Книги, которые стоит почитать What book are Ты currently reading? Why? How far are you?

PkmnTrainerJ posted on Aug 08, 2007 at 08:30PM

I love David & Leigh Eddings books and the synopsis on this got me intrigued. Stand alone tale though, so I need a new one after this

How far?
To where he Althalus has just reached The House At The End Of The World.

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Больше года LisaS said…
The Moon's a Balloon, David Niven Autobiography

Because I enjoy his movies, wanted to know more about his life from his point of view, and it had great reviews.

The part where he has just moved to America.
Больше года DrDevience said…
Hell 101 - Because my daughter's boyfriend wrote it ;)

IT is a book of horror-themed short stories and I've only read the first one so far and loved it... plan to get to one story per night before bed.

(I've read the Eddings books and loved them too)
Больше года tubby2002 said…
The Dragon Quartet- The Book of Water

Why: Because I was talking to the girl at the books store, looking for a book to read (and I like fantasy books) and she recomended it to me. I loved the first book of it (The book of Earth) so I moved to the second...

How far: I am a little more than half way through it... The part where N'Doch finally accepts Water as being his dragon and is about to take them to the City.
Больше года Lunatic said…
Jane Eyre. Because for the summer I'm reading all the classics I can think of that I haven't read already. I've only just started (I've spent 30 mins on reading it) and Jane is going to school.
Больше года fashionfuture said…
Amrita by Banana Yoshimoto

I randomly picked up two books which were a collection of short stories by her and loved them so I bought a novel by her.

Only about 8 chapters in but her style of writing is addictive so I will finish in a few days.
Больше года imtkldpnk said…
I am currently reading "The Judas Strain" by James Rollins. Very good book.

I am at a point where Gray is trying to bargain to Nasser to spare his parents life.
About 3/4 the way through.
Больше года Sunflower said…
Book: Otherland: River of Blue Fire by Tad Williams

Why: My husband recommended this series of 4 mammoth sci-fi books. I read the first volume for easter and this second one this summer. Each book is 800 pages, so I need a lot of time on my hands to make any real progress :)

How far: I have about 150 pages left and now my vacation is over...
Больше года katie89 said…
Like "Lunatic" I also read many classics this summer. Right now I'm reading Wuthering Heights. I'm on page 200 but I'm kind of bored with it.
Больше года msqueenbea said…
Book: John connolly The Unquiet

Why: Because his books are awesome

How far: I've only just started it, i only finished the latest Karin Slaughter yesterday.
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Больше года curiouscat said…
i just started reading The Wee Free Men by the funny terry pratchett. nearing the end of chapter 4.
Больше года PkmnTrainerJ said…

I am reading through the books that are referenced or featured on Lost, and this is one of them. I also never read it originally after I read Alice In Wonderland for the first time.

How far?
Just about to start, have just finished Alice In Wonderland to prepare me.
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Больше года Sunflower said…
I just finished a book (Lisie's Story by Stephen King). Now I'm starting on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I can't wait :)
Больше года tubby2002 said…
I am reading Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K Hamilton because I read about five or six of her other books so i thought that I would start her Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series and this is the frist one....I just started it last night so I am only about 30 pages or so into it.
Больше года aimeemarie said…
chuck klosterman IV by chuck klosterman. b/c he is amazing and hilarious.

another good read of his - killing yourself to live. it's priceless.
Больше года marissa said…
im reading three books right now.
(one at school, one at home, one at my dads...)

tuesdays with morrie, im about half way through.
pride and prejudice, i think i just past the half way point.
dracula, im almost a quarter of the way through it.
Больше года twilightlover13 said…
dairy queen b/c the librarian at my school recommended it to me. :)

also reading extras by scott westerfeld

and mrs. dalloway by virginia wolf
Больше года caintil31 said…
I have to read a book called The Brave for english class but at the moment I'm rereading Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah.
Больше года iluvjesse said…
Eclipse By Stephenie Meyer

I've already read New Moon and Twilight, and I need to finish the series (or so far whats been released)!

How far?
Page 429
Больше года Gabsimom said…
I am reading The Dragon Quartet- book of fire

Why: because I saw someone reading the 1st 2 here and have since read all the way up to fire.

How Far: Erde and the gang are now in the future checking on some smoke.
Больше года theraconteur said…
Maya by Jostein Gaarder

I'm like 30 pages in...I have no time to read these days! :(

Why I'm reading it: Because I love Gaarder, and this synopsis sounded awesome!
Больше года gileygirl said…

i just finished this book recently. it was just an moving book, although the book was written in poem form. It was just a fantastic book. I enjoyed it a lot. I heard this book was good from reviews and what not, so i thought i would read it.
Больше года doonis said…
Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut

Why: Because the writing is brilliant and I love Kurt Vonnegut

I'm near the beginning where Dwayne starts going insane and Kilgore Trout gets ready to go to the convention.
Больше года ineedcoffee said…
Just bought Love In the Time of Cholera mainly because If you watch john cusak movies he mentions it in almost everyone, and now they are making it into a movie so what better time. but I'm only on page 2 slow going not that great right now....lol

last book was the new kathy reichs book "Bones To Ashes" excellent read especially if you like the show Bones which is loosely based on her books.
Больше года snoznoodle said…
Shadow in the North by Phillip Pullman.

I love the His Dark Material series and decided to read his other books. It's a sequel to the Ruby in the Smoke and both of them are just fantastic! Murder mysteries. I just love them! Philip Pullman is my new fav author. In front of JK Rowling now.

How far:
Just about half way. I don't want it to end! There's a bit too much going on to explain it all.
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Больше года blisslikethis said…
yay Philip Pullman! i haven't read the murder-mystery novels, but they're on my list for sure. i'm currently reading The Story of B by Daniel Quinn.

- because Ishmael (his first book) is possibly my favourite book of all time, and Story of B has been on my list for a long time

How Far?
- about a third of the way in.
Больше года sardines said…
De gebroken harp ( the broken harp)
Why? Because I am writing a play about it
How far? Uhm, I've read it three times, and now I'm at page 20 or something
Больше года marissa said…
im now reading Les Mis (im only about 150 pages in! :S) and Lord of the Flies (about a quater of the way in.)
Больше года nuimdave said…
Under The Banner Of Heaven.
Why? to see if it was true what mormons think of black people maong other things
How Far? last few chapters
Больше года luvrofedward said…
The Silver Kiss
Because its probably my second favorite vampire love stories of all time.
Third Chapter, this is the fourth time I've read it.
Больше года werdna570 said…
The Sea of Monsters

I read the first book the Lightning Thief and it was good

Im on the first page(Haven't really got time to)
Больше года Cara09 said…
I am reading Beauty by Robin Mckinly
Why: i read her bookk deerskin and loved it and i really like reading retellings of fariytails.

I am almost to the end

I am also reading a bunch of other books again like the golden compass and the sixth harry potter book and the ropemaker, all really good books
Больше года DarkSarcasm said…
Eragon by Christopher Paolini

Why? I just finished school for this semester, and I finally have time to read again. I went with a friend to see the movie when it came to theaters, and I'm disappointed in myself that it took me this long to track down a copy and start reading. =P

I just finished classes on Wednesday, so I'm about 1/4 of the way in.
Больше года ThinkPink20 said…
I just finished Deception Point by Dan Brown.

I've read three of his books already, and loved his work.

How far?
Well, I'm done! I stayed up to finish it. It's LOOONG!
Больше года allymon08 said…
confessions by St Augustine and Fear of de Sade by Bernardo Carvalho. Both very good books. im about halfway through carvalho and just started confessions today.

i think everyone should read phantom of the opera by gaston leroux, everybody seems to have watched a visual representation but the novel is not well known. its quite short - so thats my two cents for today.

merry christmas everyone
Больше года Shandy said…
I just finished Circle of Flight by John Marsden and now im reading Confessor by Terry Goodkind.

cause i love his books and its the last in the series.

How far?
just started
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Больше года layla_14 said…
Lucas by Kevin Brooks

my friend suggested this book to me she said it was a really good and that i should read it.

How Far?
Just started today, i'm on page 116.
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Больше года inespinto said…
The Trial by Franz Kafka

Because I've always wanted to read something by Kafka (this is my first)

How Far?
First Chapter
Больше года kat_13 said…
Stone of Tears by Terry Goodkind. second book in Sword of Truth series.
i need some adventure, action, and philosphy to get a break from all the romantic fanfiction i've been reading lately.
how far?
pg 76 out of 979. i only started rereading it yesterday.
Больше года theraconteur said…
Smile While You're Lying by Chuck Thompson

Because I love travel narratives, so this book about debunking the myths of travel writing seemed interesting and entertaining. This guy is the Chuck Klosterman of travel writers, in my opinion.

How far?
166 pages in...a little more than halfway done.
Больше года katie89 said…
Emma by Jane Austen

why? i recently watched pride and prejudice again and i was in need of a jane austen fix.

how far? just got started.
Больше года Gabitha said…
Im reading Pride and Prejudice at the moment for the 100th time!

Because i have nothing else to read and i have not had a chance to go to a bookshop for a while adn im on school holidays! lol

Im up to where Darcy is about to go in and ask Mr.Bennett if he could marry Elizabeth! I love it and never get sick of it.

(I've read the Eddings books and loved them too)
(i love scott westerfeld too)
Больше года krazykray said…
Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston


How far?

I don't really like it at all, but I've read worse(Catcher In the Rye)
Больше года tessajanuary said…
I'm reading The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera. It's for IB English at school, but I was planning on reading it anyway. I just got started - I'm in the 3rd chapter I think.
Больше года Katreader said…
I'm currently reading Murder at the Monks' Table by Sister Carol Anne O'Marie.

Why? Because I've been following the adventures of fictional Sister Mary Helen for several books and look forward to each new adventure.

How far? I'm a little over half way through this delightful cozy mystery.
Больше года Pippi21 said…
What: I'm reading L'Education Sentimentale by Gustave Flaubert.

Why: Because I have an oral exam about it in a week. And about 15 other books. But I've kinda finished those already.

Where: Halfway through, up where Mr and Mrs Arnoux have a fight and Frederic fixes it in the end.
Больше года DrDevience said…
Currently half-way through Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction by Sue Townsend.

Why? Because it is sometimes hard to find books in English here so I just grabbed it awhile back and finally decided to read it yesterday.

It is funny as hell! Now I need all the Adrian Mole books....
Больше года blind_moon said…
Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Well a friend of mine loved the book and told me to read it, and since I’ve started this list of books to read that are real classics, I tough great expectations should be the first lol

How Far:
In the beginning of chapter eight when Pip goes to Miss Havisham’s house
Больше года marissa said…
the little princess, almost done.

les mis., nearly a third of the way through it.
Больше года ahastie7 said…
Reading 4 books now:
The Edge Chronicles -- Beyond the Deepwoods (half-way in);
Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality (half-way in);
My Life at Grey Gardens: 13 Months and beyond (3/4 finished);
The Audacity of Hope (just started)

Why those? They seemed interesting and come recommended by friends I trust.
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Больше года DrDevience said…
Being Young by Astrid Young

It is a book about her growing up in the Young family. It is outstanding. It arrived yesterday and I read it 3/4s of the way immediately.

Why? I know Astrid from her days as the lead singer of Sacred Child, and interviewed her last summer for Teen Trend Magazine - so I was sent an advance copy for review by Insomniac Press.

It is due out April 1, 2008 - I highly recommend you order it now.