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Binge watching Frasier on Netflix for the секунда time has me saying English sayings like "SOD OFF", "BELT UP", and "Grumpy old sod" because if how much I Любовь Daphne Moon. And for those who don't know what those sayings mean, "SOD OFF" basically means buzz off, "BELT UP" basically means shut up, and a "sod" is what Ты call someone you're annoyed with and find unpleasant, mostly associated with grumpy old men.

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KataraLover прокомментировал(-а)…
And most surprisingly, the phrase "Knocked me up" means something completely different in England. It apparently means "woke me up." I can only imagine the looks English people get when they use that expression in America and are unaware of what it means here in America. I know English people have a lot of different names and meanings from the things we have in America, but that is definitely the most surprising. When I first heard that expression a год ago, it was surprising lol. ·6 дней назад
deedragongirl прокомментировал(-а)…
My mom and I Любовь everything British! ·4 дней назад
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Thanks for add ing me as a friend! Опубликовано ·13 дней назад