes a little thinner now.
For some reason..I hear Wilson making that terrible squeaking sound, tightening House's kidnapped guitar string....maybe we are all dangerously close to that breaking point..& must "tune" in to find out...(boo..get it?).

P.S. Link Master PC..will check that out when not so sleepy.
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Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
I don't have the power to believe that any longer"

I feel exactly the same way @DB....sorry guys, but I can't believe it any longer. No major Huddy moments for this season, I need to stick to the facts. Otherwise I am really gonna be too much overwhelmed, just as happened last year =,(

I need to be cynic to not feel that hurt anymore. I know...that totally sounds nuts and geeky but I do need to watch one damn tv show which is gonna have some sort of happy's so rare nowadays. I do need this. If I can't have it, I prefer stop dreaming for a few eps. I'll be back, I promise.

@BH I really think 5 eps could be enough though...I mean, Amber showed up on the 20th ep last season and she totally put the Housian universe upside is possible I guess.

See...I am already coming back...sort of :P

P.S. I do need some fresh amazing Huddy vid to cheer me up XD
Больше года Belle0308 said…
"I need to be cynic to not feel that hurt anymore. I know...that totally sounds nuts and geeky but I do need to watch one damn tv show which is gonna have some sort of happy's so rare nowadays. I do need this. If I can't have it, I prefer stop dreaming for a few eps. I'll be back, I promise."

See...this I totally and completely understand. This is why I am struggling so hard with my latest Fan Fiction. I WILL finish it and it will be up to standards when I do, but it might take a while because I have to mentally be there.

Huddy will be ok. I think Lisa E is in the same position we all are in. I am HOPING that the reason she is throwing the towel in is because she feels it is reverse psychology and as soon as she gives it up, that is when TPTB will see the value.

I am a fairly religious person, but I am also very superstitious by nature. I figure if I talk about something over and over, it won’t happen. If I don’t talk about it, for sure it will happen. Make sense? Maybe Lisa is doing the same thing. (???)

Bea, you are a very dedicated Huddy fan and that really won’t ever change in essence. It’s like surfing, there are big waves and little waves and sometimes calm seas. We never know what we are going to get. A lot of my beloved Huddy friends are giving up right now. I seriously think that Huddy will never happen as we imagine and when we think the timing is right. We can debate over and over whether the writing this season has been up to snuff or not. Personally, I find some things lacking. This is what I commented on a friend of mine’s article.
“The problem I think is that the Luddy has lasted too long with so few scenes with House and Cuddy that you couldn't even see where there was a decision for her to make of any kind. House couldn't even admit to Wilson or himself that she was in love with him for years. The lack of scenes between the two of them have left us essentially hanging with no clear idea of what each other is thinking. So when we finally have a moment where they could tell us something about his thoughts, he brings up Lydia."

That is how I did feel and do feel to an extent. I was just really hoping for more. With that said, I still hope for more. I am not giving up on Huddy anytime soon although Monday night made me want to beat on something for a while.

YES...I really do believe it will all be better some day again.

Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
"it is reverse psychology and as soon as she gives it up, that is when TPTB will see the value"

Exactly my point @Belle. Last year I didn't expect anything at all. I was not even on fanpop...when they kiss it was the best huge surprise ever....and when they had "sex"...oh my God..I was gonna pass out hiperventilating =,)
This year I spend every single ep wondering if there will be any Huddy moment and as you said "The lack of scenes between the two of them have left us essentially hanging with no clear idea of what each other is thinking". This is where I believe they are being makinghe wrong calls....

On the other hand, on going to bed last nigh I was thinking it over again...I mean, the overwhelming feeling we all seem to share when it comes to Huddy and I realized I didn't really feel this way last year or even during the previous seasons. What changed then? The answer is pretty clear: you guys. Subscribing here was like the best and the worst thing I have ever done XD I love to surf the spots, I am fond of everyone of you, I love to chat and speculate but I wonder...if all were totally spoilers free...I mean no leaks, no interviews, no blind items, no picks foreseeing the worst scenarios, no forum chat room where we feel shamefully allowed to sink into our geeky Huddopless....IF WE WERE ALONE, just as it used to be, in front of the TV, watching House week after week without possibility to connect with ITS world of actors and producers and moles....would we have the same look at it? would we expect so much and feel so powerless and frustrated?

Maybe they do know better when they say Ignorance is blissed...
Больше года bluehue said…
Sounds like you are doing some "soul searching" Bea. IF you were alone...and I know if I were alone watching House pre-fanpop or pre-Huddy forum..I probably would not give most things a second thought. I would definately be more passive. That is always in the back of my drop out of the radar. However..we are so close to the end of the season..and so I think I will close out the finale..and then fall into the fun & oblivion of Summer. No House. Also...I picked up 9 new cd's to listen to..which lifts my reaches into my soul more than anything else..way more powerful than television..for sure. I really have LOVED the additional layer of all of you this has been a blast...and in some ways, more interesting than the my mind, that's an unexpected win! LOL.
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Больше года playingcold said…
Hey Huddies!
I absolutely agree with you. Watching House alone is fun but sharing my thoughts on the ep and reading yours, is priceless. It's so great to be the part of this community and I hope we will be here in the summer too. We have so many breaks this season that we are used to not be able to watch new episodes :))
Больше года bluehue said…
I wasn't here last wasn't even sure if this was up and running, except during the regular season. Anyway, unless something totally turns us off in the could be fun to check in periodically or read a fanfic...check the gossip.

Speaking of that..because of @LW's recent "Ode to SpeLL Checker" post, he inspired me write something..though mine is an "Ode to AusieLLo." We'll may not be easy for non-English speakers. I'll try to find an appropriate picture to post with it as an article. Chins up Huddies!
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Больше года playingcold said…
I'm fanpopping since November so I don't know either how the spot works in summer but I think there are hardcore Huddy-fans who will come back here to remember or speculate or just have some fun with the others :)
I'm not an English speaker but I fully understood the "Ode to Spell Checker" and it was absolutely terrific. So I'm waiting for your ode @BH eagerly :))))

BTW since I'm here on fanpop and have the guts to write in a language which is not my mother tongue, my English is better than before ;)
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Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
AHAH! I like the idea @BH! :D

I was year last summer and I can tell was definetely fun :) Signing in, commenting the interview, remembering the good old time =,) definetely help to cope. There was a good atmosphere around...

Well maybe because we all expect sth to happen...soon enough..if not in the premiere...later =,(

No sadness. I am stronger than motto will help:

Huddyear...we still have till December :P
Больше года playingcold said…

Больше года HuddyJoy0524 said…
Thanks for the link PC that was wonderful and a spirit raiser! :)

I love coming here to talk with all of you, you're all insightful, kind, and interesting people and so open to debate and discussion! I love you guys! ;)

Never ever give up the Huddy hope!
Больше года playingcold said…
You're very welcome! ;)
Больше года thatship said…
People!! maybe you are dissapointed because of the last episode diriged by Hugh (because of Lydia' allusions) But I have good news. Lisa is in Spain now and all Her Interviews are about Huddy-Huli. This is a little preview, but tomorrow, I'll share with you a Funny interview aired tonight, and I have to say that, it's the Most HUDDY-HULI interview I've never seen!! You could check how many huddy fans there are in Spain. A preview...spanish fans have given to Lisa a shirt which says:


And Lisa (on air) proudly shows this shirt around the set:)

Another thing...we have her reaction watching the sex scene and the stripteasse!!!!!!!!!!!


Tomorrow I'll put here the link, and I'll try to traslate the interview.

kisses and sorry for my english!!
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Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
big smile
Hi guys!!!! I am back ;D I miss you all so much!! :D
I've been in Valencia for a few days (great city, I higly recommend you it ;) ) but I've seen the inteview and it really cheered me up a little.

We knew Lisa was a big Huddy fan, but she keep talking about how much Cuddy is rethinking her feelings lately, which is interesting XD (told you I'll be back soon enough :D )

I can't help myself...I wonder how many of her thoughts come from Huddy...and how many of them come from huli :P I mean, come on, :P when the jorunalist asked her who kissed better she could have been diplomatic at least, couldn't she? She always chose to please Hugh somehow, no matter what...I really thinks she has some serious crash on him. I wonder how his wife deals with it. I mean, if he was my husband I would be suspicious. DO you make those comments on a married man, even if your are collegues at work? I doubt it. Isn't he emberassed by that? Well...Huli...Huddy...they both are my favorites ;) coulnd't choose...not in a million years :P

BTW on to the new spoilers, the one that says Cuddy will be rethinking her relationship with Lucas, I would be cautious. We knew that, nothing new. The problem is, as LW said there, whether we'll get the chance to watch them adress Huddy straight.

New ep tomorrow! :DDDDDDD
Больше года LipschitzWrath said…
I hope I'm not overreaching (or re-posting) with this, but have you guys seen the Ausiello spoilers about the finale?

"Q: Do you know anything about House’s season finale? —Eva
A: I know it will raise some big questions about a certain character’s future on the show."

Anybody with me on wondering if maybe this could be in reference to Lucas? I mean, who else could it be? Chase???
Больше года bluehue said…
First, HaPPy BirThDaY @DELIA !!!!!!!!!! I remember you said it was on April 19th. Have a great one!

Glad to see you back @Bea!!..and with your Huddy spirit cheered up a little. Yea. It's good to take a break from it all anyway...especially when you have such beautiful city and places around you to see. I didn't watch that LE interview yet, but it sounds like Lisa's loyalty to Hugh was shining a big way. Sweet!

In regards to those meager finale spoilers, I take Cuddy's "rethinking" to mean the same as second guessing..which ties into your first assumption @LW..about the uncertain future of a character to mean Lucas. Don't think you are overreaching. I tend to agree. The Luddy arc is maxed out worse than a bad credit card. I can't wait to find out how he will exit the show..under what circumstances? Can't even venture a guess at this point..due to the lack-luster storyline..Zzzz..makes me sleepy.

I think Chase will stick around because they have invested so much time with his character development. I suppose the show could take a bizarre twisting turn with Chase..for example, if police lead him away in handcuffs due to Dibala catching up with him. Doubt it though, they have covered his tracks & gotten enough mileage out of that sorry chapter.
Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
Happy Birthday Delia! :D I hope you birthday will be celebrated with a great House ep ;)

On to the spoilers, I had thought the very same thing. Who else could it be? Well could be anyone actually, Thirteen or Taub, but then there would be TWO character leaving the show, woulnd't they? BECAUSE Lucas is LEAVING, isn't he? XD Do I sound impatient? XD

@BH you've to watch Lisa's interview in Spain. I can understand it all so it's really ilarious for me XD (if you need to understand some questions, gald to help) The journalist is really funny, he mocks a bit Huddy around but in a very sweet way. He hints to their chemistry on the show real life :D He even asks her how they get along together, as Huddy seem to get along so "well": she smiles and answers Hugh is a married man and they are just great friends.
BTW Hugh's new interview on his marriage be on tenterhooks just came out, coincidence? I mean, I don't want to be the devil's advocate but how could it be a coincidence every interviewer hints to their chemistry in real life, without giving a damn he is actually married? Somebody knows something XD I am kidding....but I found it really amusing. You should see her face while they show her the make out scene...priceless :P

I guess I do am back after all :D I am even thinking about a Huli fanfic XD
Talk about the therapeutic power of vacation :D
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Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
Ehi guys! Just finished watched the ep :)

I really liked it. It was more balanced than others: there was humor and drama and medical stuff....really enjoyed it.

Random Huddopless question:
Do you think all the references to the meaning of bravery, "win the woman you love off", let her have the life of her dreams with another guy...and so on, had something to do with Huddy or not? Was there some subtext? Bottom lines I am allucinating?
One thing cought my attention: House massaged his leg A LOT during this ep and we got at least two close ups on him getting his pills. Can't be a coincidence. We got something cooking there...

Next ep seems to be amazing...Don't get my hopes up. I know :P
Больше года houseluva8 said…

I didn't really see the bravery references having anything to do with Huddy, but that might've been because I watched it 12 hours ago and slept for about an hour before getting up. What I thought had subtext was when Cuddy was giving Wilson advice. Something about trying it out and seeing where it would go or something. She seemed pained to tell him this. Cuddy didn't seem like Cuddy to me in this ep. She just seemed stressed or tired. I don't know it could just be me. I liked the ep a lot. One of my favorites this season, but does anyone understand where I see the subtext? It could be my sleep deprived brain making me THINK/HOPE their was.

Anyway have a nice day everyone I'm off to 8 am class!
Больше года maverickangel35 said…
It's NOT just you. Something's up with Cuddy... Just don't know what!
Больше года Belle0308 said…
Bea!! Welcome back!!
I am so behind.

I know this seems dopey, but I did think that the points about the Knight and the woman he loved was in some way parallel not only to House (since most of the time the POTW reveals something about House too), but also Wilson.
When the Knight says at the end that he doesn’t have anything to offer the “Queen” but the King does so therefore, because he loves her he wants her to have what she needs, I felt that reflected House being ok with Cuddy being with Lucas.

Call me crazy but I thought that. Then I look and see you thought apparently something similar, I don’t think it is just us.

I agree that I did see subtext to the Cuddy/Wilson discussion. I agree, I didn’t think Cuddy seemed herself. When she told House that he should more of less stay out of other people’s relationships and he made the comment about being in love with someone and chasing them for decades, “and I’m not referring to me” we all know that was about him…don’t we? I thought so. Who else has she been in love with for years? At first I thought it was a little harsh to bring that up to her, then I thought it was a giant step for him to even admit he knew that.

I think that any talk of evaluating relationships will be tough for her right now if in the end of the season she is weighing her situation with Lucas. She is probably starting now.

@BH I agree that I can't wait to see how they will have Lucas leave the show. Should be interesting. Unless he dies, he could always come back too.
Больше года Beatrix8520 said…

"Cuddy didn't seem like Cuddy to me in this ep. She just seemed stressed or tired"

It's not just you, I have noticed that too. She's been acting differently lately and I don't know what to make out of it. I don't know if it has something to do with the feelings her character is supposed to have been experiencing during these months, or if that's something totally unrelated with the show storyline.
The lines you're refering to...I was including them in my "subtext" discourse....I mean, I got the feeling that "give it a chance, run the risk, try it again sth that once didn't work out" were statements who referred to Cuddy....whereas "win her off, fight for her, don't be a coward" were refered to House.


I see we think alike once again. But still I am not sure we aren't both delusional....I am trying to make sense out if. Out of this Huddy desert. Maybe I am too stress out. Time to relax and watch the show for what it is.
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Больше года LipschitzWrath said…
Okay guys, this is totally unrelated to the discussion at hand, but I just noticed something.

Remember back to S5, episode "The Softer Side". It's the one where House is on methadone. Anyways, Cuddy tells him he can't be on methadone in his hospital and so he quits. He goes home to shave for his next interview. With me so far?

Do you remember the brand of shaving cream he used? I do, because I had never heard of it - "Colo". Now, look at the cereal box in this picture from last night's episode:


I don't know what the hell the significance of it is, but it is just too weird to be a coincidence, right? Neither the cereal nor the shaving cream exist, so it has to be something that someone made up. Interesting...
Больше года Delia_Beatrice said…
Thank you so much, my dear friends!
I had a most unusual birthday - we spent the weekend in southern France (oh la la, how splendid...) and then we couldn't fly back on Sunday night, because of the volcano cloud bla bla bla, so yesterday we drove back through five countries (France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia) - i am dead tired, but i'll never forget how i spent my 30th anniversary:))))))

So - i did not see the episode, but i had it recorded, so tonight i'll watch it. From your comments, i take it there is a Huddy scene in it?

What about the bottle of Vicodin Wilson is supposed to find in House's pants? Was that spoiler true?
Больше года bluehue said…
Yep..sounds like quite an awesome way to spend your birthday..dodging ash from a volcano & driving through 5 countries!

Your question reminds me when House took Wilson's pants at the conference...Last night when House wasn't wearing pants..just discreetly holding up a cereal box..but not having any pants because of a prank from Wilson would have been proper payback. @Delia, the pill bottle spoiler didn't happen.

Speaking of cereal boxes..good eye @LW..."Colo" must be like "Acme," it's the official House fake brand name. I wonder if it has some inside an inside joke from the writers..etc.

I'll give Delia a chance to catch up. Yes..tiny baby steps..there was a little Huddy-lite, no volcanic eruption....yet. Enjoy. Good episode.
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Больше года Delia_Beatrice said…
Does he take Vicodin? In the last scene, what is that? I can't see it. Dear God, no, not Vicodin because he is alone and abandoned by both Cuddy and Wilson! Ay, that poor darling man!

Also, what about Cuddy's oedipian complex? That's something, sleeping with her father's best friend!!!!! Really cool scene, House telling her about Wilson (whom we all know is a big mouth!) spilling her dirty secrets. It was funny like in the good old times funny... God, i miss them so badly.

PS: did i misunderstand both these scenes? Could be, since i am so sleep deprived.
Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
I guess the fact that you're all avoiding commenting on my Huddy pindaric fly XD as well as on Belle's, means you obviously disagree with us, but are trying to be kind not to hurt our bruised hearts XD

I get it. Too much of a long shot ;) I guess it's the price you pay for loving something too much to let it go....your heart just racse faster than your sense of reason XD

Anyway, enjoy it Delia. I like it a lot. :)) No major Huddy as @BH said, but that's not unpleasant. I need rest XD
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Больше года bluehue said…
No @Bea!...not avoiding...just waiting. (Now I see Delia has seen the episode).

I think your subtext question was a good one. Cuddy's remarks to House about her office..confused me. It's SO hard to know what she is thinking or where she's coming from.
Agree with you & those that say Cuddy seems "tired," or tired of something or someone? Hmmm? Both she & House were a bit on edge..House for pain, and maybe Cuddy has a pain of her own....if ya know what I mean..(pain of finding out she is not really so very happy).

@Bea..I suppose your "bravery" subtext about the rules of knighthood could apply...if you see House & Lucas as opposing forces & how men act & view dating with some kind of "code."

13 was very vocal about the idiocy of such old fashion chivalry. She was practically screaming at Sir tell the woman how you feel...and lift yourself out of the dark to speak. That's what woman know..for godssake. We have heard this in different forms all season about House telling Cuddy...kind of a link with the title "Braveheart" too perhaps..this "knight" type reference again.

@Delia, House took iboprofen..the bottle in his desk is a typical bottle for that pain reliever. Mainly, I think they are making his pain a very real and looming issue, one that cannot be put aside for much longer. (....Still thinking over the Sam stuff. What did you all think of her?). Later.

P.S. Bea, I posted my little "Ode" a few days ago...while you were away I's probably buried by now...but is there in "articles".
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Больше года huddyislove said…

Just in case someone wanted my opinion on the knight fall :P
Больше года bluehue said…
big smile
Thanks Hilly with sunglasses...will check it out.
Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
"Columns of spoilers and items so blind..
like now you can guess but still fall behind
Not knowing for sure just what is the cure.."

LOL @Bh! This is hilarious XD So true indeed =,)
Больше года mysuspicionis said…
I've been busy and I haven't seen this week's episode yet. I meant to comment on the BBC interviews that everyone was upset about a week ago. I remember last year before the big finale Lisa gave an interview and when asked about the relationship she laughed and said "It wouldn't last anyway, it's not like he'd move in and take care of Rachel.." paraphrasing and then the interviewer asked Hugh Laurie the same question and he said "that's rubbish, as a viewer I'd like to think that these two lonely people could find some peace." paraphrasing. At the beginning of this season Lisa also commented on the timing issue. So these are not new things that have been said so that is perhaps good news despite what Lisa says about the fate of their relationship. I still would like to be positive and think that their will be happiness at the very end. :)
Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
Ehi guys read this one link
It provides a good insight on the ep. No Huddy references but it's really good I think
Waiting for Barbara though, as always ;)
Больше года mysuspicionis said…
Oh, and I had a dream last night that I was watching House. Oh course it doesn't make much sense when I explain it in reality. At one point though I thought "Oh, no David Shore you would NOT kill Rachel!!"
Больше года LipschitzWrath said…
"@Delia, House took iboprofen..the bottle in his desk is a typical bottle for that pain reliever. Mainly, I think they are making his pain a very real and looming issue, one that cannot be put aside for much longer. (....Still thinking over the Sam stuff. What did you all think of her?). Later."

Yeah, this drives me nuts. Whenever TPTB decide to make an arc or big deal out of anything in this show, it's a looming item for all of a show or two and then BAM! They bring it to light, play with it for an episode or two, and then bring closure to it. Take House's pain for example. I mean, really, 6x17 is the first "real" admission we've gotten from House that his pain is starting to flair back up. Then, in last night's epi, they take it to another level. I'm sure this will continue for a few more epi's and then BAM! they bring an end to it by either having House back on Vicodin or finding another pain mgmt technique.

They do this with every little storyline - EXCEPT Huddy!!! It's driving me friggin bonkers! I mean, can you guys think of any other single storyline that has drug on for an ENTIRE SEASON? I can't. And frankly, it's beginning to piss me off. I understand the whole "moonlighter's curse" or whatever and the fear the ratings will plummet if they get together, but god almighty, they're gonna lose me soon.

I'm sorry to say that I have really began to question my Huddy faith. Over on SpoilerTV, they did an interview with Peter Jacobsen (Taub) and his comments on Huddy in particular rang true to me. He basically said something to the effect that House and Cuddy's tension on-screen is just so amazingly spectacular that the writers can NOT afford to get rid of it by putting them together. He went on further to say something to the effect that he doesn't want nor think they will ever get together, save for possibly the Series Finale. I hated to admit it, but a lot of what he had to say made a lot of sense to me.

The one thing I will say that is at odds with Peter's comments is that, at least lately, there has been next to *ZERO* tension between the two that he speaks of. The Huddy dynamic has changed and I hate it. And that's not just the Huddy in me talking anymore. Again, something I never thought I'd say, I think the Chameron storyline is less boring than the Huddy one right now... And I hate Chameron...

BTW, as you can see above, I have elevated use of "BAM!" to a new level. I call it "BAM! Spamming"...
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Больше года laurik2007 said…
hi guys....what are you up too....I wanna join this Huddy Crusade....God knows I need some comforting right now:(
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Больше года houseluva8 said…
@LW just because they arin't "together" together doesn't mean they can't have some fun time. I was thinking about this when I couldn't sleep last night. House at first was her annoying employee with a history. Then over the seasons you see some caring from both House and Cuddy towards each other. Then you have House realize he wants a relationship with her. Then have him in the looney bin. When he gets out of said looney bin he wants to pursue Cuddy, but finds out shes already taken. Now House I think is going for the friend angle towards Cuddy. He still has feelings for her, but tries not to let them show farther than you would for a friend. I think TPTB will string that along even after Luddy is done. Because the only two people Cuddy have are Wilson and House. So I think House will be more of a friend for a while. Giving advice maybe even being there when she needs somebody. Then maybe by the time House ends that friendship might grow into something more.

Again this is my sleep deprived brain. I've gotten 1 hour of sleep in 2 days. So this could make no total sense. I haven't read back over it so it might not make sense in some parts, but it was something I was thinking about. I'll go back over the post tomorrow and make corrects. :)
Больше года Beatrix8520 said…

"I have elevated use of "BAM!" to a new level. I call it "BAM! Spamming"...

On to the Huddy arc I hear you. God knows how much I understand what you mean. Our frustration is getting to a point it's diffictult to handle....I don't really know how to help you there, because if I really go down to that die-hard-bruised-Huddy-fan's frustration-path again, I am not sure I could recover soon XD I had my big faith crisis last week....I am not over it yet, but I try to breathe, stay posistive, hang out with you guys and basically CALM DOWN AND RELAX. As a wise person said "When there's nothing you can do to change things, you just move on" :)

Here is beloved Barbara link
She does make reference to Huddy (thanks God, someone else besides our little geeky crew sensed the parrallelism with Huddy in the ep...there's still some hope for us after all).
I loved her review....and I feared the multiple close-ups on the pills bottles could foreseen something bad too. It was obvious actually....also the screaming at his team....reminded me of old dark days.

I need to watch the ep again....On the whole, I found it truly painful to watch and quite intense.

The way he lost his temper...I had forgotten the scary he could look when he was in too deep pain.

The way he rubbed his leg over and over again....strauggling with the pain but unable to help it from worsening even more.

Cuddy telling him not to force Wilson to choose becuase he might not like the could his mind not to have flied to the fact that sooner or later he will need to ask Cuddy to do so? I mean, he has accepted her relationship with Lucas and apparently he has moved on, but the truth is he is stuck. He still cares so much he is not living is own life but hanging onto theirs....being a part of them whenever he can without asking for nothing back (5 to hole....)
Next step to really move on should be having a relationship and make and actual choice between Cuddy and his life....I am not refering to the spoilers's just the way I see it.
Cuddy will need to choose sooner or later....She can't have him there and out of the picture at the same time. And he might not like the answer. Experience taught me when you love someone but you don't know or feel you can't be loved back equally, it takes a great deal of courage to make the final let it go...for real. It takes a great deal of courage to face the person you love to get the answer you fear the most, because after that, there's no way back. Just forward. And it's scary as hell.
Bravery indeed is the key. And as @BH said, I find it interesting as well that both the eps adressing Huddy attitude one towards the other had sth to do with courage int their title.

Finally, the last scene of the ep was simply rememberd me of one of the first ep of the season...I think it was Instant Karma: he looked pensative, still miserable although off drugs...struggling to find a way to be without falling back in the dark.
I feel like he made amazing progress. He succeded actually. He really did, cause the House we have been watching lately is really another person. A better one. But he doesn't know that....he feels stuck somehow. It seems there's still a little piece of the puzzle missing to make his life balanced. Any clue on what is it? ;)
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Больше года bluehue said…
Hello! to @laurik..not sure if we are all that comforting right now. Maybe you should comfort us...ha!

@LW..some very valid points. I see your rant and could probably raise you another half rant but will try to stay calm thru the finale. I’m not at anger stage, but definately at questioning stage.

Well, we do know Huddy spirit is in a funk because Cuddy & House are in a funk.
@houseluva, agree that House seems focused on a certain friendship with Cuddy, tho under current circumstances, he’s forced to hold back for now. Agonizing!

Is Cuddy so preoccupied in keeping a safe distance from House, like not wanting to lead him on in any this the main reason for the LOW level of enthusiasm in the rare moments they are together? It is not bantery. It is something stale, like going thru the motions...on Cuddy’s part most especially.

I’m thinking there must be something else we don’t know about yet that is causing this much Cuddy/Huddy disconnect? Like very soon we’ll be saying, “Oh now I see why she has been acting like this!”
(AND meanwhile..Lucas scurries around the edges of the story like an almost cute little whiskery mouse..or is he a rat? I’m not sure anymore).

@Bea..Good post !! So right, House has made progress. What is he to gain?
Because it seems House is about to be alone again with his pain, maybe back to his own apartment. That is going to be enough to force a real choice about his future before he falls into the void.
Will this fact or the season finale in some dramatic way shake Cuddy up enough to start caring a whole bunch more for her genius doctor friend? Ugh. I need an ibuprofen. (Thanks for the BB link..I look forward to reading later).

P.S. Hey..where’s @PC lately? Busy reading Sherlock? Come visit sometime soon.
P.S. @mysusp...that was quite a dream...DS killing off Rachel..yikes!
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Больше года Delia_Beatrice said…
"interview with Peter Jacobsen (Taub) and his comments on Huddy in particular rang true to me. He basically said something to the effect that House and Cuddy's tension on-screen is just so amazingly spectacular that the writers can NOT afford to get rid of it by putting them together"

Well, why the fuck not? They did afford to get rid of it by not giving us any real Huddy scene for the whole season six!!!!!! I know that the whole "unresolved sexual and emotional tension" is a recipe for success in movie making, but they already gave it up. There was so little Huddy of any kind this season! And the real magical Huddy was almost nonexistent. So what's left to fear?...

All i feel about the Huddy scene in "K.F" has already been said here.
There are times when i can barely recognize Cuddy. The sparkle in her, the sexiness, the humor, the youth, the wit - all gone. The only explanation i can think of is that she is indeed a whole different woman when she is under House's influence, and keeping her distance from House for all this time mutilated the most spectacular part of her.

I wonder - did she realize what a brave and special thing it was, House coming to her to share his fear about losing Wilson and seeking for her advice? I hope she did, i hope she'll show it later, when the Sam problem escalates. Because she seemed frozen, like she did all season, and it's so frustrating that she seems to be oblivious at House's changes - which will probably not last much longer, poor guy!

I hope she realizes it and i hope she reaches out to him. The fallout with Wilson and the pain will put House in agony, and she has to be there for him! I hope she understands him and i hope she offers her support. It's so painful to see him all alone like this.

"Will this fact or the season finale in some dramatic way shake Cuddy up enough to start caring a whole bunch more for her genius doctor friend?" Yeah, Blue, that's what i'm thinking too. But it's kinda shitty, you know? I mean, she is too screwed up, if she will go back to loving House (she never stopped, but she doesn't allow herself to feel it) only when he is miserable and she feels guilty, right? To quote him, i don't want her to jump him out of pity or compassion or guilt. I want her to love him for the spectacular functional man he has become, but she is blind to that until it's too late. Talk about bad timing!!!!!!
Больше года Delia_Beatrice said…
Do you think it's OK to assume that the fact that the Vicodin bottle spoiler was not true means that all others are not true, either? The one about "The Choice" and the one about Alvie and the season finale?
On the other hand, those specualtions were based on some grain of truth - the official talk about the season finale does involve a disaster and the whole hospital rushing out to help.

Again, people got hold of little details and they created their own personal stories around them... Should be very interesting. Very.
Больше года Beatrix8520 said…

"There are times when i can barely recognize Cuddy. The sparkle in her, the sexiness, the humor, the youth, the wit - all gone. The only explanation i can think of is that she is indeed a whole different woman when she is under House's influence, and keeping her distance from House for all this time mutilated the most spectacular part of her"

Oh God...I couldn't have expressed it better. You summed it up perfectly...feel like crying at reading your words. I miss her so much. The way she really was. Hope she will come back soon. New one sucks...I miss her so badly =,(

Don't know about the spoilers Delia. I guess someone are going to turn out to be true...partially...others just will be forgotten for ever. As the one that said Cuddy would be on Disnayland with Lucas and Rachel.

You noticed how not-cool-at-all Lucas looked in the last ep? I hope he'll be out of the picture sooner enough. I can't really stand the guy anymore....the childish he looks compared to the mature still charming and compelling new version of House, let alone the all-new mature yet boring and depressing version of Cuddy, just makes me sick.

I want my old show back!!!!
last edited Больше года
Больше года laurik2007 said…
Yeah you are right.....The old Cuddy is disappearing on you think the writers are doing this in purpose or something?
Больше года mysuspicionis said…
Sam may prove to be evil as House thinks but right now she seems likable. Did anyone notice a parallel between House and Cuddy and Wilson and Sam when she said "I've changed." and her expression looked as though she was about to start crying? Interesting that we really don't know how she will turn out since House and Cuddy are so cautious yet we as the viewer don't have much to go on yet. I thought there were some very funny moments in this episode and even 13 had funny lines that made her likable. In the House/Cuddy moment I liked how she didn't deny she had dated/was attracted to House and smiled and batted her eyelashes at him! Like everyone else I will be antsy, anxious over the finale. I probably will avoid the last three episodes and spoilers like I did last year and then watch them all in a row. So hopefully there will be some people left here in June so I can sigh, or be happy or most likely both.