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kari91 выразил(-а) мне благодарность за my links
Well chicken карри is not that bad.it could have been worst.Just imagine eating гриб noodles for the rest of your life.Not that I hate mushrooms but...horrible
That is a good idea but how will Ты even do that?First demolish it and then bury it?I think that will cost a lot.Although Ты should spend your money on something before Ты die so that nobody can have them...
And we're doing them a favour!Just think about what they go through everyday! Опубликовано ·17 часов назад
kari91 прокомментировал(-а)…
Always having rehearsals,getting hired by Болталка people who won't pay them enough,having no social life whatsoever ·17 часов назад
Rohini101 выразил(-а) мне благодарность за my videos
I had typed up a whole post, it had exact 500 words so I thought it'll go through. But it didn't. Also I had been complaining about how Fanpop had дана me some Болталка account I didn't create, Rotational Fever? I had Опубликовано on your Профиль and realized it was still in existence. Thankfully, I got my normal account back.

I remember being on my laptop, enjoying the site and the people. Now I'm on my phone and tbh I haven't actually done anything on this site, I've just been talking to you. Опубликовано ·21 часов назад
Rohini101 прокомментировал(-а)…
Tell me about the crazy. Ah yes, the real world, it is so stressful! It's important to find and appreciate the good within the stress otherwise it can feel rather consuming. ·21 часов назад
Rohini101 выразил(-а) мне благодарность за my answers
Okay, so Fanpop just wiped out my post because it was too long 🙄 what is up with that fanpop??

I think most people migrated to other sites? I use Tumblr еще than anything else now. The only thing it doesn't have is the same people 😞

I'm glad Ты stuck it out for those 3 long years! Otherwise we wouldn't be talking now 😺

I've been good! How are you? Опубликовано ·1 день назад