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In order to begin this “Verse”
We first set Time in reverse,
To the focal point of the Multiverse
To see beyond this universe…

Before the primordial transmutation
Of energy and matter in fusion
Was the birth of unfolding dimension
Where forces existed in unification…

By a Word from Creator spoken,
Time was born and symmetry broken,
Till eons later, when consciousness woken
To sentience, became a human token…

Like the crack of a wave upon the beach
Two parallel universes kissed
When within each other’s narrow reach
Of what would have been missed
For yet...
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 Elemental Singularity 2013
Elemental Singularity 2013
As water can be pulled from air
And iron from the earth,
огонь also comes from where
All elements have their birth….

The simplest quarks—
Matter without gluons—
Are in union with the sparks
Of energy called photons:
So that ‘E’ equals ‘MC’ squared,
This much knowledge has been shared!
If time were in reverse extension,
It’s not too much for imagination
To visualize the energy-matter integration
Of the primordial transmutation…

But much further and еще than this,
To make master of apprentice
Is within oneself to realize
Materialize and energize—
For we are but the stuff of stars,
Black holes, galaxies and supernovas:
To упряжь, ремень безопасности the energy of all quasars
And bend the elements of magnetars,
One need only bend oneself
To put one’s own thoughts on the shelf:
Consent to Ultimate Reality
And be in touch with Infinity….

For near and far,
Through every star,
I’m just another avatar.
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