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Narrator: It was after school, and Mr. Getraer was outside waiting for everyone.
Mr. Getraer: Okay, everyone hurry up! Into the cooler!

A refrigerator was behind a свинг, качели set.

Blossom: We can't all fit in there.
Mr. Getraer: Then Ms. Keane will have to watch over some of Ты in the classroom. Those who wait with Ms. Keane will stay in detention, and have their time in the кулер, охладитель postponed.
Ms. Keane: Does that mean that my time in the кулер, охладитель will be postponed too?
Mr. Getraer: Correct! Ты should have taken my bus, instead of driving your car here.
Blossom: This is ridiculous.
Buttercup: Agreed.
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Narrator: Sugar. Spice, and everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girls, but Professor Utonium accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction. Chemical X!
Professor: *Gets moved backwards by an explosion, but smiles when he sees what he created*
Narrator: Thus the Powerpuff Girls were born! Using their ultra super powers, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup have dedicated their lives to fighting crime, and the forces of evil.
Blossom: *Flies through the sky*
Bubbles: *Flying to the right of Blossom*
Buttercup: *Flying to the left of...
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Him: *Watching the girls fly towards him*
Mayor: Oh goodie, they're coming.
Blossom: The mayor is being held hostage by Him.
Bubbles: Not for long. *Goes faster*

With the blink of an eye, she quickly grabbed the mayor, and pulled him out of townhall.

Bubbles: *Gently places him on the sidewalk, and sets him free*
Mayor: Don't forget to save my pickles!
Him: *Shoots lasers at Bubbles*
Bubbles: Whoa! *Dodges the lasers*

They hit a соленый огурец, маринованные truck, and it blew up. Pickles flew everywhere.

Mayor: *Watching the pickles fall from the sky, and catches them with his hat* Never mind.
Buttercup: *Shoots...
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