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posted by Chlarkfan
Ok so i hate peyton soo much of course Ты know that =] There are MILLIONS of reasons why i absoloutly cant STAND HER!!!

1.In the first season she cheats on her BEST Друзья boyfriend.BUt that is not the worst part. When brooke tells peyton "I'm falling for him" and also that she likes him alot she still has an on going affair behind her back.She also gets made a brooke for being mad at her!!

2.In the 3rd season she tells brooke that she still has feeling for lucas. I know that she was trying to be honest but she сказал(-а) to brooke that she wont hurt her right after the shooting WERE LUCAS&PEYTON...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
here's chapter four, it's all lucas and i hope gives a good view of the dynamics in the BL family. yeah i disclaim it and don't own anything.


Keats once wrote ‘The roaring of the wind is my wife and the stars through the window pane are my children. The mighty abstract idea I have of beauty in all things stifles the еще divided and минута domestic happiness’.




Love, most of all love.

They are my wife, Brooke, and our children, Sawyer, Keith and Abby. When I have doubts, moments when I’m no longer sure if I can continue to breathe and survive the pain that...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
i do not own anthing: characters belong to oth and mark and teh cw или whatever, and the plot and medical info totally belongs to jodi picoult.

Chapter Three

…Thirteen years ago…

You know every inch of your child, every scar, every discoloration, every detail, или at least I do. I soak them in, as if it may be the last time I see them, what did they wear today, how was their hair, did they grow? It may surprise Ты the changes one день can do, you’ll look up in the morning to find the sleepy toddler walking into the room as they rub their eyes and it’ll hit Ты that they look bigger,...
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posted by brucas4ever
This one is all to Mark.. hope Ты enjoy..
if Ты like lp at all this is not the place for you!

WARNING: this a bit of extreme language!
Dear Mark,

I would like to tell Ты how much i hate you.
I Mean how dumb can one person be! Are Ты blind?
Clearly! FIRST, your Показать died after season 3 like seriously what were Ты thinking for putting lp together after season 3, and even after Ты made it seem so clear that bl would be endgame!

Do Ты remember the rain scene?
Do Ты remember the letters?
Do Ты remember red doors?
Do Ты remember the destiny shot?
Do Ты remember their first kiss?...
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My Leytoner bestfriend and I are checking out my old scrapbook and we found this amazing piece of comparison between Любовь and INFATUATION and we just thought that maybe we can use it here. So with her help, we write this article. She agreed to follow a БрукАс (Брук и Лукас) and Jeyton perspective but also insert and defend Leyton once in a while. This will be extremely difficult but here we go:

LOVE develops slowly; INFATUATION develops rapidly

Season1: Lucas always harbored feelings for his half-brother's girlfriend Peyton because they have musical similarities and other introverted preferences. He wanted...
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posted by Dean-girlx
"You gave me something no one else was able to give: love." - Lucas talking to Peyton.


How many moments can Ты point to and say "that's when it all changed?" -- Ты just had one.

This is like L.O.V.E mad-crushed out!

I just .. I want to know everything about you. And I want Ты to know ... almost everything about me.

It’s just that, you’re the first really great guy that I’ve ever dated and that really scares me because I never gave a rat’s жопа, попка before. Ok? .. but I do now.

People that are meant to be together always find their way in the end.

All I really want...
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posted by brucas4ever
So here is Tofu's(Dawn) Рождество Gift she asked for an article, i think its pretty clear we ALL Любовь HER!

If i had to pick one word to describe Dawn it would be BADASS! i mean seriously this girl is amazing, she's kind hearted, and beautiful, a very influential person in my life.
Even though Ive never met her in person i feel like i know her! I remember the first time i talked to Dawn. Well i actually saw her around the oth spot and bl spot first. Anyways she created the BFG and i believe it was originally called like vent thread, then it was "lest talk it out" and they it was changed to...
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 Chad and Sophia
Chad and Sophia
Lucas and Brooke, what a great couple. They shared Любовь and great times. And off screen, Chad and Sophia were very romantic to the point of marriage... but after they divorced...the writers on the Показать suddenly re-enacted Leyton, and showed that Peyton had begun to have feelings for Lucas again.
And just think. Maybe if in real life Chad and Sophia didn't break up, then maybe БрукАс (Брук и Лукас) would still be together and be like Naley.
But of course, being like they are, without them dating in real life anymore, they don't have a lot of on screem chemistry anymore.
And even if it wasn't Brucas, if it was Leyton или something, it would still be wrong to ruin a relationship jjust because of their off-screen activity.
БрукАс (Брук и Лукас)
 just wrong
just wrong
I Любовь OTH, don't get me wrong, but here are just a few of the false conclusions I would have fallen victim to if I wasn't such a rational, mature, worldly young woman.lol This is just for fun,I mean no offense to anyone Ты watches the Показать religiously, for I at one time did. I'm picking fun at the misguided notions that OTH portrays as the facts of life...Tree холм, хилл Style. Hope Ты enjoy!

1.    There must be no optometrists in дерево Hill. Lucas Eugene Scott clearly needs eyeglasses. He spends approximately 90% of the Показать with his eyes squinted up straining to see. The simple...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
I am a БрукАс (Брук и Лукас) fan, and i must admit a huge part of the reason i watch this Показать is because of bl, but still there are others reasons, like i simply Любовь it and enjoy it and have gotten so caught up with all the characters. yes im a bl fan, but first off im an oth fan... или i use to be, im not sure anymore.

I have kept watching, okay and i fully admit what got me through the bad times was picking at leyton and my inability to view lp as anything other than a joke, but something else always drew me to it as well, whether it be naley, brooke, a specific touching storyline или the humour, something...
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It was just last Tuesday that I woke up with a tiny memory of a BL scene that has never happened before. I think it was my own subconscious revealing my own expectation for this couple. All I remember was Lucas was knocking on a red door and Brooke opens it. And then he hugs her and thanks her because she saved him from making a bad choice and now he's going to marry the girl of his dreams. It's Brooke, right, we all would agree...but sadly I think in my dream Luke chose either Peyton или Lindsey...that hardly matters because in this dream, they have a very sweet promise to each other that I...
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(so that's another soapbox..and OMG..i'm sorry if Ты get tired Чтение this but it really explains how i feel..and how true Blers Feel! Hope Ты enjoy it...)

I hope Mark won't go with the obvious in this situation which would be Peyton's car. I hope Mark's got something up his sleeve.

Soo...Lucas did say it was about a scientist so he must have looked it up himself, also i don't understand how everyone think's it's a LP thing...i mean in the quote Lucas states that someday it would come back! hello? if it was about Peyton she did come back she actually offered her self up on a silver platter...
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OK i decided to post my fic here hope yu like and if yu find something confusing which yu will then i am so sorry.

Chapter 1 Long Journey

“Please find your seat, this plane may leave L.A.X airport in a few minutes…”

I walked through the plane passing people trying to find my сиденье, место, сиденья and hell I couldn’t find it took me еще или less 10 минуты to get there when I heard

“32C, that’s my сиденье, место, сиденья but your bra size!”
I felt my cheeks turning red and saw others staring at me ,I turned to see Brooke grinning at me like am some kind of idiot which was strange because she only did that goofy i-love-you-soo-much-your-my–only-best-friend...
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A person asked me the other день what was so special about Brucas. I was taken by surprise because she was a fellow БрукАс (Брук и Лукас) Believer. I thought about it before I responded and this was what was said:

What’s so great about БрукАс (Брук и Лукас) Ты ask? Well let me tell you. БрукАс (Брук и Лукас) was always meant to be together, from the beginning. Leyton Фаны will tell Ты otherwise, but they don’t know БрукАс (Брук и Лукас) like БрукАс (Брук и Лукас) Фаны do.

In Season 1, we had them creating an energy so strong so powerful that the god’s didn’t know what to do it with.

Obviously Lucas didn’t know what to do with either and had...
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Brooke and Lucas is the couple in my heart. Brooke and Lucas is the couple in many billion hearts. Brooke and Lucas is a couple that has come to stay, and people might try to overshadow them, but their Любовь will never be something that Ты can hide under a blanket. Their Любовь is a Любовь that will not alter!

They entered in many peoples сердце in season one, and later in season two and three they entered in billion hearts. They convinced us that their Любовь was stronger than anything, maybe even stronger than the devil trying to трещина, сплит them. But in the end, it was up to a man with great powers to...
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 made by mickei
made by mickei
ok so this is the prologue to mine and mickei's (Broody_4_Cheery) new story 'thats when it all changed'.

description about the story: 'That's when it all changed' is a One дерево холм, хилл fanfiction and focus' on the lives and relationship of Brooke Davis and Lucas Scott, though in this version there will be a lot of differences, it is essentially very AU. Lucas is the bad boy who isn't all that bad, Brooke is the good girl who hasn't always been so good, and though their lives have always been entangled it's not until a series of chance meetings, perhaps destiny, brings them together that their worlds...
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posted by justme1997
A german fanfic, for all the people who Любовь БрукАс (Брук и Лукас) and understand the german language

***Als Peyton endlich логово, ден Raum verlassen hatte mit логово, ден Worten: „Lucas du kriegst die CD noch und vielen Dank für логово, ден Sex“, sah Brooke Lucas ernst an.

„sie hat nur nen Witz gemacht“; sagte dieser schnell „ich habe dich angerufen.“

„Wenn du nicht gerade mit Peyton zusammen warst?“

„komm schon Brooke, du hast nicht mal zurück gerufen.“
„Jetzt weißt du mal wie ich mich fühle, hör zu ich weiß das es in letzer Zeit verdammt schwer für dich war, du hast Keith verloren...
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posted by 1treehillfan
[Posted for pinjas and re-posted here :)]

I hate doing these since they have nothing to do with the spot, but after a месяц of being AWOL I figured I pretty much had no choice.

So, here it goes.

Dear Друзья (and people who aren't my friends, please Ты creepy stalkers GTFO nobody likes Ты and this is serious and emotional and its already embarassing enough already so stop making it worse serioously Ты freaks),
Sorry I've been gone for like ever.
Truth be told, I've been having some serious friend and family issues, and I have to be honest with you; I never really felt like coming on to talk to...
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Brooke: "Hey, you"
Lucas: "Oh, I think Ты got the wrong car."
Brooke: "Nah. Don’t mind me. I just have to get out of this uniform. So, uh, anyway, I’m Brooke. But Ты probably knew that. Can I tell Ты that that last shot was awesome? How’d it feel? Good, huh? Ты know it did "
Brooke: "Oh, my gosh!"
Whitey: "That game wasn’t horrible."
Lucas: "Thanks, coach."
Whitey: "Well, don’t turn pro yet. Ты drag your scrawny butt to the weight room twice a день starting now."
Lucas: "You got it"
Whitey: "Oh, uh... By the way, there’s a half naked girl in the back сиденье, место, сиденья of your car. I just...
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Ok I post here some ONE дерево HILL's SPOILERS!
So...this is not exactly a soapbox...but alright i just want us to have a post with ALL the possible spoilers..so everytime we get to know еще about anything regarding BL in S6 we'll post it here.

HERE ARE JUST THE ONES regarding BL and Brooke 'cause I don't wanna bother Ты with any kind of leytonerness ;D

Chad is Письмо an episode of the Показать this season too. That is a definite.
Credit: Rebecca (curlyhead)

In other OTH news, the writers are taking Brooke to a very dark place this season...Somebody, quick, flip a light switch.
Credit: Watch with Kristin...
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