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The Italian version is quite еще romantic than the English one...


From where country do I come from?
I still don't know it
How much memories that I don't have anymore...
What if I have a family
Beyond the blue ocean?
That Остаться в живых me and doesn't hope anymore...
I, here, awake hours and hours with my heartbeat
But now, yes, I swear my feeling is stronger than ever

How strange things he seek
He hides his feet
Though I shake in front of him...
What дерево will he have as home?
What does he see from up there?
New horizons and a еще blue sky...
I have here one...
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Here's the third part of the article. Sorry for long delay! Письмо needs mood. (-_-) I'll discuss about the spirited characters of Liana, Eden, Thumbelina, Corinne, and Merliah. Really, Барби heroines get еще spirited hereafter.

11. Liana

Strength: brave, caring, optimistic, clever, never gives up, contented

The two best Друзья Liana and Alexa live happily together as цветок gardeners. Though having a hard life and little money, Liana doesn't complain. She smilingly prepares her "bread and jam" meal, and generously gives her share to the poor peddler. She always hopes for a better...
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posted by rizwansait1
Do The Mermaid lyrics
Do The Mermaid...
Everybody Jump, Jump right in.. Hula with the flow and then shimmy with the swim, Oh yeah !!
Do the mermaid hey-ey...
Grab your nose, шноркель, трубка down All the pretty mermaid girl are dancing all around Yeah Yeah !
Do the mermaid Hey-ey ...
Now everybody make the лодка rock,rock,rock..
Everybody make the лодка rock,rock,rock,rock,flip..
Do the surf girl,
Do the surf girl..
Everybody drop, drop right in..
Join the party wave and take a черепаха for a spin...
Oh yeah, Do the surf girl...
Now everybody nose,nose right down..
All the pretty surfer girls are dancing all...
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Барби & Her Sisters in A пони Tale is a 2013 computer-animated Барби film. The screenplay was written by Steve Granat and Cydne Clark, and Heavynn Gates is the lead vocalist for the movie's theme song.

Барби and her sisters use an RV to go on a horseback-riding vacation to the Alps and go to a horse academy. They make new animal friends, and Барби has an instant connection with a wild horse which she trains. At the horse academy, the sisters attend a festive gala dressed in their prettiest ball gowns.

From Барби Фильмы wikia
The teenage princess with a сердце of Золото doesn't want to grow up and take on the demands of being royalty. She wants to laugh, pull pranks and rock out!

The world-famous popstar is an in-your-face girl whose career has made her grow up too fast. Now she needs to find the joy of Музыка again.

Tori's posh pooch is from a long line of regal canines. She always keeps an eye on Tori to make sure that the princess is Актёрское искусство like a royal should.

Keira's super-playful pup is devoted to her. He knows all her dance moves and performs them with joy

The handsome prince is a polite royal, but also a modern teen. When he gets a charming crush on Keira, what he doesn't know is that it's Tori transformed into the popstar.

Keira's two-faced manager tells her what she wants to hear, but plots behind her back to take the spotlight for himself.

A friend is the one ,
who keeps in touch with Ты , forever ,
no matter what the condition is ,
whether bad или fair.

A friend is someone ,
who wipes away your tears ,
smiles with Ты to make Ты joyous
cause bearing the pain
is like a great pressure on their heart.

A true friend always keeps in touch
when Ты are in trouble..
as well as moments when Ты are surrounded by joys and tears .

But others are just fair -weather friends,
Keeps in touch with Ты only when
you are bathed in riches.
But forgets Ты when Ты are useless.

True Друзья are rare in this world ,
So be careful to choose...
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posted by SilentForce
(Hey, hey, hey, hey) We give it our all we got
(Hey, hey, hey, hey) We give it our all we got

Hey, look out, we're here, we're strong
Look how we get along
I stand by me and you
It's just what we do (hey)

Here to stay, we landed all around
Bar high, feet on the ground
I stand by Ты and me
The way it should be (hey)

Hey, now, what are Ты waiting for?
It's all that we are and more
Let's leave it out on the floor

(Hey, hey, hey, hey) We give it our all we got
(Hey, hey, hey, hey) We give it our ready или not
(Hey, hey, hey, hey) We give it one еще last shot
(Hey, hey, hey, hey) We give it our all we got

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It's our craze, you'll be amazed
After visiting this place.

Fans like shafiqua and pinkydoll,
Grab all BM items in the mall.

To watch BMs we're always on the bed,
Yes we are whether 3xZ или LightningRed.

Barbie movies, says nmdis,
Give us a special kind of bliss.

No Selena, no Shakira,
In this club we're just BM fans, says DelancyKeira.

-Aay_V-, Lena_t;
They say,"For BMs we can do anything."
CleoCorrine, Cynti19
Say," We are the strongest team"

Ishiqa, MyLadyKeira, Sirea
They all praise all Barbies - Keira или Catania.
They all have watched movie #2
Sure we have, says Asabala2.

'Alexa-tious' Фаны like coolraks12,...
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Okay, where should I begin? I've watched the movie at last and I'm utterly in great disappointment. I expected Secret Door to be better than Pearl Princess since it is based on a book and is the Autumn-released version. Seemed promising. Not to mention from the 2D animation, the Барби is very attractive and beautiful. Unfortunately, it is worse and I even won't watch it twice in a long period.

The Animation

Colour -
 The Lorax's Truffula forest
The Lorax's Truffula forest

On scale 1 to 10, I rate it less than 1. The colour is the main problem of this movie, Zinnia kingdom's colour to be precise. Zinnia's colours...
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Okay, so I know some of you, like me, have already seen Princess Power even though it technically isn't released yet. So I am just going to write my thoughts and opinions about the movie. There may be spoilers, but I will try not to give anything away.

Okay, first I'll talk about the songs. There are three songs: Soaring, Superhero Beat, and Coolest Thing Ever.

Okay, Superhero Beat was probably my Избранное song in the movie. Why? Well, the beat was super catchy (haha, super catchy? Get it? Never mind.) Also, I really liked the lyrics in this song. в общем и целом, общая it was a really good song. Although,...
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Mark Twain's classic The Prince and the Pauper gets a glamorous modern makeover in the new DVD release from Universal Studios, Barbie: The Princess & the Popstar. While Twain contrasted two opposites – a prince, which everyone would want to be, and a pauper, which was not so attractive – Universal's two heroines both live a life that every young girl thinks she wants. But glamour isn't necessarily all it seems to be. As KIDS FIRST! youth film critic Cheyenne Nguyen, age 8, observes in her review, below, "There are always things that Ты would like to change, but accepting who Ты are...
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Barbie Mariposa and the fairy princess - Only a breath away - Lyrics
Now the sun is up
The wind is in my hair
And the way's rough
But I don't really care

Just over the horizon
Just a short flight from here

I'm gonna see what I've only dreamed
I'm gonna fly on the lightest breeze
It's gonna be like the Книги I read
I'll write the pages to my story
It's a brand new day
Only a breath away

(Oh, oh, oh) The wind won't slow us down
It's just a chance to play (oh, oh, oh)
We'll chase the drafts around
They won't get in our way

Just over the horizon
Bet ya the skies are clear

I'm gonna see what I've only dreamed (only...
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posted by redsamurai
I was thinking that Spy Squad would звезда someone not Barbie. (e.g; Alexa, Mariposa.) But it was announced that it would be Barbie's own adventure. But I'm still not sure cos of Laslo. I thought starlight would too, but I think it's Барби too. Well, let's see what would the new Барби era bring for us.
I think they should quit розовый and bring in something new. And everytime Барби doesn't have to be someone fashionable. They could bring in someone brainy and highly intelligent now.
Барби Movies' teasers were quite interesting, but I think they should be longer and starlight's teaser was not that good. Anyhow, Барби entertainment rocks!
posted by Asabala2
Nori :It wasn't very long ago
Malucia came, she took my wings away
All of my magic was gone, that was my darkest day
But now
My luck's gonna change

Cause you're here!
You're here
All of our problems disappear
Pretty soon I'm gonna have my wings
This is solving everything
And it makes me wanna sing
Because you're here!
You're here!

Romy : And I'm ashamed to say
Malucia came, she took my tail away
No еще swimming for me, that was my darkest day
But now
My luck's gonna change

Cause you're here!
You're here
All of our problems disappear
Now I know my tail's coming back
And my life will be on track
And I know it for...
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posted by rizwansait1
This month’s feature brings Барби in a Mermaid Tale 2 to the Kidtoons family. In this story, Merliah must learn to balance her family responsibilities as a mermaid princess with her passion for competitive surfing as a human with legs. As Merliah progresses as a surfer in the human world, she must find time for her mom, the mermaid Queen under the sea. This entertaining story provides several lessons for the Kidtoon audience.

This engaging story will appeal primarily to the four to ten-year-old age group and to many of their older siblings. Younger children will identify...
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May Ты all get billion of success,million of smiles,
thousands of cute moments and countless love..
in the Далее year
BY3 BY3 2015
H3y to 2016......
Happy New год to Ты all

Winner of best supportive role female is

Brietta (magic of Pegasus)

Winner of Best supportive role(male) is

Kevin (barbie diaries)

Winner of Best character in a female role is

Catania (Mariposa and the fairy princess)

Winner of Best character in a male role is

Aidan (magic of Pegasus)

Winner of Best pet is

Wolfie (Princess and the Pauper)

Winner of Best protagonist in a female role is


Winner of Best protagonist in a male...
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Chelsea: I'll wear my new розовый boots in Central Park i just can't wait I'll Feed the Sea Lions and Everyone will think I'm great,It's gonna be amazing.

Stacie:Can't wait to Rock the Rockefeller Center Skating Rink I'll do double Axel Betcha i won't even Blink,It's Gonna be Amazing.

Chelsea: So Here I go Right to the Zoo.
Stacie: There on the ice I'll be Spinning and Spinning.
Chelsea: It's gonna be my dream come true.
Stacie: Every минута Custom-Made for me
'' And This'll be my perfect Christmas''

Skipper: Can't wait to go Hang out with Zoe and I'll Hear Her band.I'm gonna stream...
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posted by princessmerlia

I'm blind-folded on this carriage ride that they call life.
Keep trying to make it through the Далее turn, knuckles white and holdin' tight.
So here I go, takin' the curve,
but I know that I'm never alone.
I think of you, and how Ты never let me go.

I feel connected (connected), protected (protected), it's like you're standing right with me all the time.
You hear me (you hear me), you're near me (you're near me),
and everything else is gonna be alright.
'Cause nothing can break this, nothing can break this, nothing can break this tie.
Connected... oooooh connected...
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Barbie Фильмы with 2D Animation
1. Барби and the Rockers: Out of this World (1987)
2. Барби and the Sensations: Rockin' Back to Earth (1990)

The Classic Type of Барби Movies
1. Барби in the Nutcracker (2001)
2. Барби as Rapunzel (2002)
3. Барби of лебедь Lake (2003)
4. Барби as the Princess and the Pauper (2004)
5. Барби Fairytopia (2005)
6. Барби and the Magic of Pegasus (2005)
7. Барби Fairytopia: Mermaidia (2006)
8. The Барби Diaries (2006)
9. Барби in the 12 Dancing Princesses (2006)
10. Барби Fairytopia: Magic of the радуга (2007)
11. Барби as the Island Princess (2007)
12. Барби Mariposa...
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 manu962, our May FOTM 2012
manu962, our May FOTM 2012
It is our фиолетовый aka link who becomes May Фан of the месяц 2012!!! She has been here since 2009 and has contributed lots of amazing stuffs in Барби Movies. I have the privilege to interview her. Here's the interview of our magnificent Violet.

1. Congratulations for winning May Фан of The Month! How does it feel?
Firstly ,Thank Ты for voting me ! It feels awesome to be a "fan of the moth" .I didn't expect it .To tell the truth I thought I will never be a "fan of the moth"

2. Tell us еще about yourself!
I'm a shy girl and I don't have many Друзья .I do like adventures and trips.I am also...
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