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One depressed tear
Slid down my cheek.
Now Ты left my world,
So grey, so bleak.

Your eyes look through my soul,
Piercing my heart,
I never knew it was
A LIE from the start.

The promises are now gone,
With the wind, blown away,
Ты left deep scars,
Making me not okay.

Ты made a storm, raining,
Lightening, leaving fog,
It was never meant to be
But now you're forever gone.

Foods' Остаться в живых its' taste,
Sunshine Остаться в живых it's ray
Do Ты always do this?
Making me feel this way?

Color Остаться в живых its' brightness,
So grey, so bleak,
Now Ты left my world with
One depressed tear down my cheek.

Now you're forever gone,
Музыка Остаться в живых its' beat,
I've never had this feeling
Feeling of defeat.

The clock has stopped
and I'm stuck in the past,
I had no clue, only you
Knew how long it would last.

Tears running by now,
I never cried this hard,
Now Ты know,
How high I kept my guard.

Ты left my world
Leaving your clouds of fog,
You've defeated me,
And now you're forever gone.
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