California Where to live, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Fremont? Please help.

kick88 posted on Mar 23, 2012 at 05:57PM
our family of 4 plus 2 dogs is relocating to Silicon Valley husband will work in Cupertino. We are looking for a rent around $2,500 for a 3 bedroom house with a yard (do not care about the size, but we need 3BR and some yard space), could pay a little more if we can get our daughter in a TOP elementary school.

As far as I understand, Cupertino and Sunnyvale are expensive. San Jose is cheaper but I am concerned about the gang activities and crime, Fremont (south) seems to have a good school district but I understand the commute in rush hour is very bad.

We live in Beaverton, OR my husband commute is 10 minutes, we enjoy an excellent recreation district, my daughter can enjoy swimming, ballet, gymnastics classes at very low cost, and there is also a p/t preschool that is very inexpensive. We have a great library system, lots of parks and hiking places. Very, very low crime, no gangs, very few vandalism, car theft. I am sad to give up all of that and I am looking to find a place where we can get some of the nice things Beaverton has, our main priority are top schools (Great schools ranked 10 or 9), safety and then commute time. I want very good schools but I don't want my husband driving for 2 hours (back and forth), our baby and daughter will miss him a lot.


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